Legal Update: Disney asked Judge to start up the CA legal battle again

UPDATE(11/9/2018): Judge Anderson has ordered to lift the stay in order that damages, if any, may be determined as soon as possible.


Hello Again VidAngel Supporters,

We had a significant legal hearing on Friday and, for those of you who are following the legal battle, you deserve an update.

What’s At Stake

As a reminder, Disney, 21st Century Fox, and Warner Bros. have been fiercely fighting this Chapter 11 process from the beginning. Their actions suggest that their only goal is to put VidAngel out of business to leave families without an option for filtering movies and TV shows on modern streaming devices.

What Happened

VidAngel appeared before Utah Judge Kevin R. Anderson to defend itself against Disney’s motion to restart the California legal battle. We’re hoping that Judge Anderson will allow this successful Chapter 11 restructuring to continue without needless obstruction.

The hearing went from 10am until around 4:30pm. In the end, Judge Anderson took his decision “under advisement” and committed to write an order as soon as possible.

We hope that Judge Anderson will deny Disney’s motion (and let us find a more cost-effective way to resolve the dispute in Utah).

Thank You

Many thanks to all those who supported us Friday. It was so inspiring to see your faces.  We’ll keep you updated.


Neal Harmon
Co-founder & CEO

17 thoughts on “Legal Update: Disney asked Judge to start up the CA legal battle again

  1. Are these updates emailed out to the investors or is there a way to subscribe to receive the updates as they are posted?

    1. Yes, normally, these updates are sent out to investors. I posted this one to the blog and planned to send an update to investors as soon as Anderson makes his ruling.

        1. It’s nothing earth shattering but it benefits the studios. There was never any question that the stay would be lifted; the only question was when. We wanted to keep it in place a few more months as we prepared for a further legal onslaught but Judge Anderson wanted to find out whether there are damages (and, if so, what the amount of damages is) by June 18, 2019, the date by which we must complete our reorganization. We were hoping he would address that question after then, proceeding on a “to be determined” basis. His decision is what it is. We are grateful we had a year to get back on our feet (exactly what chapter 11 is for). We’ll be even more grateful to get all this behind us in June.

          1. Thanks Neal! Praying for a good conclusion for us here.

            Another question. Is VidAngel prohibited from filtering the plaintiff’s content in the new system(through 3rd parties like Netflix, Amazon, etc.) or is it just a safety precaution at this point?

            I ask because it seems weird that Clearplay is doing the exact same thing(just with a clunkier interface).

            Thanks again for the updates!

    1. She will have to get it passed by the end of the year or it will have to be introduced again in the new Congress by a different representative.

  2. whether the Judge says yes or no to Disney whats the plan that follows? I for one would like to see it go forward instead of continually put on hold. Hopefully he allows you guys to finish it in house. as for Davidiswise the Clown’s comment, im curious about Mia Love wasn’t aware she lost her seat. Clearly the bill is still in motion considering the text site is still up and it still has 4 co-sponsors. Any news regarding VUDU since were closing in on 2 years since your return.

    1. Good question. Rather than good/bad, I would say that it’s a necessary part of the process. According to Judge Anderson, we have to find out if there are damages (and if there are, determine a number) by June 18, 2019 in order to complete our reorganization.

  3. I hope and pray that your service continues. I just found out about your service today (my daughter’s birthday). We can now watch movies together again and I can watch streaming services without having them leave the room or waiting until they go to sleep. Thank you for providing a service that allows us to be entertained, spend time together and not have to compromise, mute or skip, lol.

  4. This may be a crazy idea, and if so, it’s ok to cut it down, but perhaps the answer to empower the people is to put your technology in the hands of the people. Perhaps it’s time to make it all open source and let us use it and make filters of our own to use privately. Maybe if we used it as a video bookmarking tool, we could argue that we just want to bookmark various places in a video stream for educational or non-profit hobbist purposes, and then the software just happens to have the ability to skip certain types of bookmarked content… I don’t know. This sounds like a Napster-like battle. How did they come out on top? We need an Aikido move here that uses the negative momentum of our opponent against our opponent.

  5. I’m am so glad that you’re fighting the Hollywood filth! Keep up the good fight! Evil (Disney, 21st Century Fox, and Warner Bros) will always oppose good (VidAngel). It’s a shame that VidAngel even has to exist, but it does(Thanks to Hollywood).

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