6 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: November 6th

  1. Does anybody know why the film Eighth Grade isn’t available? Not only does it have no filters, there isn’t even an option on the site to request them. ( Clearplay also does not provide filters for this film). Vidangel has been great on providing filters for the other A24 movies once they’ve been released. It’s strange that this film was released on digital weeks ago and still isn’t available, even with the glowing praises and awards it has received. The film is rated R for its language despite being words that students in middle and high school hear on a frequent basis. It is extremely frustrating that a film about having the courage to survive middle school is unavailable to anybody under seventeen. Its rating has barred it from the audience that needs to see it the most, and having it on Vidangel will allow many more teenagers who need to hear the film’s message have the opportunity to do so.

    1. I added it to the search so that you and others can request it. We are working on systems to stay on top of the better content.

  2. Hey guys. First off, you guys are doing a great job in the legal battle and I can’t wait to hear what the judge has to say. I came to tell you that you can’t watch regular films on VidAngel in HD or 4K. Is there a way that you guys can find a way so that people can watch films on VidAngel that are both clean and clear? If there isn’t, I understand. But I just wanted to find out because there are films out there that are great in High Definition but terrible content issues. Just wondering.

  3. nothing on my list got picked but “Killer Kate” and “Papillon” look interesting perhaps once the prices go down or they make it to Prime. Ian as for Eighth Grade on IMDB its has a 7.6/10 but its popularity is way down also it did poorly at the box office. I dont even recall them advertising about it.

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