11 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: November 29th

  1. Great job on filtering “Equalizer 2”. Would have liked to seen “Fallout” filtered but got it on VUDU instead, more than 1/2 the price than Amazon, oh well. Hopefully next week you guys will have more hard R rated titles and TV shows. Working on filtering “Origins” (youtube) this weekend.

      1. 1st equalizer was way to drawn out and dull. it had some good action bits and a great story-line though. Im about 1/2 way done on filtering Origin (Youtube) got quite a few other movies lined up to filter. i read online here in a couple years youtube will be removing their paid subscription to make it free too much competition

      1. youtube was actually the 1st format VidAngel used. for a little over a year then they had to pull the plug for legal reasons. Im using a capture/record program to record the TV shows from youtube and then using an editing program filter it and burn to DVD the quality sometimes isnt great but it better than nothing. been doing this for years for titles than ClearPlay refuses to filter and for titles VidAngel cant legally filter or titles that arent popular enough to make it that far apparently. Im not a patient person after nearly 10 years on some titles i do it my self other wise it wont happen anytime soon.

      1. It’s definitely starts really slow in Season 1 but definitely gets much better. The show’s quality dips during season 7-8 but it has been improving this season. Definitely worth the watch.

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