12 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: December 11th

  1. Nice too see Peppermint on here granted you guys didnt include it on the this blog post, also ClearPlay had it done last week. Still no Mile 22. Definitely going to pass on Norsemen (Basically turning Vikings into a comedy). The 1st row is the only titles ive heard of, Watched Friends back in the 90s glad to see its still popular enough for Netflix to merit trowing down $100k to keep it. For me nothing of Interest to watch since Equalizer that was almost a month ago. Sure hope to see some action/thriller shows next year. I finished filtering Black Water, Star Trek: Discovery(which is on Amazon now), Working on The Bannen Way, Drive Angry, Office Christmas Party and Look Away. Also on a side note hope you guys hire on more taggers or find away to implement it for customers to help like you did in the youtube days, it seems like the amount of titles each week are dwindling. Best of luck and keep it up.

  2. Could we get a few more seasons of Psych? That show is hilarious (and I’m almost done with the three seasons you have posted).

  3. Wishing for a Christmas miracle 🙂 VidAngel please add option to purchase movies through Movies Anywhere or Amazon vs having to go and find the movie on Amazon and then come back to VidAngel hopping I purchased the correct version that can play on VidAngel.

    1. when you find a movie on VidAngel and click on it the PURCHASE OPTION pops up right there all you have to do is click it and it directs you straight to the correct version on amazon. technically they are already connected to Movies Anywhere. if all of you other streaming services are connected then your good. if anything they need to add a VUDU link cause there are a lot of films on VUDU that are quite a bit cheaper plus VUDU doesn’t charge for the service.

      1. I agree about Vudu… but been asking for that since the beginning and never happened so gave up. Started getting movies on Amazon which really would prefer Vudu since my entire library is on Vudu.
        The option to purchase the correct version only works on the web site not on apple app and roku app.

  4. i really didnt get the popularity of the Christmas Chronicles we watched it on netflix days before you guys filtered it and i considered turning it off. way to corny, bad CGI, elves looked more like gnomes, and the musical number in the jail ruined it even more. Its only saving grace was Kurt and the only part i like about him in the movie was the one on one he had with random strangers telling them what they wanted when the were kids compared to now.

  5. Any chance of getting season 4 episodes of Outlander filtered soon? Fantastic series but I won’t touch it without filtering. (Yikes!) Hoping the fourth season will be ready by time I get to the end of season 3! Keep up the good work.

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