Happy New Year from VidAngel! Overview of 2018

VidAngel Supporters,

As the fireworks subside celebrating the New Year, it’s time to reflect what we’ve accomplished together at VidAngel in 2018.


The Chosen – closing at midnight tonight – over $8 million* so far!

The Hollywood Reporter and CBN have both published great stories about breaking the all-time record for crowdfunding on any media project. 

Finally, today is the final day The Chosen will accept investment agreements.  It is conducting an unprecedented 6-hour live streamed marathon tonight beginning at 9pm EST. Join the live stream to ask the director anything you want and have your questions answered in real time.

*Amount raised is an estimate that includes subscriptions and founders’ contribution, however not all such amounts have been accepted or closed, and some subscriptions may not be accepted.



Dry Bar Comedy – Over 1 BILLION views

Our hit comedy series grew explosively in 2018, propelling VidAngel to cash flow positive and prompting a national tour for 2019.  It’s hard to describe what a live night at Dry Bar is like so make sure you experience it when it comes to your town.


Here are some of Dry Bar Comedy’s 2018 highlights:


  • 1) Top-10 Title on VidAngel. Four or five of the most popular titles on VidAngel are consistently Dry Bar Comedy specials (competing with Stranger Things, Jack Ryan and Game of Thrones). We don’t show them in the most popular category on the app anymore because they were dominating the section. But they are still the most popular.
  • 2) 4 Million Followers. More social media followers than Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dave Chapelle combined.
  • 3) Sirius XM Radio Deal. We partnered with SiriusXM radio to allow people to listen to Dry Bar Comedy on satellite radio. Listen to it on channel 98.
  • 4) Audio Apps. Do you have one of those home devices? Here are some commands to test the new Dry Bar Comedy audio apps on your home device or cell phone (these are in EARLY testing, so we look forward to your feedback):
    • “hey Google” followed by “Ask Dry Bar Comedy for jokes”
    • “Alexa” is currently reviewing our app. When it is approved, you can use the same phrase as Google.
    • “Siri” followed by “Play Dry Bar Comedy”
  • 5) Cash Flow Positive. We invested millions into Dry Bar Comedy and now, as we start Season 4 next week, it’s generating millions in revenue. And almost all of January tapings sold out weeks in advance.


VidAngel Studios

We are in the final stages of FINRA and the SEC regulatory approval for a crowd-funding portal that will allow everyone to support numerous crowd-funded media projects such as The Chosen.  There are a number of projects that we haven’t been able to announce yet. However, we plan to officially launch the crowd-funding platform for VidAngel Studios early this year.

Legal Battle  #SaveFiltering

The stay (that we were afforded thanks to Chapter 11) has been lifted on the Disney lawsuit and we’re back at it in the courts as a much healthier company. In 2017 we did about $2.7 million (and suffered decreasing cash reserves every month) but in 2018 we did over $7.5 million (and our cash reserves began increasing again).  What is most astounding is that we achieved that while filtering only half the content we previously offered on VidAngel!


We plan to fight for the right to filter all content on modern devices until we are confident that the future of filtering is secure.  Even without filtering for Disney/Fox/WB content, it is no longer all or nothing because the rest of VidAngel’s business is thriving. And we will continue to ask Congress to clarify the law as we grow.


Finally, we also hope to emerge from Chapter 11 soon, maybe even this year.


Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your support. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to continue fighting to make entertainment good for your home. 2018 was a great year and we expect 2019 to be even better.


We hope to see you any time on The Chosen 6-hour live stream tonight at 6pm PST or 9pm EST


Onward and upward,

Neal Harmon, Co-founder and CEO

25 thoughts on “Happy New Year from VidAngel! Overview of 2018

  1. Great Job VidAngel. Keep up the good work in the legal battle. Can’t wait to see when the Chosen will be available on VidAngel.

  2. I sure hope we can get past the legal mess! I would love to have Vidangel back as my solo filtering service! Thanks for working hard! Keep us posted on updates! Would still enjoy HULU and maybe VUDU too! Thanks again!

  3. Neal, when (not if) you win the legal battle, would you be able to filter Fox, WB, and Disney content at that time or would you have to work out a deal with those companies?

    P.s.: We love Vidangel!

    1. Winning would not require us to work out a deal but we’ve always hoped that we could. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  4. Would like to know more about VidAngel and current legal status. Very interested about having in our home.

    1. This is a must have in your home! If you want to watch tv shows or movies without all the unnecessary garbage like nudity, swearing, etc.. Vidangel filtering is awesome!!

  5. What if any of these ventures do investors have a stake in? Regardless, it seems very synergistic and beneficial. Glad to hear we are operating from a place of increasing strength.

    1. Investors have a stake in all of these projects. Dry Bar Comedy and VidAngel Studios are owned by VidAngel. The Chosen is a separate company but VidAngel has exclusive distribution rights for the USA. So, the success of each and every one of these projects benefits VidAngel investors.

  6. My Question is how is Disney, WB, and fox getting away with ignoring the law? And why do they fight against it so much? This format seems like it would open up new audiences that wouldn’t ordinarily watch it, wouldn’t that also open up a revenue increase for the studios? That’s what they want more money.

    1. We hope that ultimately, the law prevails in your favor Robert. They don’t see it that way. It seems they don’t want technology like VidAngel giving more content options to families. They want you watching Disney movies. What they don’t understand is that people even want to filter Disney movies.

      1. if i recall in the video you guys posted with the live trial the main issue they brought up with the then service was tha you guys were only charging $1/movie to rent for 24 hrs that included brand new titles, and the method of which you guys were doing it was dicey ripping DVDs and somehow transferring them to your service with out a digital license. at least thats how i took it. dont know the specs but thats what i remember.

  7. Dry bar is a win/win/win/win, win for the comedians, win for the live audience and win for the greater digital audience of which I am part. I am so pleased you guys have pivoted and found this winning niche. Everything else aside Drybar alone is worth it to me as an investor.

  8. I’m glad that there are some good things happening on behalf of Vid Angel. Neal, could you point to the website (or link) again we need to go to see our investment stocks for Vid Angel? I just wanted to see how well it has been doing since it started offering shares a few years ago.

  9. While I’m not currently a Hulu subscriber, is this a service that you’re working on adding? I assume you’ve asked them or are working on it.


  10. I heard about first liberty institute that works to defend the rights of the little guy. Check them out. They do a lot of pro bono work.

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