18 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: January 14th

    1. yeah this is the 1st time watching it all the way through, wasnt impressed. plus what kinda of ending was that? At least Indiana gets it.

  1. What happened to True Detective Season 2 and Fortitude Season 1? I saw that they had been added, but they were gone when I went to watch them.

  2. Hello. Great job and keep up the good work. I came here to ask you guys about something that is either a glitch or a development in your site. Back when your old site where your movies costed a dollar, I added Shawshank Redemption to our watchlist. But then Vidangel went down, and therefore, we couldn’t watch anything filtered. And then when Vidangel came back up, we could watch films again, but Shawshank Redemption was still blocked because Warner Bros. created it. But I went on it last night on our watchlist, and it said it was available from Amazon Video. I came to ask if it is still blocked, or have you guys gotten the license to filter Warner Bros. movies and Shawshank Redemption was the first to be available. American Sniper was another Warner Bros. movie on our watchlist, but when I clicked on it, it kicked me off the app. Keep in mind that when I looked these watchlist films up, they were on Roku. Anyway, I just came to see why it said that Shawshank Redemption was available even though the poster still said it was blocked. I think it was a glitch, but I just came to double check in case it wasn’t. Thank you for your time and I hope Vidangel still thrives in court and business. I understand it’s not easy trying to handle a filtering company under attack from the biggest studios in the world. It’s somewhat funny to think that these big film industries picked up on a filtering company started in 2015 by a few people in Utah. It’s insane. Anyway, good job and I hope the best for you guys.

    1. That’s a mistake in the data. It’s not available via Amazon. I tried to watch it and got the message that it’s blocked. However, it appears as though it will be available. I’ll submit this as a bug to the team.

  3. I could honestly just tell by the trailers that they were gonna suck.

    While we are on the topic of movies (wait a minute….) could we get Velvet Buzzsaw?

  4. Thank you for adding Velvet Buzzsaw.
    Not sure why my previous comment asking for said title was removed…

    1. Wondered the same thing removed both of ours. The trailer for Velvet didnt sell me on it but i might give it a shot since its free. Got 1/2 (4) eps of Tidelands filtered on my own, since i was told it wasnt even on VIdAngels radar, go figure.

      1. For whatever reason, I seem to get targeted by blog and forum moderators….not sure why. But ok.

        I thought Velvet Buzzsaw looked really unique, plus i’m always up for a decent horror flick .

        Still waiting on Hostel guys….

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