Recently Added To VidAngel: February 20th

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13 thoughts on “Recently Added To VidAngel: February 20th

  1. 4/11 of these I’ve never heard of. I gave “Suits” and “Psych” a few eps cant say i was impressed. Already filtered “A Star is Born” working on “Instant Family” bought them both on vudu for cheap. Hope it doesn’t take another 2+ years to get the VUDU link after it was promised to us when you guys came back nearly 2 years ago. Funny thing about VUDU Clearplay made a big deal about introducing it months ago but they haven’t added anything new since go figure.

    1. @LoganHickman, if you link your Vudu account to Amazon and Movies Anywhere you can usually buy a movie on Vudu and then watch it on Amazon with VidAngel. This also means when you purchase a new movie and you redeem the digital code you’ll get it on Amazon and it will work with VidAngel.

      The only exceptions are studios that don’t participate in Movies Anywhere, such as Paramount, so it doesn’t work with the new Mission Impossible. See for more information.

      1. im well aware of how Movies Anywhere works and there are a lot of titles on vudu that are quite a bit cheaper that arnt under the MA label. not to mention all the movies that i bought with the disc combo all the digital copys are on vudu i have over 3000 films there is a sizable chunk that are not on amazon via MA. There is only 5 major studios not including subsidiary’s under MA. so they have a long way to go before hundreds of other studios are brought in. hense why i filter on my own and have been for years tired of waiting.

    1. i believe they already answered that as soon as its available to buy on amazon they said they would have it. Ive been stuck filtering my own stuff even with the trial very little of the titles i request get done, consider your selves lucky. same with Blacklist Season 4-5 Mike they are very popular shows no need to fret. that said my other 2 favorites Banshee (S1 was filtered last April no new eps since) and Strike Back hasnt been touched and its at 8.4 on imdb

      1. Hmm, I’m not sure I understand. Outlander is a Starz series, and I show season 4 available on Prime video with a Starz subscription. Sorry, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to this stuff.

        1. I am happy to explain a little better. VidAngel can connect to Netflix, Amazon Channels HBO, Amazon Prime and Amazon Video for purchases. Since Outlander season 4 is only available on Starz right now, it cannot play on VidAngel. As soon as it becomes available on one of the platforms we have connections for, we will be sure to rush the filters and get them ready for you. Hope that helps 🙂

          1. So even though it’s available on amazon video for me, it’s not necessarily available for VidAngel to filter. Thanks for the help!

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