Recently Added to VidAngel: April 2

Thriller-Drama TV show Hanna is here! Hanna is offered by Amazon Prime and we rushed it so you can filter it with us.

We have been busy adding comedy, sci-fi, drama, and zombies this week. . .


There are lots of new titles to choose from, Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: April 2

    1. its owned by Fox which is now owned by Disney, both of which are involved with the lawsuit its a no-go til the legal battle is over.

      1. Hello. I’ve come to ask you why it is you guys can’t filter 24, but you can filter the Passion of the Christ. They are both owned by 20th Century Fox. I’m not saying you guys are doing anything wrong. I’ve noticed that Shawshank Redemption and Passion of the Christ were blocked and are now available on VidAngel. Anyway, thanks for all you guys have done and I’m continuing to pray for you in the legal battle.

        1. ive been noticing this more and more my self also with more Warner Brothers titles they keep telling me even if its listed on IMDB as a NO GO has something to do with the library of Congress they wont go in to specifics. so apparently IMDB is not a reliable sorce to figure out which titles they can and cant do now. The new incarnation of Sabrina is under Warner Brothers but they filtered it yet Westworld series is under lock and key even though its WB as well. apparently their people dont have the info to straight up tell us why this is, even though the legal department has apparently vetted what they can and cant filter. its still odd. which is why i filter on my own gotten tired of waiting on certain titles beyond that the filtering quality at least for the graphic stuff has become an issue at least for the few titles i do watch. either they dont label things right, miss something, or skip too much.

  1. Highwaymen was good to long, to bad they messed up the graphic violence filters for the end shoot out the 1st night, of course its fixed now (little late). Kinda sad we keep getting New Eps of Santa Clarita Diet i liked Timothy O way better in Justified and Deadwood (which VidAngel has only done 1 season of its been years guys we need more votes)

  2. Jessica, thank you so much for your hard work! Is there any chance you guys could please add ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ to VidAngel? Thank you:)

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