Need a spiritual show for Easter Weekend? VidAngel is hosting The Chosen!

VidAngel is hosting the Prerelease of Season One of The Chosen. VidAngel subscribers can back the project and get early access at by prepaying three months of VidAngel.

“. . . very good and captivating. Best actor of Jesus I have ever seen. Does a great job showing his emotions and pulling you into the scene as if you were there. The Chosen has brought the Bible to life in a way none others have been able to do. Bravo!”

Bill Dodd

“What a treat to be even a small part of this wonderful project. I feel blessed to finally see this coming to fruition. Each character is so real, By far the most thorough account of how those who encountered Jesus might have actually done it during His time here. Enjoy it and share it with others. I’ve seen all four episodes twice already and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds.”

Ernesto Santana

2 thoughts on “Need a spiritual show for Easter Weekend? VidAngel is hosting The Chosen!

  1. We thoroughly enjoyed the first 4 episodes of The Chosen. We believe this show has tremendous potential for teaching both, believers and non-believers about the life of Jesus. The production quality could rival big names such as Netflix and Amazon. We hope to see more episodes soon and hope to have the opportunity to buy the blu-ray/dvd set soon as well. This series has a ton of potential.

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