Recently Added To VidAngel April 18th – May 8th

We have been hard at work adding filters to new titles for you to enjoy on VidAngel. The last few weeks were so amazing. We are so grateful for all the support pouring in for The Chosen! We were overwhelmed by the response and really love this opportunity to share The Chosen with people. Thanks for the support! Here is what’s new:



9 thoughts on “Recently Added To VidAngel April 18th – May 8th

  1. Thanks for continuing to add new titles to the service.

    Any progress on adding other services? Amazon is not my only digital movie store and many of my titles are on VUDU. The frustration of not being able to filter content from certain studios is compounded by the fact that I also can’t filter the movies I own on VUDU.


      1. that only accounts for 7 of the main studios only 2 of which you guys can legally filter so that doesnt open the doors much. also VUDU has much better deals than Amazon. i only got Amazon 2 years ago ive had VUDU for more than 10 probably. You guys need to quit beating around the bush and just add VUDU like you promised years ago. Next month will be 2 years since you returned with the current format, it would be a long overdue surprise. doesnt carry Amazon codes only VUDU or itunes. this would also help bring in more customers as well.

  2. only 2 titles of interest here for me. would be nice to get more action oriented Netflix films. strange we keep getting brand new titles all the time that have only been out a couple weeks.

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