6 thoughts on “Recently Added To VidAngel May 9th – 15th

  1. much better selection of titles this time only 1 problem 3 of these films are not Moviesanywhere compatible. dont like having to wait north of 3+ months to see some of these on PRime cus you guys still dont use VUDU even though its 1/2 the price for alot of titles. get more customers this way. VUDU is a free service as well as aposted to amazon $120/year

    1. Where is VUDU? I don’t want to use amazon and movies anywhere doesn’t work for more than 90% of movies I purchased on Vudu.

  2. Are there any plans to edit Southland anytime soon from TNT? You should have a coming soon list of all the ones you are working on so we know. If it isnt asking too much. Either way, keep up the great work!!

    1. Southland is Produced by Warner Brothers TV (part of the legal battle) then again so is the New Sabrina on Netflix but they were able to filter it (something to do with the library of Congress). in regards to the coming soon list they actually had this years back with the DVD model they had a full list of titles for the following month. Now since they came out with the streaming service (current model) they got rid of it cus the system they use is not 100% fool proof it clearly has bugs and there have been many titles they posted and latter removed due to system issues apparently the new model conflicts with the previous one. so they dont want to bring back the coming soon list get peoples hopes up and not be able to deliver. granted they have done that with other things as well including introducing VUDU, advertising shows they cant legally filter. I gave up on a lot of titles spent years filtering on my own cus i got tired of waiting.

    2. That is a great suggestion! I will be sure to pass that along. As for Southland, we have an easy way for you to request filters for your favorite movies and shows right from our Search feature on our website.

      Go to our website https://www.vidangel.com/ and click on Search in the upper right corner. Then just type in the show that you are looking for and click on Request Filters.

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