Recently Added To VidAngel May 23rd – May 29th

We also added 2 new Dry Bar specials and a handful of other titles to enjoy. Keep the requests coming! We want to continue to add filters to titles you want to see on VidAngel 🙂

Happy Filtering 😉

One thought on “Recently Added To VidAngel May 23rd – May 29th

  1. only 1 movie this week? noticed something else the last 3 or so post here are missing quite a few titles from the main page. find it a little funny you guys were on the ball with the coming soon list minus a couple titles over a year or so due to system issues. but this blog post has really been hit and miss, dates constantly changing as well. Loving Deadwood and Cobra Kia especially after the disastrous Game Of Thrones, granted i wasn’t a huge fan of the show to begin with but definitely one of the worst season finales ever.

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