Disney v VidAngel Trial – Day One Update and Day Two Schedule

We meant to publish this last night, apologies for the tardiness and thank you for the messages you’ve all sent supporting us. Also, thank you to those who came yesterday.

Day One Update

Here’s what I remember happening on day one:


  • – The judge wished our Chief Legal Officer, David Quinto, a happy birthday


  • – After hearing argument from both sides, Judge Birotte decided that Disney can seek DMCA damages as well as copyright damages, but that both will be decided by the jury


  • – Jury members were selected to create a fair and impartial jury – this was the most interesting part of the day.
    • – – Judge Birotte gave a stirring speech on the right to a trial by jury granted by the United States constitution, shared about his immigration from Haiti and thanked the jurors for being there. (I felt a lot of gratitude for our country during this part)
    • – – Twenty potential jurors came to the courtroom and sixteen of them were called at random to sit in the jury box and answer questions
    • – – Those he asked individual and group questions to allow the parties to learn about them
    • – – One juror asked to answer a question privately and the judge created a static sound and met with the judge off to the side (the court reporter still recorded what was being said)
    • – – After a fair amount of discussion with counsel from both sides (again with the static sound playing), the judge eliminated eight jury members
    • – – 8 jury members were then sworn in


  • – Judge presented the format, which is:
    • – – 20 minute opening statements from both sides
    • – – up to 6.5 hours of evidence and cross-examination from the Disney
    • – – up to 6.5 hours of evidence and cross-examination from VidAngel
    • – – rebuttal evidence from Disney if time permits
    • – – 40 minute closing statement from Disney
    • – – 40 minute closing statement from VidAngel
    • – – 10 minute rebuttal from Disney


  • – Two witnesses were called to the stand to testify for the studios:
    • – – Robert Schumann – expert on technology – about 1 hour for testimony and cross-examination
    • – – Tracy Myers – representative from Warner Bros. – about 30 minutes for testimony and cross-examination


The court issued an order excluding witnesses from the trial, which prevents them from having access to the testimony of other witnesses before they testify. Unfortunately for customers and fans, this means we can’t give you access to the daily transcripts yet. But the process is meant to achieve justice so we, of course, will respect it.


So that’s all the detail I can muster for now. Join us in the courtroom to experience the trial first hand.


Evidence Time Remaining:

Disney: about 5 hours 30 minutes

VidAngel: about 6 hours

Day Two Schedule

Time: 1:30pm-5pm

Location: United States Courthouse, Courtroom 7B, West 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA

10 thoughts on “Disney v VidAngel Trial – Day One Update and Day Two Schedule

  1. Do you guys have plans to take this to the Supreme Court? After the current proceedings are over with how many more steps do you have to take before you get to the Supreme Court?

  2. I would also like to know this as well. We use the sub service but the original model would be preferable for those that don’t have access to Amazon Video (Canadian here)

  3. Supporting you all! Appreciate the update. Stay strong – families absolutely have the right to control what comes into their own homes. Will try to be there in court this week to support!

  4. Disney is playing a short game with no sense of what a game-changer VidAngel could be for the future streaming market. They are marketing Disney+ as family friendly, even though they will have PG-13 movies, with Hulu as the older-audience complementary service. If they would just license the VidAngel technology, they would dominate the market for those of us that would like a little filtering. For the rest of the market, it would still be a differentiator that would tip a substantial audience demographic to their product in a rapidly crowded market space.

  5. Robert, I Agree 3000%
    Disney and Studios would benefit soooo much! They are just upset because they didn’t think of it!
    VidAngel I hope you have filled Patents

  6. I still support what VidAngel is trying to do for the my family and friends. I’m praying that the ruling will be for your family and others. Lord we need this.

  7. The end game is not profit. It’s control over the viewer. They very much enjoy the perceived power they have. This is the reason I have left all things modern, and gone back to 1970 era tv. I’ve had it with the decaying standards with all things video media. With this legal decision, I quit. The law passed for standards to protect the family is useless.

  8. We went up there to show our support and Neil was super nice to my wife and I. Took the time to chat with us during a recess. We were so glad to be there that we’re bringing more up with us tomorrow to hear closing arguments. Hopefully, things won’t be so bad. We’re rooting for you guys! (Looking forward to an updated schedule to plan for tomorrow, btw).

  9. I have no problem boycotting Disney for this. I got a lot of people using VidAngel and they aren’t going to be happen when the supposed family-friendly company takes away parents ability to protect their kids.

    I’ll just go back to using kidsinmind.com and prescreening movies. I’ll be sure to avoid Disney and any other studios or products they own. If there’s any content I don’t like we just won’t see it. They won’t stop filtering though. If they kill VidAngel another will fill the vacuum.

    The technology is here, they are fighting the inevitable.

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