Letter From VidAngel CEO to Disney CEO



Mr. Robert Iger

Chairman and CEO

The Walt Disney Company

500 South Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521-0001

June 21, 2019


Dear Mr. Iger,


During our court proceeding in Los Angeles, I made the point in my testimony that where I come from, people talk before they sue each other. We’ve tried to talk many times, and Disney has been unwilling to join in a conversation. So, on behalf of around 8,000 owners and tens of millions who want to skip a few things in Disney/Fox/Warner Bros. movies, I’ll continue this conversation publicly.


Let’s review a few quick facts…

1) VidAngel indisputably made your company and other Hollywood studios a profit. I think that’s why most of them did not join Disney in suing us.

2) You sued us for $125 million for it, and Federal District Court Judge Birotte commended both sides for an incredibly passionate fight. You won $62 million. We lost. At least for the moment.

3) Disney knows a trial and litigation (probably costing tens of millions to fight) in four courts could have been avoided by selling VidAngel a license.


The following is a proposal that could make everyone whole in this case if it were really about copyright protection and not about marginalizing the filtering market out of existence.


Mr. Iger, please take a close look at the raw data in this letter and ask yourself, “Does spending this kind of money to fight the filtering market make sense financially?”


VidAngel Made Money for Disney

Per an expert report at trial, unchallenged by alternative data or analysis, Disney et al would have been $229,752 poorer had VidAngel never offered their content on its service. These numbers are profits. VidAngel paid much more for the DVDs. I realize these numbers are nothing for Disney but we had barely tapped the market when Disney sued VidAngel.

(sources: Jeffrey Kinrich, MBA and CPA expert report, Dr. William Duckworth expert report and this survey data)


VidAngel Found a New Market for All Studios

A full 65% of the views for Disney et al content were views that would not have happened without VidAngel. Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Universal, Paramount and other studios who did not sue VidAngel also made profits from VidAngel’s success. 70% of the views for non-plaintiff content were views that would not have happened without VidAngel. There are so many reasons why people want to skip small bits of popular movies and TV shows.

An independent, peer-reviewed study conducted by UCLA Professor Doug Lichtman and Dr. Benjamin Nyblade found that there is a real and substantial market for filtered content, 98% of its customers used VidAngel to filter, and allowing families to select what they want to mute or skip does not decrease their enjoyment of the movies they watch. Remarkably, being able to choose to skip or mute a very small percentage of a movie makes all the difference to them. And NRG reports that 40 percent of Americans would want to use VidAngel.

(sources: Jeffrey Kinrich, MBA and CPA expert report, Dr. William Duckworth expert report and this survey data)


Disney Earned, VidAngel Lost and Damages Awarded

I don’t know if your legal team has communicated to you that building this new market for Disney came at great expense to VidAngel. We spent millions building technology and marketing to this new audience. You reaped profits, while we reaped losses. We happily invested to build a new market because we believe it will be very profitable when built.

(sources: Jeffrey Kinrich, MBA and CPA expert reportDr. William Duckworth expert report and this survey data)


Insults Don’t Change The Facts

While we made profits for Disney, you called us pirates as “your own strategy” according to the court transcript:

(Trial transcripts: June 11th AM and PM, June 12th AM and PM, June 13th AM and PM, June 14th AM and PM and June 17th)


Mr. Iger, Disney may call us what it wants, but the facts are:

1) Disney profited and VidAngel lost while building a brand new market for movies

2) VidAngel has always been open and honest about its purpose and actions

3) VidAngel asked for feedback, but none came

4) 9th Circuit called it a case of first impression (untested law  – Is VidAngel legal?)

5) VidAngel went to great expense to audit its movie purchases and systems to protect Disney’s interests

6) VidAngel asked you for a business solution to avoid the expense of the lawsuit


Although VidAngel’s service indisputably made it money, Disney litigated against us in 4 federal courts before getting a judgment of approximately $62.5 million.  At this point, VidAngel can keep going to the Supreme Court, hoping that the Court will protect Disney from itself. Or if this were not about filtering, we could say, “You won. We lost. How about a truce?”


Skip Foundation

It is more important to VidAngel that the option to skip exists than that VidAngel owns it.


Last week we filed a motion in the bankruptcy court to transfer our filtering assets to the Skip Foundation, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization. This foundation will become the Wikipedia of skip technology as a free global resource. If the transaction is approved by the bankruptcy court, our patent and 10,000 titles with all skip data will be free for any company or any individual in the world to use as they see fit under copyleft and Wikipedia style licenses. And the entire world can contribute to the Skip Foundation’s library of content “skips” just like with Wikipedia. Those contributions could benefit VidAngel and Disney.


Disney, Netflix, Amazon and others could adopt the technology freely and implement the technology on top of their existing streaming contracts without an agreement of any kind with VidAngel.


Here’s What We Propose

We understand you want to protect your Intellectual Property.  You understand that VidAngel’s customers want to skip a few things in your movies in private. If the financial minds rather than the power minds within Disney prevail, this could be a solution.


We are prepared to consider giving Disney our Dry Bar Comedy series in satisfaction of the judgment. Dry Bar Comedy is the fastest growing comedy brand in the world with over 1.5 billion views to date. It is making millions. It is growing so fast because the creators are embracing the data behind the skips of families. You could publish its family friendly comedy on Disney+.


With the so called “debt” settled, VidAngel could freely transfer the “filtering” assets to the Skip Foundation and emerge from bankruptcy. “Filtering” would survive as “skipping”, regardless of VidAngel’s future fate. And Disney could profit from both the skip data and Dry Bar Comedy.


This proposal would settle the judgement, respect Disney’s IP, and grow Disney profit. VidAngel would be free to focus on The Chosen, VidAngel Studios, and generating profits for its own investors, while enjoying the benefits of the Skip Foundation.


I won’t hold my breath for your response and we are already preparing our appeal, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. The IMP and Sony Betamax cases changed the industry, but they dragged on for almost a decade. Change is coming. You can fight it or profit from it. What do you say? Are you open to meeting?


Best regards,

Neal Harmon

Co-founder & CEO






430 thoughts on “Letter From VidAngel CEO to Disney CEO

  1. Becuase of VidAngel, I have watched movies that I otherwise would not have rented. I am 58 years old and to date, have never seen an R Rated movie without being filtered. Take away the filter and there are many movies I would not watch. It’s a choice. Disney should also make the correct choice.

      1. You seriously are ashamed that some people out there want to spare themselves and/or their children from profanity, violence, and sexuality while enjoying the story of an otherwise good movie? I don’t get it. I actually am ashamed for our society that seems to welcome that kind of material. Look at where it is getting us.

        1. Disney, please please please consider this! Our family really appreciates the option to have CHOICE. We support and love using Vidangel 110%. Please show that you care about your viewers and their right to choose.

          1. I am truly saddened at this outcome and disgusted with Disney. My family and I used to go to the movies every week, but there is very little showing nowadays that we feel is decent. VidAngel, and filtering, allowed us the freedom to watch movies IN OUR OWN HOME that didn’t violate our values and standards. Disney’s stance is discriminatory against those with traditional Christian values, and violates the freedom of millions of American citizens to control the media coming into their homes. They don’t value the Christian dollar or spending power? Without filtering, they won’t get our entertainment money. It’s that simple. We have no interest in the admit they intentionally add to movies to manipulate ratings to increase their profit margins. It’s no longer about art, it’s only profit. For that reason alone, they’d be smart to allow filtering.

          2. I agree with this in. In fact if Disney continues on their path I and my family will never view another Disney production!

          3. Filtering opens film content to a whole new market that is selective about their viewing content. I do not want to subject myself to a barrage of crudeness. Either allow me to filter or lose my viewership.

          4. Neal, have you considered using the American Center for Law and Justice to represent Vidangel?

          5. After seeing how Disney has responded to this and to the laws in georgia. I think my family may be better off without Disney influencing my family.
            I’d like to see change, but I fear that Disney has become a political organization instead of focusing on creating innovative and fun content for families to enjoy. I grew up on Disney movies and one of my favorites is still Lion King. It’s a shame that I will not be taking my family to see the live action version due to us not wanting to support an organization so bent on what increasingly seems to be pushing its own agenda instead of even maximizing shareholder value.
            I’m pulling my stock out of Disney as well and will encourage others to do the same. Don’t become the evil empire, please.

          6. @D You’re missing the point. We (those who prefer to skip) will indeed exercise our right to choose by not watching the movies at all—VA is offering a solution which permits Disney to capture customers it otherwise will not capture! Customers like me!

          1. My wife and I quit going to theaters, because we’d ogten walk out because of content we found objectionable. We thought we’d wait till it came out on TV. Now, even TV standards have been lowered. Disney used to be a favorite. Not any more, and it’s not because of this lawsuit. We have the right to watch what we want to watch. We choose what’s best for us. There are many good stories I’d like to see, but do not because of language, excessive violence, sexual content, etc. With Vidangel, we can enjoy those stories without the “fluff” (I was going to say garbage, but that didn’t sound nice). Power? It should be the individuals that have the right to choose that have the power.

        2. Speechless. But here it comes…Where is integrity of humankind anymore? There are those that desire to grow a generation of leaders that are responsible kind smart and loving. Study the growing violence and lack of responsible etc. people. The numbers are growing…jails are packed and counseling offices overbooked. Please let us have a bit of smart entertainment that does not hurt our souls and destroy our minds. Good luck VidAngel and Disney does not look so good for our family travel destination anymore. And i am not alone.

          1. Totally support what you are doing. Wish we had this when our son was younger. Will pass this on.

        3. And the spiritual warfare is alive and well. I am truly not surprised. It is not about filtering. It is all about wanting to derail The Chosen. Got to love it when the attacks come. God’s got this and I stand be hung VidAngel 100%. I stopped watching Disney a very long time ago because of what they value or should I say do not value. I can’t believe you are offering dry comedy as a settlement. They probably won’t accept as it as a settlement because it is not about money or filtering. It is about attacking faith based peoples.

          1. Sadly, I think you’re right…it is about attacking faith-based people, not about the money.

          2. That’s… not right at all. The problem isn’t spritual warfare, it’s the fact that VidAngel took it upon themselves to upload their own version of Disney’s movies illegally just because they didn’t get an answer they liked from Disney. That’s called theft in any other market (food, video games, etc). But just because it’s done for the benefit of their market, it’s okay? That’s not okay at all, and now they’re getting punished for it.

          3. Exactly, It is not Walt Disney anymore. His was a great moral industry and business man. God blessed him. This is an attack on Christian beliefs. In the end Christ wins. Stand with Him.

        4. Amen Matt- we have a choice at the store as to what we want to purchase, the restaurant about what we want to eat and how we want it prepared, the car dealership about what bells and whistles we want to pay for, and we have a choice w/ our movies, shows. Why would we give up our right to choose re: what we watch ans listen to!? I don’t want look at or listen to things that are bad for my heart, mind, spirit, my marriage my grandson. *We LOVE VideAngel and we would not watch LOTS of movies if it where not for VideAngel.

        5. I agree. I think Walt would be rolling over in his grave seeing what these people have done to his company.😢

        1. I’m so glad you guys entered into the agreement to transfer your IP! The worst thing that could happen is that Disney becomes owner of your IP and then sits on it and refuses to use it, then skipping technology would be de facto illegal!

          I honestly don’t know that Disney or the bankruptcy court know how to respond to a for profit entity acting like a non-profit. It’s not like you sold the IP and hid the money in an offshore account or something like that – you GAVE away impossible-to-value IP to a non-profit foundation for the world to use!

          I hope the transfer is approved. For the IP to be valuable, it has to be legal. It has zero value in the for profit market if Disney keeps trying to block it in court because the litigation defense costs wipe out any possibility of profits. If they argue value based upon an EBITDA multiple, then they have to agree that they would allow it to legally operate!

          1. If it we’re as simple as money and loss this would have been a non issue, but it’s a fight over ideology. Today’s society seems to disdain Christianity and the very family values that are based upon it. May God help those like Vidangel who will stand in the gap, and may God help our nation. You can profit now Disney, but there is more at stake here than money, and when that bill comes due I wouldn’t want to be you standing before the Almighty.

          2. Shame on Disney! They have lost my respect after many years of enjoyment and loyalty.

      2. Unfiltered? I have never watched a movie and then thought that the movie would have been much better with more F-words or blasphemy content!! R-rated movies are for adults. Kids are growing up with all kinds of immorality surrounding them.

        1. You are so right. Look at the way our kids and grand kids grow up. In a vulgar, insensitive world.

        2. “Kids are growing up with all kinds of immorality surrounding them.”

          And you think that’s ok….because you don’t care that means everyone else dont either?? Really 😒

        3. Disney doesn’t want their movies filtered because they want people to be corrupted by content that people find disturbing or worldly. I don’t want my grandchild being polluted by Disney. I’ve recently found jelly telly and it’s wonderful. Disney does NOT want their content filtered because they have an agenda period. Thank you VidAngel for trying so hard.

        4. I reject the statement that R rated movies are for adults. Most of what is R rated either belongs in jail, a private bedroom, or the gutter. “Be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see.”

      3. Why? Your opinion is your own, just like Steve’s. If he wants to watch a movie without certain scenes of violence, sex, nudity or, language what’s wrong with that? Is it shameful to watch a movie that’s been edited for television? It’s the same thing.

        1. amen!!!! you are EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Edited for TV is the same as VideAngeled for my family!! I prefer to watch movies on vidangel then not to- it’c cleaner, safer and more acceptable .. Disney used to mean family approved movies… When ever we want to watch a show the first thing we say is: “Is it on VidAngel?” It’s our go to statement!!! IF it’s not and we look it up on IMDB.com to see if it’s clean enough… if it’s not clean and not on VidAngel – then we won’t watch it- … Why won’t Disney support our right to choose- we would rent more movies if they respected out right to choose- don’t they choose in their home what they think their children and others should watch??

      4. You are you to demand people to do something against their own beliefs. If you have rights they had rights. You are do not have the right to force people to do what you would do

        1. VidAngel filtering technology has allowed me to enjoy movies I would have otherwise chosen not to see. Filtering is a way for me to take the chef’s recipe and modify it to meet my preferences of taste. I choose, in my own home, not to chew up the F-word being spewed from the mouths of so many actors in so many movies. I choose not to show nudity in movie that, if left unfiltered, would have burned forever in my children’s minds at too young of an age. Food at a restaurant can be modified and still be enjoyed, so too can movies and tv shows be modified and enjoyed by more.

        2. As much as I really like your service I think that an artist’s right to control how their art is distributed takes precedent. You state that your service made money for Disney, but perhaps Disney has other factors that they considered beyond just making that small short term profit. For example, perhaps they were concerned about setting the precedent of another company being allowed to distribute their art without their consent.
          Also, does the profit you stated that you made for Disney assume that none of the people who viewed it through your service would have paid to view it elsewhere as that seems unreasonable assumption.

          1. You’re free to look at the actual information in the reports. It includes those who would have viewed it elsewhere in our report.

          2. “Artist’s right to control how their art is distributed takes precedent.”

            Really? What artist who creates for Disney has any control of the art once they sign it over to Disney or get paid for their work. Even if they get residuals, Disney has full control over the distribution. There is no artist who controls what or how Disney distributes anything that the studios produce. It is Disney’s arrogance and not any artist that controls the decision not to allow content skipping. Disney has gone from the most family friendly studio to an organ of cultural degradation in one generation. And their failure to make this family friendly accommodation is simply one more demonstration of that decline.

          3. Really? You think this is about expression of art? I don’t think so. This is about diminishing the fact there there is a moral right and wrong in our decisions and by calling violence, vulgarity, and sexually explicit material an “art” you undermine the very foundation on which the laws of our moral society rest.

          4. I skip parts of movies all the time. We also put closed captioning on and mute swear words when possible. Vidangel just makes that easier. It doesn’t change the original content of the film and still allows people to view the entire movie if they would like. I actually end up watching more of a movie’s original content through VidAngel because my skipping is haphazard and tends to miss stuff.

          5. This is not about modifying original content or taking away an artist’s right to control the distribution of their content. Not even close. This is private viewership. Just like a mute button, volume button, or fast forward button. This issue has been so unnecessarily convoluted. It does not in the least take away from anyone. It only adds to everyone involved.

          6. Artists have their content edited often to be able to have it play on TV or radio. No one seems to complain when that happens. They make much more money when it hits a larger audience. If they are leveraging Disney’s distribution system, it’s a little different than making an indie film (from my perspective). I’ve been a huge fan of VidAngel and have finally been able to show my kids so many movies that I otherwise never would have had them watch. In turn, they start to want to follow the actors to their next films – and we are willing to spend more and more money to the benefit it Disney and the artists.

          7. That’s ridiculous. I’m an artist. I grew up with a family of artists. If you write a book or if make a movie is not the same thing as an original painting or drawing or any masterpiece or even my cheap doodles. Movies are mass produced. No matter what some individual might do to a DVD ,you could throw it In the garbage,the original is still intact. If you mess with a masterpiece it’s ruined. If one of my art pieces was mass produced and I made millions I wouldn’t cry like a greedy baby. Besides facts- hundreds of thousands of people will watch more movies and spend more money if they have the ability to filter.

          8. That is the beauty of this system. If I buy an expensive art piece that has nudity on it and then choose to cover the nudity when it is in my own home, that is my choice. Why should I have to be deprived of enjoying the art/movie just because there is 10 seconds of nudity or 25 words I don’t want to hear? Like anything I buy, I can do with it what I choose as long as it is only affecting me. Nobody is “ruining the movie”!

          9. Chris we go to VidAngel for a reason… it saw a need and we are so grateful they did. I can’t believe you think we should just look at and listen to anything and everything as if we have no mind of our own to choose..? This is not to pick a fight but to dialog and to say I really do not understand your response… I do not believe the artist you speak of care who wants to hear the F-bomb and who does not-.. but as I think about it- they probably support it bc the artist actually become more world known when they are being exposed to a larger world audience by people who otherwise would not watch the show.. the hearer should choose for their self what is acceptable.
            Q)Have you ever complained or sent back a steak or a meal or a drink to say it’s half cooked, it’s cold or not prepared the way you requested, etc..? Some chefs feel that a well done steak is wrong.. other chefs embrace diversity of the pallet and know that all that matters is what that buyer wants.. or how about people w/ allergies or just do not like certain things.. should they not ask the chef to filter certain things that they do not like or might make them sick? Can we not say: no cheese, no onions or gluten free.. can we not ask if there are nuts in it,… do you inspect things you purchase to make sure it not broken etc…? Can we not buy organic instead if we want to filter more chemicals from out diet? I guess I do not understand why you do not understand why the freedom to choose is so prized.. I bet if we could follow you around we would see you filter some stuff out of your life.. but even if you don’t the fact is you get to choose if you do or if you don’t.. don’t you like choosing? If I could choose less negativity, less foul language less nudity for you how would you feel about it? You might not like me choosing for you- imposing my beliefs on your choices- you might tell me that it’s not my choice to make.. and you would be right..

          10. The artist does not have the right to prevent me from muting audio and / or video on a movie I rent or own. Never will. Get out of our homes and stay out. Never would watch these movies without Vid Angel

          11. So, an artist is allowed to say when I can and can’t hit mute on my remote and when I can and can’t temporarily turn off the screen of my TV while in my own home or any private setting that is not a commercial setting? The concept of an artist controlling how their art is distributed and handled in the market is fine, but what I do with it in my own home, once I buy it, is my business. My actions would be legal, so long as I am not redistributing it to the market for profit after “perminamtly changing it” and claiming it is their or even my work of art. VidAngel did not redistribute the videos after “perminantly changing them”. Nothing has been done illegal or wrong here. This is not at all what we are addressing in regards to VidAngel. I repeat, VidAngel did nothing wrong in their business activity. For example, I can go as far as buying an artist’s painting, paint over it where I want it different and then display it at work or home when, where, and how I want. This is America. VidAngel didn’t even go that far… They did not change anything. They simply provided a way to, without any actual changes to the actual art being implemented, watch a movie temporarily without having to listen to or see what the viewer does not want to hear or see. This was accomplished by doing the same thing I and many do and have done. We use a remote and the power buttons. Having a way to do that automatically, “without changing anything with the movie”, was awesome. I believe the big companies involved here are just jealous they didn’t use this business concept first. They didn’t realize the size of the need and profit involved with it. That’s businees… They need to accept that and be mature about it rather than being bullies who are strtegically using the law to, under I’ll intensions, manipulate and twist things against how they actually are and or should be. This whole thing is pathetic, unreasonable, and ridiculous… honestly…

      5. I always look at the parents guide on IMBD before watching a PG-13 or an R movie. There are many movies my family avoids because of the content. There are many movies that look good that I want to watch. VidAngel allowed me to do that in the privacy of my own home. Come on Disney, you guys were built on family values, what happened?

        1. Disney is not about family values. There about profits. They threaten to leave a state over abortion laws (future revenue.hello). They Disney tv shows promote liberal ideas. Their movies marketed for little kids have all sorts of innuendos. Sorry but coming from a huge Disney fan, their values are not what u think

        2. Duane – I don’t know if you’re checking ratings due to being a Chrisitan, or just in general. But, if you’d like reviews that are more geared toward people following Christian principles, here’s a website that will give you information more detailed than IMDB would. It isn’t based on a rating system set up by Hollywood. Check it out and you will see what I mean. Although there are spoilers, it’s worth knowing about them in order to get a clear picture. It won’t detract from the story, should you decide to watch it. Here ya go: https://www.pluggedin.com

        1. Wow! What a great offer for Disney! I sure hope they come around and consider it. Keep up the good work you are doing with VidAngel studios!

        1. “dictate”? Storm troopers did not come to my door & demand me to sign up with Vid Angel . It’s all about free choices!

      6. Why should anyone be required to watch a movie unfiltered if they want a filtered movie? Until I read the VidAngel open letter to Disney, I didn’t know that was an option. I’m so happy to know there is a choice because I’ll certainly watch filtered movies over unfiltered movies from now on.

      7. You are an idiot and should be ashamed of yourself, but I’m sure you have no shame. Having the ability to filter as one chooses is freedom. We have already paid for the movie or streaming service, so there is no harm to the movie makers. Let us choose how we want to view it!

      8. Have you ever fast forwarded a movie or skipped any part ever? It’s not shameful, it’s just having a choice.

        1. Erin I agree. We fast forward videos all the time but we’ve now just quit watching TV and movies all together. I just watched “The Chosen” because it’s was wholesome and partnered with VidAngel. Disney actually promotes values under the guise of cartoon movies that I do not agree with and do not want my family watching. I can’t stand Disney and we got rid of all our Disney videos.

      9. We have a DVR so we can skip parts of shows and movies we don’t want to see. Do much junk out there. Wouldn’t watch things at all without it. Of we fast forward parts of rented movies. Anything wrong with that?

          1. thats right Caleb- they are just glad someone is hearing their are- they know the foul language is not for everyone- they have parents, grand parents and other friends and family telling them the language is too mucg- we hear the rappers say this in their interveiws- but they still make a choice.. and so do we

      10. Really, it’s difficult to find G movies for kids..the studios purposely put in curse words to get the of rating..what’s wrong with filtering the curse words out.

      11. I am baffled why you would feel any emotion at all towards another person’s choice to enjoy a cleaner level of entertainment, much less shame. Firstly, it does not interfere with your freedom to enjoy your media in its released form. Secondly, granting others the ability to filter profanity and nudity only increases the number of viewers, and thus revenue, for the producers. In a society that is so indignant about preserving each individual’s right to choice over their bodies and lives, I am shocked that someone would try to impose something as ridiculous and meaningless as foul language and nudity (often bordering on pornography) onto others. It’s akin to saying you are ashamed for someone who opts to sit in a smoke-free section of a building.

      12. That’s like going to a burger place and wanting to order your favorite item without pickles, only to be scolded to either eat the original burger “as is,” or not eat it at all.

      13. Kay, I’m ashamed of you and feel sorry for people that think like you! Disney doesn’t want to work with VidAngel because they want to control the narrative and the minds of our children. That’s why I have banned Disney and will continue to until they understand their place in America!

          1. My grandfather called it, getting too big for your britches. This is not ultimately about profits but, more about spreading the secular ideology that Disney’s current leadership believes in and whether they realize it or not ultimately worship. To many of us, we think they stand to make a lot of money but, to them in reality it’s just pennies. Disney owns everything! You are most likely giving them your hard earned dollar and not even realizing it. They make so much money and will give up what to them is a few dollars, in lieu of an opportunity to attack the traditional American family. In their opinion conservative based values are antiquated and no longer have a place in our society. Disney has not been pro traditional family for years and unfortunately will most likely continue to dissipate its own misguided version of morality to the masses. It’s incredibly sad and I believe not what Walt had in mind but, nevertheless I do hope they somehow will see the value in allowing their customers to choose how they want to view certain objectionable material.

        1. Amen James!!! We are ashamed of people who do not have the good sense to know that freedom of choice is a God given right!

      14. So, you must be one of those people who orders food at a restaurant and eats it exactly how they prepare it. You never eat salad with dressing because that’s not how it comes, or you simply tel them to dress it how they want it, you’ll eat it anyway. Ashamed? Seems pretty high brow for you to suggest we ‘eat’ a production simply because that’s how it is presented.

      15. A lot of the movies are good they just put unnecessary garbage in them
        Such as sex and profanity It lets civilized people and children watch movies that we wouldn’t watch other wise

      16. Help me understand why it’s ok to censor blockbuster movies that are played on tv and explicit music for radio play but not at my leisure?

      17. Why? I don’t understand you trying to shame people who want to skip profanity or nudity when watching movies with their kids.

      18. My large family and I need filtered content. There is much out there worth watching. However, the filth of language, sexual content, etc I don’t need in my life. Your blog stating,”just don’t watch it” isn’t real, sensitive and plainly defys logic. Maybe there is another way to look at this rather than watch or don’t watch it.

      19. Why are you ashamed for someone else? Someone who made a moral choice not to watch media with vulgar, sexual, or profane content. Your words are appalling and exclusionary. This kind of choice is a freedom, just as freedom of religion is a right. The desire to have entertainment that is free from what one considers objectable material is a choice not a weakness. This all or nothing philosophy victimizes people who say they don’t want the content by marginalizing them because they choose to have standards.

      20. What do you care how someone else chooses to watch their movies? What about a persons right to choose? So much for tolerance. . . .

      21. My guess is that in other arenas you’re all about “the right to choose” yet you’re demanding everyone else’s choices in this matter be limited. That smells like hypocrisy.

      22. I agree, disable the mute and fast forward on all tv’s and media devices. Design new books and magazines that won’t let you skip pages or ads. Toothpicks for everyone’s eyes.

      23. Please give reasons for your comments to educate us as to why you feel that way, rather than just insulting someone for their choices. Thank you!

      24. This makes no sense. Why not filter out unwanted influence from otherwise worthwhile entertainment. Viva la Vidangle!!!

      25. That’s like telling a customer at a burger restaurant that they have to keep the onions on the burger or they don’t get a burger at all. Not a very good business strategy………

      26. Why are people criticized for wanting to make their own choices? If the lady wants to watch it filtered, that is her CHOICE. If you want to watch it unfiltered, that is your choice. Not everyone wants to hear of “trash.”

      27. Lol, this chick is ashamed for me because naked people make me uncomfortable? Her empathy knows no bounds.

      28. Kay… YOU are ashamed because someone wants to minimize the vulgarity, overt sexuality and/or violence of certain films in the privacy of their own home?

        YOU are ashamed that they want to minimize the impact of those things on their children or themselves?

        WTH is wrong with making such a personal choice IN THE PRIVACY OF THE OWN HOME? Allowing someone to make a decision they feel is right for themselves or their family is something to be ashamed of?

        You want to dictate how someone else should live their lives?

        No one is asking/forcing you to watch edited content; why are you ASHAMED of someone who makes a different choice?

        Of course… We get it. You are one is those who feel the only right way to do something is the way YOU do it.

        How sad and pathetic and, in the end, utterly revealing of who you are as well as the problems at the core of this issue.

      29. Why? And why does it matter to you? Why would you be ashamed for someone else who has made a decision of conscience instead of caving to external pressure? That is strange to me.

      30. And how does it hurt you to have someone else choose to watch it filtered. Please explain your all or nothing attitude.

      31. Did you bother to watch the first video in this letter? As a woman, I appreciate what it is saying. I am 59 years old, so I grew up during the 60’s & 70’s. I still remember when the cry of feminists was they didn’t want to be objectified anymore. Now, the newer so-called feminists let it all hang out for all to see and don’t care if they’re being objectified. In fact, they love every minute of men ogling their bodies. They started the Me Too movement claiming they don’t want to be treated like sex objects by men, and yet, they put themselves out there as sex objects. It’s such a contradiction. If you want to watch unfiltered, that’s your choice, but those who don’t want to were never given the choice until filtering came along. We embrace that choice and shouldn’t have it taken from us.

      32. She’s not ashamed, Steve…she just trying to use the second oldest evil trick in history, shaming you. OR, she is straightoutta Leninist Tyrant camp!

      33. Kay,
        Get a grip! if someone makes a product that will filter the unwanted smutty language out of a otherwise good story what do you care? The filter allows the user to adjust the amount and type of filtering one desires. Obviously you dont care, so leave us alone who would like to clean up our environment and remove a small part of the daily onslaught of trash.

      34. Are you saying you have never watched a movie on TV? I remember growing up and watching hundreds of movies on TV, all of which were filtered. Now going back and trying to watch some of these movies with my kids, it has been embarrassing and I have turned off more than one movie because my kids don’t need to be exposed to that content. During the 80s and 90s, apparently it was ok to filter movies that were broadcast on TV, I commend you for never watching any of them.

      35. Ashamed of what? Also, I don’t care what you think except what’s best for ME and my circle of influence.

      36. You may love to hear profanity, see soft porn, violence ect.. and don’t care if your kids see it too. But those who don’t should have a choice. Shame on you!

      37. We alter so many things we buy. I want a Whopper, but without onions. A new Camry, but without the sunroof. A house, but change the carpeting before I buy it.

        Why be ashamed for someone who sees a good product but wants it without something that’s undesirable to them? Or should we be ashamed for every person who goes to order an item on a menu but wants to remove something first?

      38. What’s to be ashamed of? There are now many more movies I can comfortably watch with my kids. My kids are smart enough to appreciate complex plots and story lines without having to see gratuitous sex and violence. Do a person really need to see blood spatter to understand the plot of a movie? Vid Angel makes it possible for my family to appreciate movies they would otherwise not see. VidAngel is good for everyone.

      39. Really not watch it at all..? . Hollywood has a point of throwing in objectifying women no matter how much #MeToo has gone on. Case in point- Shaft a great movie I would recommend – except one topless scene that was not needed.. Netflix can’t help itself with less than family friendly content- nudity to cuss words that add nothing, yet billed as Marvel movies- Jessica Jones,Luke Cage etc.. could get more views if my kids could watch it… without the crap. Hollywood proved it wants to continue #MeToo

      40. It sounds like you might not know what the case is about- you are ashamed of us?? We are so disappointed for people who let anything enter their spirit unfiltered. Who do not have any brakes on whats inappropriate for themselves, their friends, families and others.. and who feel the need to say they are “ashamed” for people who do not want to see and hear certain things they find offensive. It sounds like you might be young, single and no children.. like you have no moral compass.. if this is the case then perhaps you might not find one when you actually love yourself, love someone else and want to protect them and yourself from some of the negative things in the world.

      41. Why the shame?
        I’ve missed something in your point I’m sure, but don’t you think VidAngel is a great platform (or publisher… I don’t know where the de-mark is between the two) to demonstrate to movie makers how big the audience truly is for less pornified or less violent or less vulgar ridden or less name-your-offense films?

      42. Ashamed? Walt Disney would be totally ashamed of where his family centered organization has become.

      43. Kay, why must someone unnecessarily expose himself to things which could be for him occasions of sin (i.e. sexual immorality, gratuitous violence, etc.), when he can use a filter service like VidAngel? Are you anti-morality? How is it unjust to purchase a movie and edit it to make it conducive to your practice of virtue? In what way does this harm the producer of the movie? Mr. Thueson is most likely a humble, pure man and for that he should be admired.

      44. I don’t understand why you would say this. What do you care if someone wants to watch a movie with a few less swear words?

      45. Ok, not at all. Life is fulfilling and joyful without Disney. Why do you feel compelled to force people to do as you want?

      46. Why must a person only watch what they are presented? Why can’t they choose for themselves? It seems like choice is the issue here. You are anti-choice. If people are willing to pay for “choice” they should be able to choose. That’s part of a pluralistic society – many options, many choices, may options.

      47. Ashamed? There are millions of people in the world that do not want to see inappropriate content in movies! If you enjoy watching people doing private things in a public then more power to you. I choose to not see watch movies with this content. God said “thou shalt not comment adultery”. Watching sex scenes, no matter how “artsy” it is still not appropriate for a lot of people. “Free will” is everyone’s right. But Disney is unwilling to give “us” free will, then I choose to not watch Disney movies or TV shows, that is my right. That will spell lost revenue for Disney.

      48. Kay, you are carrying shame and should not dump that on others, period. You are a unique unrepeatable miracle that has choices, just like we all do. Your bias is your bias, but please keep your judgment to yourself, (we all will reap the fullness of those choices in due time) and when it comes to posturing yourself above another unrepeatable, miracle, perhaps you may consider where that thinking really originates? I am sad you have not been treated in line with your immeasurable value warranted and perhaps that is a root cause. There is still time for you to make different choices and agree with your eternal value and give others the same gift you need.

      49. That’s quite illogical of you. It’s a matter of taste and choice. Would you say to someone who didn’t want a particular ingredient in a dish that they should eat that dish with that ingredient in it or not eat it at all? That’s just really strange.

      50. I am sure it makes life easier to be content with whatever you are spoon fed from the available entertainment heavyweights, but don’t waste the energy being ashamed for other people because they are not. Given the current social and political atmosphere of individuality, and non-suppression I am surprised that anyone would be so willing to condemn someone else for their desire to have choice.

      51. What? You’re saying that in my home, I don’t have freedom of choice to turn down the volume at spots or fast forward a scene for whatever reason (maybe because I think it’s boring…)? Ridiculous and your statement doesn’t even make sense.

      52. How is that your choice to make for someone else? Do you use volume controls on your TV? Do you mute commercials? Do you feel you have the right to watch what you choose and if possible avoid offending content? Why do you care what someone else doesnt choose to digitally ingest?

    1. Without VidAngel I would have turned off many movies I’ve watched since having it. What goes into my mind effects my life. I don’t want to fill my mind with foul language or it will enter my mind (and next, come out my mouth) in automatic response to certain situations. VidAngel provides a great service.

      1. Yes Conchita!! high fives all around to all my VidAngel family!!! all my sisters and brothers from another mother!!! really I mean that!!!

    2. I am 74. If I watch an R rated moving, I run it through VidAngel or I do not buy or rent it. I have 7 children, 23 grandchildren, and we all do the same. We like to see some of the good movies without the swearing and other small offensive elements. I watch 5 movies a week, my family and all our children watch about 140 total movies each week. If the movies we want to watch are not filtered, we do not watch them. Now multiply that times a million other families that want to do the same and that is a lot of lost revenue for Disney. Please, let’s make a good financial decision to solve this problem

    3. We have gone a long way toward not using any Disney related products. I understand a business’s self direction. This and other choices by Disney show worse than utter disregard, verging on contempt. I respond by recognizing when I am not wanted and reply in kind.

      1. Disney! We got you consider this. We loved being able to filter inappropriate content without vidangel. I don’t pay to watch in appropriate content in Disney movies or from other studios.

      2. I have always been a huge Disney fan, and have loved reading Disney story books and then watching the movie. This attitude of ‘almost contempt’ is making me want to throw all those precious memories away, and boycott. They are coming very close to the line. We are avid Star Wars fans, and Mandalorian watchers. They will loose a lot of customers because its a family based business primarily and contempt for family values is a foolish move on their part.

    4. Where is Walt when we need him? Walt Disney always produced the quality of movies that many of us grew up with, good moral stories that allowed all family members to enjoy together. This is the Walt Disney that asked his Mouseketeer to please not wear a bikini and wished her well, because he promoted modesty and responsibility to young minds all over the world, regardless of any religious affiliation. I for one appreciated movies that rarely imposed vulgarity and sexual innuendos. Vid Angel allowed me to continue my relationship with Disny by Allowing me the opportunity to watch a movie that appropriately reflected my values while still enjoying the initial content and creativity Disney can offer. I for one do not want to hear foul language, explicit sexual scenes, gore for the sake of shock. Most movies really don’t need these things to make a good story. I recently have watched, rented and bought movies that normally I would have never purchased because I had the option to take out the 70 explicit sexual scenes, the 102 use of swear words , etc etc. I felt no loss for taking those scenes out and thoroughly enjoyed the true story purpose of the movie.
      I hope Disney would consider going back to their roots and review the quality of their work! Whether chrisian, budhist, Muslim,, whatever our faith based affiliation, I hear more than not, people want the movies to clean up their act or at least allow us to clean it up.
      Disney should not be a corporation of spite and contention. You make a lot of money and to consider money as your motivation is hard to swallow, unless you are indeed a company of greed. Show the true image of what Disney once started out to be to most of us, a trusted friend.
      I have no animosity toward individual beliefs and rights, however those rights are for everyone and when threaten you are no longer a “friend in deed.” I will continue with Vid Angel or whatever editing program I can be with, otherwise I will go back to buying and seeing movies that rely too much on vulgar acts in the name of artistic freedom.
      Give me Liberty for all!

      1. Sorry, I left out NOT. I will no longer by movies from Disney or any other media that does not allow my right to edit in my own home!

    5. I agree! I will not watch movies that are not filtered or allow my kids to watch them. I also subscribe to DryBar Comedy because it is clean. I will not watch any other comedies. I like to be able to choose what I can watch without the trash in it.

    6. Why in the world would Disney hurt a good company, and not consider the values of 40% of Americans?!
      I can take or leave watching movies, but, with VidAngel we able to cut out offensive language and sex scenes that ruin movies for us.
      We havent watched VidAngel because my husband worked out of town for several months and thats something we did together, but, we kept our subscription to support a great company!
      At this time we will continue our subscription for the same reason.
      May God bless you abundantly.

    7. Very insightful and clear and well laid out! That was an exquisite professional well thought out and articulate letter. I’m proud to support VidAngel! You never know the character of an individual or organization until it’s under the fire.
      Neal Harman has demonstrated character and class.

  2. NOOOOOOOOO. DON’T OFFER THIS. TAKE THEM TO THE SUPREME COURT!!! They don’t deserve Drybar Comedy!

      1. My philosophy is that there are certain things I don’t allow/want in my house. Why would I pay money to see/hear them? Usually they have no real significance to the plot. Years ago I read ‘Ice Castles’ and thought it was such a good story that I decided to watch it with my kids. Colleen Dewhurst was in it (Marissa from Anne of Green Gables) so I was looking forward to it. What a shock (and disappointment!) to hear the language that came from her mouth! It wasn’t in the book for sure. Why did the filmmakers feel that was necessary or that it contributed to the story in any way? I recently watched a remake on byutv which didn’t have the language. Thank goodness! It’s a great story. Too many words which I consider foul are becoming parts of some people’s normal vocabulary. Unfortunately they’re also becoming part of their children’s, too.

        1. If a movie maker adds bad language or sex scenes etc to a movie they make from a good book then they have just damaged that authors creative license, so, why then are the movie makers angry if we then want to filter it back out of their movie to the original goodness? It’s no different. It’s a matter of moral choice.

          1. Except there is usually a license agreement with the author where they sign over their rights to have their content messed with (if they so choose).

    1. Agree… it seems so much that Disney touches these days has nothing to do with the original “family” that Walt wanted. It’s all about profits at what ever degrading is necessary. Drybar Comedy is awesome & sadly Disney will destroy it.

  3. I’d like to share this to facebook, but it doesn’t share very well, being a pdf. Would you be able to post it to the VidAngel page, so it is easily shareable?

    Thank you, and keep up the good fight!


      1. Hello,
        I, too, would like to share this on Facebook. I opened the word file at the top of the page but I am not sure how to get it to Facebook.
        Annie Peterson

      2. Neal,

        I am truly sorry that this is happening to Vid Angel. My family and I have been and will continue to be huge supporters of Vid Angel and all it stands for.

        Please continue the fight, because what you are fighting for is worth the cost and the effort.

        There are many of us hoping that when all of this is over, there will emerge a new market, and you will ultimately prevail.

      3. WE love you Neal!! God gave you this vision to act on it! For years we all wished for it – but you did it!!!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. “Walt” has gone the way of “Sam”….. Dead like the times they lived in. Disney’s owners and Sam’s kids now rule. Sad times ahead

    1. You guys are just mad because you didn’t think you’d be called out for doing something illegal. Just because you make someone money doesn’t mean they appreciate your illegal actions. I think your service is a great idea, I think being able to filter out content from movies is fantastic, but honestly you should have made legal contracts with the movie producers. Even general conference (I assume you know what that is given that you’re based in Provo) says that you can’t record or edit their broadcast without written permission, why would you think Disney would be any different? Now you want to call out Disney, and make them look like the bad guy for not putting up with your illegal actions, and 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., and other producers were part of your lawsuit, not exclusively Disney. Also I see you forgot to mention how you transferred millions of your assets to your friends and companies that you own right before your court date with Disney, so you could keep your assets instead of giving them to whom they rightfully belong, you creditors. Disney and the other producers will hopefully convince the judges to put you into Chapter 7 bankruptcy so that you will stop squandering your assets. Hopefully this lawsuit taught you a lesson, Neal Harmon, so that maybe you’ll learn to follow the rules of commerce and stop being a dishonest thief, and please, quit your tantrum because you got caught.

        “They think that the Family Movie Act generally allows them to do that.
        And they may be right. The Supreme Court may take up this issue and they may decide it.”

        “To the Harmon family, look. Obviously, the
        verdict didn’t come out the way you would have liked, but at
        least it’s been my observation that you all are fighters,
        that you all are fighters and are reflective, thoughtful,
        and you will persevere through this.”

        “And you will take this matter, whether it’s
        appealing this trial or appealing to the Supreme Court or
        appealing to your legislature, I have no doubt that you have
        perseverance and intellect that will get you far in your
        respective careers. So I wish you all the best.”

        1. Neal, as you know, Christians, like me and you, are under attack. We are in the end times and it is showing more and more these days. We know what awaits us on this earth, and we see what is happening to Christians, and their businesses throughout America and Europe.

          Our battle has just begun…

          All I can say is, Even So, Come Lord Jesus, Come.

      2. I agree with you. Intellectual property and commerce are laws of the land. They are to be obeyed.

        People, just use your own discretion and filter things yourself.

        1. There should be nothing wrong with filtering a movie the way they do it now, no different than me fast forwarding or muting

      3. Glad to at least hear you support the idea of filtering.. To me the point is they have tried and are still trying to work it thru to provide a service for those who want it- maybe they didn’t do it all perfect from the git go-I do not know every detail- and honestly do not care- they have my support. It is a needed service that we all should have the option to choose is what it comes down to for our family

    2. Because they need indoctrination of the kids to continue to have New World order values which include the normalization of same sex marriages/ relationships. Pedofilia. You start with the children and form them into their sick twisted perversion world.

      1. You just hit the nail on the head.
        I know , yet, I still asked “why” in my frustration. Yes, this is the root reason.

    3. Disney has gone Holllyweird…. when I was a kid in ‘55 Annette Funicello wasn’t allowed to show her belly button in a surf movie .
      Now – well I needn’t tell you- look at Roger Rabbit –
      attractive to children but certainly not a kid movie.. WHY?.. also the word “sex” in the cloudy sky in The Lion King ! I didn’t believe it until I actually put it in
      slow motion – yep there it was …WHY? Disney isn’t what I grew up with, a real shame . VidAngel is a good thing. It’s not being forced on you, you pay if you want it .

  4. In the beginning, because of this amazing service, we were able to watch movies we would NEVER watch. It is a rare occasion that we even watch a PG13 as they are still beyond our taste. Why does the movie industry not want us to enjoy their craft and make them more money?

  5. Disney’s own website claims this “OUR MISSION
    The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.”

    It’s ironic that they claim “…, creative minds and innovative technologies…” and then work so hard to crush so many peoples personal creative minds as preferred in their own homes. This page says to contact them regarding movies via the following email address:


    Send them your personal thoughts.

    1. They are heroes and champions of freedom in their own minds. They are really very narrow minded and anti-freedom. It’s all about control for them.

  6. Our family loves Disney movies, but some of them we won’t watch without filtering. I wish Disney would get on board with Vidangel.

  7. Very well done. I am been so impressed with how Neal Harmon has handled this whole fiasco. This whole lawsuit has definitely left a sour taste in my mouth towards Disney. From the way they have attacked VidAngel, I don’t feel like Disney values family like they used to. It is unfortunate as I have been a big supporter of Disney for as long as I can remember.

      1. Lol ya commiting crimes should be applauded. Neal has no financial interest in trying to convince Disney to leave them alone. Arrogant LDS person who thinks they can break laws for moral reasons.

        1. What crime? Skipping scenes (no change to movie) or stealing is not piracy. This will get overturned.

    1. Thinkihg back Disney has had a twisted way of telling stories for a very long time. Why does each movie have so much hate and sorry in it?

  8. Thanks Neal and to everyone at VidAngel. Your offer will confirm whether Disney is more focused on promoting its agenda (fighting against conservative values) or providing a family-friendly service (increasing revenues). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Disney surprised us and did the right thing?!

    1. Walt Disney would be ashamed of what his namesake company has become, especially in their unmitigated war against filtering. Keep fighting the good fight, VidAngel!

  9. I too have watched several movies through VidAngel that I would not have watched without filtering – primarily historically accurate war movies where bad language abounds as people are being injured or killed. With VidAngel my family and I can get a history lesson and understand better what our troops have been through.

    Also, the Skip Foundation is a great idea. Well done VidAngel!

  10. Walt Disney focused on children at a time when the world was a bit simpler…and quite a bit more innocent! Times have changed the world…not very innocent anymore…shootings in schools and hate and sex crimes abound…media and internet and gaming have purportedly been major factors in many of the cases…no one can argue the influence these “services” have on the minds of our youth! Pornography and violence are unhealthy enough for adults, but for youth they are mind and attitude forming influences that will affect them (and those around them) the rest of their lives.
    We live in America…the home of the free! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Our laws apply to individuals as well as companies, striving to protect all. However, while we forbid the government from controlling our lives, we allow corporations to? Do we really have to say ” All or none! Accept everything or nothing!”?
    Show me a long term successful company that doesn’t give the consumer control : Burger King & McDonald’s allow me to leave out onions…Amazon allows me to add warranties and speed up shipping…Sears allows me to shop elsewhere now (pronounced “failure to adapt”).
    At the end of the day, I don’t anticipate Disney or any other studio to eliminate sex, nudity, or violence…no more than I expect everyone in the world to accept the principles of love and forgiveness found in the major religions of the world…BUT…if the world reality turns into one like is portrayed in most movies…I’m not interested in being here!
    Walt Disney’s mission statements have included the following : technological innovation…we will stay close to the hearts of our guests….differentiate our content….drive long term value…world leading…
    The people of the world have different cultures, traditions, values…some are very averse to violence…some are peace loving…some are big on modesty…and some trend more to the other side of the spectrum! Can Disney truly be a world leader when they refuse to utilize new technology that allows the people of the world to change Disney’s offerings into something right and good and desirable for them? Companies are always trying to get into the minds of their consumers and create product, service, or content that appeals to the greatest percentage of the target market…and here is technology that allows a company to kick out what they hope is best but allows the consumer to basically guarantee they got it right! “Light bulb!” Amazing!
    I encourage Disney and other studios to swallow their pride, admit that this is a brilliant approach /strategy, and jump on board before they become the next Sears!

    1. Thank you for staying eloquently what so many of us are thinking. I’d watch many more movies if the sex and profanity were removed. Sex and profanity is not necessary in a movie and completely takes away from the movie for me. I do not and will not watch a movie or TV show with either in it. I’ve stopped going to movies in theatres and have stopped watching most movies at home because I’ve been blindsided too many times by unexpected sex or profanity in a movie I had paid to see.
      Wake up Disney! You have lost a huge market of people who want to be entertained and not offended. VidAngel is adding that lost market back for you. You would benefit by embracing them!

    2. Well wrote.. Why does all the wrongs have to be thrown in our daily lives if we choose not to have it.

  11. Vid Angel thank you for you effort in communicating and fighting for screening films at an individual level. Seems Government and Studios are all words and no action. Hollywood and Disney are after the all mighty dollar and create trends they think the public wants unfortunately they have lost their moral integrity to better the human race. Good luck with you letter and legal battle.

  12. This is the most powerful, honorable, wise, and riveting letter I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime of business and profit! It makes me want to stand up clapping even when the tens of 1000s stay seated and turn their heads. Thank you for showing honor and integrity in a world that is letting it slip away!
    This truly wins hearts when everyone else just wants wallets.

  13. When I was young Disney movies were our favorites. The whole family watched together. Not anymore! Disney has degraded its standards to become less family friendly. Our family and most families in our entire neighborhood will not watch “R” rated and now even some PG movies because of things we find offensive to the family. VidAngel has made it possible for us to still enjoy movies as a family together. I would encourage Disney to drop all charges. I firmly believe they will be blessed, if they do.

    1. Agree. To expand sales, Disney edits their movies for broadcast television. They edit movies for foreign TV formats like PAL; offer full and widescreen versions; add subtitles, and dub in other languages. They would be smart to include edited-for-family versions too—or allow VidAngel viewers to modify Disney films as yet another way to add to Disney profits. I am beginning to think Disney employees have disrespect for conservative families and groups, and like the majority of Hollywood people, want to push their personal values/agenda on others. Walt Disney would be ashamed of the way his company has changed.

    1. I agree. I think they crawled into the sheep, and like a parasite, started eating it bit by bit. And now they finally finished and have emerged from consuming the clothing too so we can see who they really are! No more sheep’s clothing, only the wolf.

  14. I have, since the very early days, and will continue to be, a VidAngel supporter in numerous ways. I have watched many programs using VidAngel’s initial service and their current service. Programs, which I absolutely would NOT have watched without the ability to filter them. I simply want to be able to filter the programming in MY home to MY taste. It’s as simple as that. Allow me to do that or I and many others will not partake of your programming with its sex, violence, and language. I honestly do not care who provides the ability for me to filter the programming. If the studios want to do the filtering, fine by me.

    Did VidAngel have the right to purchase DVDs, rip them and sell (stream) them to me for $20 and then buy them back for $19? No, of course not. Call it what you like but that is clearly a $1 rental and not a purchase on my part. So how many times did VidAngel sell and then buy back that same DVD that they purchased for $20? Did VidAngel offer to work with the studios upfront? Yes, but just because the studios ignore your request doesn’t give you the right to go ahead and do it anyway. The service VidAngel now offers where they provide a filtering service on top of the streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Video and HBO that I am already paying for is much more defensible.

    I wish VidAngel the best in its attempts to once again reach a compromise with the studios and/or fighting it all the way to the Supreme Court. However, they do not stand much of a chance. Most people have no idea just how powerful the Mouse alone has become. not to mention the other studios. Just do a search on Disney and copyright law to see how Mickey Mouse keeps changing copyright law or take a look at this article from a couple months ago depicting Disney’s massive, and ever increasing, holdings.


    Even Abigail Disney called Disney CEO, Bob Iger’s $65.5 million salary, “Insane.”

    Unfortunately, unless we as consumers and voters can convince Congress to pass clear legislation to give us as individuals the right to consume filtered content in our homes it will not happen in the foreseeable future. There is no real incentive for the studios with their huge profits, deep pockets and sizable lobbying efforts to change. I wish it were different.

    1. They own many other businesses like many news sights. It makes it so easy to manipulate peoples perspective. I think that rustling I keep hearing is Walt rolling over in his grave. I personally think the suggested compromise is too generous.

  15. This is such a ridiculous response. This case is about Disney protecting its IP. That’s it. It has nothing to do with filtering content. Also, who is excited for Pac12 football?! Go Pac 12! Go UTES! Go Trojans! Go Bruins! Go Cardinal! Go Bears! Go Cats! Go Sun Devils! Go Huskies! Go Cougars (Washington St, not the TDS), Go Ducks, Go Beavers! Go Buffs, our #1 rival!

    1. Really OJ?! Dang bruh….another installment for ESPN’s C’mon Man!! If this is about protecting an IP, I propose this to you: You have a product that you market to the masses. Its doin ok, sales are solid. I come along, take your product, IMPROVE it, make it better, AND give you the proceeds of my improvement on your product. You sue me for making your product better? Seriously? If it was me I’m offering a partnership! But ey, what do I know?

    2. And communities can protect its citizens from the trash Disney produces. Their are plenty examples of rules and guidelines within the government, federal, state, and local. If companies won’t be responsible, government will step in. Is that what we rrally want? I hope not.

      1. Companies own the government and control it. Until we change the lobbying rules this is a moot argument.

  16. We’ve nearly stopped watching modern movies since VidAngel’s original model was forced to cease. They all have scenes I don’t care to see, or empty words that don’t add anything to the plot. I am converting people slowly to my side in boycotting Disney, day by day.

  17. I hope Disney will holds open talks about this issue. As a father of four I care deeply about the ability to filter inappropriate content in movies- I don’t think fast forward is sufficient. I feel like it’s a right parents should have and want. Almost every PG movie I watch I wish I could filter out scenes/words from. And there are lots of movies that I’d like to see, that I don’t see because of religious values that the movie offends, if seen without the ability to filter violence, profanity or sexual content. Thank you Vidangel for fighting to protect parents ability to raise their children in a more positive way! ~Alex

  18. Disney’s calculation is simple. Maintaining a working relationship with the various Artists’ unions OR getting a minuscule revenue stream from VidAngel. It’s not personal, nor is it really about money– it’s just a VERY easy business decision.
    While I don’t share your content-viewing sensibilities, I do hope you can find the right solution to the problem. Perhaps it is the Skip Foundation. Genuinely, I would suggest trying to establish a pipeline to the DGA in order to show Director’s a “clean-versions” of their material, put the financial figures to support it, get their blessing, and support them in escalating it to the various studio. Most probably won’t go for it, however the Skip Foundation should publicly herald those that do. Don’t under estimate the power of EARNING goodwill. All the best.

    1. Ryan, a couple things:

      By selling a license, it would be a larger revenue stream. By adopting the technology themselves, it would be a HUGE revenue stream. We are happy to establish a pipeline to the DGA. We’ve asked for an introduction from a studio executive but he didn’t have a leadership contact that would be willing to talk about this.

      Concerning EARNING goodwill, ClearPlay has opposed us in this litigation, filing an Amicus brief for the studios and done everything they can to work with the studios. Where did that goodwill get them? 22 titles on VUDU for a desktop PC. And only after VidAngel and this lawsuit.

      If you or anyone else on this thread knows how to move the needle, I’m happy to discuss.

      I hope the Skip Foundation allows some bold players in the market to take this on, because the money is there if it’s done well, and if it is a feature of paying regular price for the content.

    2. Your suggestion is better than the unedited movies I suppose but it also puts the filtering in someone else’s hands instead of your own. Kind of like how I don’t trust movies that are shown on TV that are edited for content. Someone else’s ideas on what is OK often doesn’t align with my own. The consumer should be able to make those decisions on their own in advance and not do the impossible task of manually muting the audio or fast forwarding when it’s too late to do so.

  19. This was never about filtering. VidAngel plain and simple violated copyright laws which copyright laws protect content makers and owners. VidAngel never had a license to stream such content, nor did the so-called “owners” of DVDs purchased from VidAngel. Trying to frame this as a David-versus-Goliath battle is skewing the facts and is brazen misrepresentation.

    1. Good move team! Great idea, I hope for a sympathetic response.

      As to the response above, while it’s true this may be a case dealing mainly with copyright, disregarding the covert actions of Disney to wipe out filtering is at best a naive approach to the case. You have to see the big picture.

    2. It was always about filtering. It’s explicitly legal to filter content, the studios don’t deny that it’s legal, but most don’t like it, so they continually fight any method that people try.

      What VidAngel (and others) have done is tried to put into practice what is allowed by law. That’s it. What the studios have done is fight each method anyone has used to make filtering practical, while refusing to provide one themselves.

    3. Disagree. Filtering is Vid Angels entire marketing strategy, so how is this not about filtering?

  20. The Skip Foundation sounds awesome and very close to what I had in mind. I’d love to have an open filter standard.

    As a consumer, studios would have no legally means to prevent me from filtering locally, any content that I have a license to veiw, as the content never transmits via a third-party.

  21. Why not raise the he money through crowd funding? $10 million dollars was raised in a matter of days for the legal defense. Dry Bar Comedy and Vidangel’s other intellectual property holds more intrinsic value over the long run. Why not raise the $62 million through donations, then drive on as a company?

  22. I’m all in with VidAngel. This court action from Disney is absolutely shameful. Shameful that they think so little of millions of their customers wishes. I would love to post this on social media. Please make this possible to post of Facebook and such areas.

  23. I am saddened by Disney’s actions. VidAngel has revolutionized our families moving watching. I will be deeply saddened if there is no longer this option. I invested in the company and if I lose all my money I will have a little issue and know that it was for a good cause. I invested knowing this. If I can’t put my money behind causes like this, I don’t know what else it is good for except for caring for my family.

    Ironically, the Disney Circle filtering device has a similar purpose. We have one to accomplish similar purposes as VidAngel and I was disgusted by their marketing inside the box with messages like this.

    Select what kinds of content your kids can access.
    Choose age-appropriate filters for different categories (social media, videos, games) of apps and websites.
    Customize filters for individual apps, platforms, and sites.
    Apply Google Safe Search to block inappropriate sites and images.

    I no longer support and will not support Disney in any way.

    1. I must have missed something. I’m confused as to what you meant was disgusting – was it the irony that Disney offers a similar service to that which they’re denying VidaAngel the right to use?

  24. I have been so disappointed in Disney for several reasons, even my daughter has a movie she has been dying to watch, but it is R and she can’t watch it unless it is Vidangel, and it is one of the disney lawsuit blocked movies. She is so mad at disney and the others that followed in the lawsuit. Even the new Incredibles movie has swearing in it, so I won’t buy it, but if it were on vidangel they could have watched it as many times as they wanted because I would have purchased it on Amazon. So i kinda hate giving them anything just because they won’t be reasonable.

  25. Thank you for fighting for filtering. If skipping scenes in a movie was as easy as skipping pages or words I read aloud to my kids from a book, I would do it myself, but it isn’t. I am so grateful for your services. Our family has rented or purchased so many more movies because of what you offer. Thank you for fighting for us to have an option to let our families to enjoy the same entertainment as everyone else in a way we see as appropriate for our children and for ourselves. We so appreciate your efforts.

  26. Thank you for championing the right to filter. This letter is proof that Vidangel is putting the family’s right and it’s mission statement before profits. I applaud Neil Harmon’s integrity.

    If VidAngel become a ‘martyr’ and transfered all assets to the skip foundation, filtering would be unstoppable. It is consoling to know there is no way everything they have created will be forgotten or lost.

    Though I hope VidAngel will be able to keep and profit from the technologies they sacrificed so much to build… I’m beginning to see a bigger picture. One the Vidangel team has had all along.

    Maybe this is bigger than VidAngel or Disney. Maybe this is about changing the world.

    Thank you VidAngel!

  27. Our family agrees! I remember when I was a kid and morally questionable things were bleeped out or cut out on television so more content could be available to families. Why not? We won’t let our younger children watch many things because of immoral content. We raised our young adult children the same way and they are continuing that habit. We as the parents don’t even watch that mind poison when we’re alone. C’mon, Disney. Didn’t Walt found his dream to entertain children, whether in age or at heart?

  28. I have said it before in depth and wil say so again briefly. The original disc model by Vid Angel was legal. It was so novel and well thought out. It took bih hoklywood money and influence to destroy a good thing. Lawyers were able to kill it because of texhunical details not present or understandable when the original Family Movie Act was created. It’s spirit was onviously for companies like Vid Angel and our families. The new model is also legal but sadly inferior in most ways. Season watching would be the only exception. I pray VidAngel gets through this and we can at least get all content on the new model soon. I resorted to buying a Clearplay BluRay on top of my VidAngel credit to cover many movies Vid Angel cannot cureently do. I wish Vid Angel could buy Clearplay and combine the services! Lol! Thanks Vid Angel!

    1. Did you read the message from Neal about how clearplay siding with the studios in this matter? I cancelled my clearplay membership.

  29. I’m so glad you guys entered into the agreement to transfer your IP! The worst thing that could happen is that Disney becomes owner of your IP and then sits on it and refuses to use it, then skipping technology would be de facto illegal!

    I honestly don’t know that Disney or the bankruptcy court know how to respond to a for profit entity acting like a non-profit. It’s not like you sold the IP and hid the money in an offshore account or something like that – you GAVE away impossible-to-value IP to a non-profit foundation for the world to use!

    I hope the transfer is approved. For the IP to be valuable, it has to be legal. It has zero value in the for profit market if Disney keeps trying to block it in court because the litigation defense costs wipe out any possibility of profits. If they argue value based upon an EBITDA multiple, then they have to agree that they would allow it to legally operate!

  30. If not for VidAngel we would not be watching any of these movies/shows, etc. Disney is not going to profit from VidAngel going away. Most of us using this service are not going to compromise and go out and start buying movies with things we find unacceptable in them. Our family will simply not watch them at all. I believe Walt would be mortified if he witnessed what has went on with this debacle.

    I am trying to understand what this means for us and VidAngel. Will the current service/shows go away now? I pray not, as we use this service every day.

    Thanks for fighting for us, and may God Bless your efforts!

  31. Shame on Disney! I pray that VidAngel prevails. I agree with the comment that you should not offer them DryBar Comedy. They don’t deserve it. (By the way I love it. ) I will be praying for you.

  32. There are tons of movies I would love to watch with my children, but we won’t have that experience without filtering. Sandlot, Goonies, Princess Bride, Home Alone, Marvel. All great movies, but one curse word is one too many and I won’t expose my children or contribute financially to Disney because of stubbornness.

  33. I refuse to watch Disney anything until they fall in line and do the right thing. Stop this Disney! You’re SUPPOSED to be better than this! You’re supposed to take children’s innocence above obscenities!
    You’ve gone so far away from the original mold that Walt Disney started that I see evil dripping out of every kid’s show. I see the pedophilia and I hear the language. Disney is no longer what it was when I was a kid.

  34. I really love and appreciate VidAngel, and am so happy this service exists. There are SO MANY movies and shows I have been able to watch filtered that I NEVER would have watched unfiltered. And my kids can watch it also.

    It is obvious that there are nefarious forces in the movie industry that cannot tolerate filtering, and it has nothing to do with money. They would rather turn away the additional profits that filtering brings than allow their precious profanity and nudity to be surgically removed from the content by the consumer via filtering technology. If you call profanity art, you may as well call spray-painted graffiti art.

    I like watching movies with my family, but I’ll never watch R-rated movies (or many PG-13s) without filtering in place. News flash to Hollywood: your movies get BETTER when the filth is taken out, not WORSE.

    Shame on Disney and Hollywood. Go VidAngel!

  35. I am old enough to remember when Disney was family friendly. And now that a company is making that possible again without having to clean up the industry, Disney wants to block it. An alternative is that the VidAngel style market only accepts unfiltered family friendly content which is essentially a boycott for most studios – which is what was happening before VidAngel. Walt. Where is your leadership today?

  36. Wow! Out of the companies that choose to sue VidAngel, Disney is the one?! That is ridiculous. Disney, let other companies be innovative and create jobs and happy customers. Disney is free to do this and yet you are trying to stop a great company and service. They helped generate revenues for you and have the ability to continue generating revenues, I own my own company and when another company refers or sends paying customers my way I celebrate, I don’t try and sue them ha ha! Sounds like Disney needs another CEO that focuses on revenue and partnerships. Being sue happy never helps anyone for either side.

  37. Disney has become part of the arrogant liberal doing the “things right ” society vs doing the “right thing” as they used to do. They are prideful and greedy. I don’t think the words charity, humility and understanding are part of their culture. As pointed out… it would be nice to see them actually walk the talk of the mission and value statements like they used to. The viewing public should have the option to “hold the onions” as one reader pointed out.
    However, oddly enough their stock is doing quite
    well due to some acquisitions.

    Keep on keeping on

  38. This letter is very well written! Over the past year my family has lost all respect for Disney for many reasons. This is the final straw – I will be praying for you, VidAngel. Your company is right on track and you deserve better. We support you!

  39. Disney is no longer a family friendly studio. The dollar is now more important than the family.

    1. They’re not even interested in money since they are fighting a service that actually increases their profit.
      It boggles the mind what these people are thinking.

  40. My appreciation for Disney has been at an all time low for a while now and this has just made it worse. You go VidAngel I support you.

  41. Wow…….just yesterday i was watching The Terminator with my oldest kid…my wife was really upset with me and rightly so……there was Nooooooo need for any of the rated R parts on that movie for it to be a great movie…..knowing that this option exists makes a world of difference to me……I live Disney movies BUT i love my kids way more……Disney do the right thing for a huge portion of your customers……

  42. I am so thankful to see your company exists! I have never understood why anyone who oppose my choice to enjoy clean entertainment. My entertainment options have become so limited as our media outlets trend towards adding offensive language and nudity to just about everything.

    Any media company would benefit from expanding their audience to those of us who would otherwise not participate. It’s a win-win!

  43. Mr.Iger at Disney why are you and your company so greedy ? What VidAngel has offered is common sense and reasonable.

  44. I’m positive Walt is rolling in his grave!
    Shame on you Disney! Your company went from good to evil.😥
    All I can do now is pray.🙏

  45. I appreciate Vidangel and commend the letter and ideas they have put in it. I for one am very disappointed how many people demand to tell or show or teach my children things I don’t want them to be exposed to in their young ages. I am also surprised to see this lawsuit from a company that is supposed to be for family. I am also wondering why tv channels I watch Disney movies on as well as other movies on can cut up the movie how they see fit. They edit the show to fit that channels policies. I have watched movies on some channels where the cuss words were edited out, scenes were cut and even sections were removed to also bring it to the time frame they needed it to be to fit in their time slot. Each channel takes the movie and cut it to what looks like their discretion. How is this different?

  46. Vid Angel… an idea came to mind for down the road. 1 I am praying for the trial on behalf of Jesus for justice truth and Gods love and power to be seen through all you are going through. Thankful for your faith and trust in the God who holds the world in his hands and whose kingdom reigns over all. Depending on how things go, if you set up a go fund me or something similar to raise funds to get out of bankruptcy, it might just be like the coin that came out of the fish 🙂 blessings to you all. Praying 💛

  47. I’m a recent subscriber to Vid Angel and have enjoyed seeing all the movies that I used to not watch at all. I’ll revert back to my old habits of skipping those movies entirely. I won’t revert my attitude towards the Walt Disney company, however. I’ve known for a long time that Disney is the same or worse than the rest of Hollywood. They have a reputation for being ‘family friendly’ because Walt created lovable characters 50 years ago that people grew up with and came to love. The current Disney company rides those characters all the way to the bank. The Disney company hasn’t held conservative, moral beliefs for a long, long time. If you care to take more than a cursory look, it becomes quite apparent. This latest move by their attorneys is simply more proof of their values. Suing Vid Angel in a California court was a slam dunk for the dark side.

  48. Well now I am staying away from all Disney products. I personally don’t care about the violence and things in movies. I dont care to cut things out but I do care that they sued VidAngel for making a choice for the people who do care. Walt Disney would not have approved of that. So in my family and all friends I can convince we will no longer support disney in any way! Good bye Disney. All movies, theme parks, everything. Your movies are not the best ones in the world, I can do without. You have been black listed in my book. It’s not like you needed the money or anything. Disney this was a low childish thing to do.

  49. The Disney if current times is no way like the Disney I grew up with. It’s sad that family values have gone “down the tube”. Family values are what made Disney great!

  50. I prefer watching many movies using VidAngel’s skip technology. These are movies my family and I would otherwise not watch due to inappropriate content for our children. VidAngel’s letter lays out the facts accurately and offers a good solution for all involved. With skipping technology, I am note likely to rent or purchase Disney and other studio’s content than without skipping technology. Mr. Iger, please thoughtfully consider this proposal.

  51. This makes me so disappointed with Disney. We have always loved and supported things from Disney, but this makes me not want to do that. The first time we took our son to see a movie in the theater, it was Incredibles 2. I was so disappointed when they took the Lord’s name in vain. I wish we could use VidAngel’s filtering service to have more viewing options at home.
    I have chosen to never watched an R-rated movie, and when we were able to use this service, it opened up many more options of things we could watch in our home. It’s so sad Disney can’t see the benefits of this.

  52. We are a homeschool family. My choice has been taken away by greedy executives that could have created a win/win. Now, we don’t watch the movies at all. It was a brilliant escape from the ugliness of Hollywood and we pray that God goes to bat for vidangel on this one.

  53. Growing up, my parents would mute the TV at any point there was a swear word. Any movie with “romantic” scenes that we recorded were completely slipped so our VHS collection was completely morally clean.

  54. There was a time when I could sit down with my family and watch a Disney movie and never worry about what was going to be in it. It seems that Disney is no longer what it used to be. I’m so sad about that and shocked to hear that they would fight against a company that filters movies for bad content.

  55. Our family has enjoyed several movies together that would not be possible without the filtering. We have a large age span in our children making it nearly impossible to find movies that we can all enjoy. VidAngel makes it possible. Most of the time I have seen the movies we are watching previously unfiltered and then watch them filtered with my family. The movie is as enjoyable if not more because of the filters. Thank you, VidAngel, for holding the integrity of the movies and our values in equal esteem.

  56. Years ago I read the book “Walt Disney: An American Original“ by Bob Thomas. It was a fascinating biography of the man behind the name. Even then (mid 1990’s), I came away thinking that he would be disgusted at how his company was now being run. The people who are in charge now care nothing about the people they are producing for – all they care about is the almighty dollar. I began boycotting Disney in various ways years ago – this makes me not want to give even one more hard-earned dime towards their totally self-serving cause!

  57. Disney doesn’t understand parents want to allow their children to watch shows and movies with a few omitted words or a scene or two. Watch Zathura, as a good example. There are about 5 oddly explicit words that prevent parents from allowing their children to watch it without interruption. I’d, as many others would, argue these words are auxillary to properly telling the story. I’ve gone through and documented the time these words occur and muted them ‘on the fly’. A service like this allows parents to easily mute those moments programmatically. How is that a bad thing? There is serious demand for this. Disney’s customers want this service. Behave in the interest of your customers.

  58. Is Disney no longer about family values? Where has the Disney I knew as a child gone? I am in my 70’s. I always felt I could trust Disney for wholesome movie content. No more. You are big business and big money only. I think Walt Disney would be very sad. I am saddened by your approached to filtered content. Please reconsider. Think “What would Walt do?” Your kingdom is built upon his values. Dare you change that? Many children depend on you.

  59. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like Disney cares about any of the things mentioned in this post. VidAngel is a threat to Disney for a lot of reasons. Think about what VidAngel does. It takes a ton of movies that wouldn’t be accessible to a huge audience and makes those movies and TV shows available to them. Essentially creating a TON of competition for Disney’s content. Disney is completely dominating the 15 and under category of movies. Why would they want to make a whole host of other movies available to people? Most of the people who want filtered content already watch Disney’s stuff. Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney aren’t going to suffer very much by not having filtering services available. They rarely, if ever, produce R rated content. So they’re happy to have their market, which they’ve cornered off, protected from an influx of new competition that would inevitably occur with the addition of a filtering service. They care about profit. They decided it’s profitable for them to squash filtering, and they have the money and lawyers to do it.

  60. This is just another attempt by a liberal company to display their animosity against Christian’s.

  61. I love the freedom Vidangel offers to blip what I want… For the sake of morality and entertainment please take the offer…

  62. Thank you so much for sticking with this fight VidAngel. I can’t imagine how hard it has been and not giving in to this overwhelming amount of stress and money is so commendable. You are doing such a good thing and the naysayers just don’t freakin’ get it. There are so many people who have no idea what their kids see on digital media and how detrimental it is. They are just too “busy” and love that their kids aren’t bothering them.
    Everything you have said and tried to accomplish seems so simple and sensible. Why would anyone have anything against it? It’s just so harmless! I truly feel the Supreme Court will see this.

  63. Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave. Iger and his minions are scum. They control a “family-focused” empire but it’s all a facade.

  64. I agree you should be able to choose how you watch a movie and it’s your right to want to protect your family, but to be honest post of the parents in this world live with there heads in the sand. I say this because you apparently have no idea what your children are truly watching.
    The owners of Disney should be ashamed of what they are doing and have done. I am sure Walt is rolling in his grave and I agree with another post that stated the company is doing exactly what happened to Walmart after Sam passed away but this country has turned into a money hungry society.

    Now I am a history major and a veteran, I only say that because I honestly believe that the problem in this country is the amount of censorship that is placed on anything and everything in this country as it is. What people don’t realize is that other parts of the world don’t have these issues but since our nation was built on the beliefs of puritans, we have to deal with the problem.
    Basically Disney is wrong for what they did and I don’t agree with offering the Dry Bar comedy, which is awesome by the way but if it can solve the issues do what you have to. With a final thought and I know there will be people who has a problem with what I have said. Just remember that in texts that range from the Bible to simple comics that you allow your children to read and even the cartoons they watch has violence, strong language and sexuality. In other words you have the rights and freedoms to filter what you are watching but if it gets to that point when watching a movie just don’t watch it.

  65. VidAngel…thank you for your stewardship of this technology!
    We trust you to keep on fighting – our culture needs Freedom, and my family has benefitted constantly from you opening doors to excellent stories that we could otherwise not watch due to so much offensive material sprinkled throughout.
    Thank you for your unselfish offer to Disney, but PLEASE remember that you have the vision and wisdom to see this through- don’t give up!

  66. Also, my family and friends are sincerely disappointed in Disney. Disney was the one place in the media we thought we could rely on for goodness and what’s right. I say to all Disney affiliates, look at your own content in your movies and ask yourselves, what role you are playing here? You are certainly no saving prince or loving and helpful princes in the matter regarding what you have done and are still choosing to do to the VidAngel family and all of its supporters. We look for goodness and choose to have that in our lives. Initially, that is why we “thought” Disney was the right choice over the years. What you are doing now is certainly not good or what was expected and it is something we want nothing to do with… We no longer support Disney and we will make sure that is known…

  67. I’ve been a big fan of filtering, aka choosing what I want to see, for years, going back to the CleanFlicks and TVGuardian days. Time and time again, the studios cry foul and sue to block whatever the current filtering technology happens to be. They just don’t get it. They don’t get how these options have allowed their material to be seen by a much wider audience. Most of the time, it’s less than 5-10 minutes total taken out of the entire story. They don’t get how it could be a profitable partnership for both parties. I’ve never understood why movie studios made such a fuss, when the TV networks have edited movies for broadcast down through the years and they didn’t object. I loved using VidAngel for streaming, and there are many movies I watched through VidAngel that I otherwise would never have bothered to watch. I hope the statistics VidAngel provided help to open Disney’s eyes, and they consider the proposals that VidAnger is offering.

  68. Things were a lot better when Mr. DISNEY was alive. Disney should be ashamed of themselves for doing this. I don’t care to watch movies/tv with Allen the cursing, adultery, sex,etc.

  69. VidAngel is the bomb! I have purchased many movies through VidAngel, that I would not have, because of their filtering that my family has enjoyed. Why ruin a good thing! Since VidAngel was ordered to stop, I also stopped buying those movies. I don’t understand Disney’s logic. I grew up watching so many great Disney family-friendly movies. I am so disappointed with Dinsey!

  70. I will follow your story and share this with others. I don’t have children but I will not watch media with vulgar content. I’m proud that there are others like me out there, enough to support services like yours. Well done for making it so far! I will pray for you as this battle continues.

  71. Walt would roll over in his grave because of what his family oriented company has become. We no longer support the Disney company in any way because of their bad behavior towards good people trying to raise strong children.
    On behalf of surely at least thousands of people like us – who have stopped funding anything Disney developed – they’ve lost a lot more money than what the records show. Since money seems to be the only thing Disney cares about, I hope more people will follow.

  72. I like the ability to watch filtered movies, but I don’t know why consumers talk like they have a right to it. If a filtered version is unavailable, then you don’t watch the movie. I don’t understand why Disney has never given rights to filter their materials, but honestly, they own their movies and don’t have to give the rights to anyone. So be it. If VidAngel took a risk and used Disney DVDs to alter the content without Disney’s permission, then that’s on Vid Angel, not Disney. It sounds like Vid Angel is trying to justify their use of Disney’s material because they made a profit for Disney. Huh? The end does not justify the means. I reiterate that content filtering is not a necessity. We’re talking about entertainment, not a real need.

    1. Read the Family Movie Act. Congress said families have a right to it within the privacy of their own homes.

      1. as of now there is nothing legal about ripping DVDs and streaming altered/filtered version of them. The only saving grace
        Now, the new bill sponsored by US Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) would be an updated version of a 2005 law passed by Congress called The Family Home Movie Act (FMA). perhaps that would make the new current format legal with Netflix and AMazon but considering it still looks like a cut and paste playback considering none of the features like CC, start over, skip intro etc basic elements are not usable i dont know. Now ClearPlays streaming service works in-conjunction with amazon granted ive only used it a few times due to the lag not everyone can afford a new computer all the time and mine is over 10 years old. There is no cut and paste look to Clearplay it runs straight off amazons website only problem its limited to a computer via casting/HDMI not ideal. they did make a revision on the FMA for Clearplays Bluray player since the dvd is not altered/filtered but it is in real time via the player. perhaps this new bill will be our answer.

  73. When I was a child, every Sunday evening our family would watch on TV, “The Wonderful World Of Disney.” It was something we looked forward to. What happened to that Company? That family institution? From an outward appearance Disney still has this facade that they do care for the family and what is good and wholesome. BUT as I now know it’s a false pretense, an elaborate illusion. As hard as Disney tries to hide what’s behind this facade, without change, someday it will consume all that is good and wholesome to where the world will see the real Disney. Please Disney consider the change today and leave a legacy that your company deserves.

  74. Too bad that Disney can’t produce family focused content that didn’t need filtering as that is the foundation of the company for so many years. Companies must evolve to continue to stay competitive but if they stray too far from their core, they slowly erode their base.
    As consumers we should be allowed to consume products tailored to our individual needs. Taking that away is truly short sighted thinking by some egos and legal fees!

  75. So Sad Vid Angel got shut down. It was finally you could watch movies without
    the sex and bad lauquaqe. Any thing that is good any more seems to be taken
    away from society. Which is really sad. Thats why society is going down hill. There
    are good choices and bad choices in life. Putting bad lauquage and sex in movies
    is not a good choice.

  76. I appreciate that VidAngel provided filtered movies and I would pay for a service that could offer it in the future.

  77. It’s not a matter of if this technology will be implemented it’s only a matter of when. Keep it up Neal!

    My life before VidAngel…
    1. My kids ask to a watch a movie
    2. I read the parent online reviews
    3. I say “no, it’s probably not appropriate to watch” to my kids
    4. They cry or at least a little whining – haha!
    5. I cave & watch the movie by myself first – writing down “timecodes” to skip over
    6. Then I watch the movie a second time with my kids – with the remote “skipping” over the bad stuff

    My life with VidAngel…
    1. My kids ask to a watch a movie
    2. I read the parent online reviews
    3. I select which bad stuff to skip over and then play it for my kids (and I go a read a book!)

    Disney why do want to make my life harder?

    1. Jason perfect example before and after VidAngel

      Disney are you reading these comments? Show that you care about what we care about. Lets see an Open letter from Disney to VidAngel that shows support and open dialog vs bullying. I’ve read through the court proceedings and your Attorneys make me feel sick. Your attorneys did a great job at removing so much context as to make it seem VidAngel was totally in the wrong on every turn. Disney your attorneys did not represent your family values you so claim.

      Honestly this whole thing is not just about filtering movies and tv shows. Disney you realize how much power movies and tv shows play in everyones lives? Yes of course you do. Disney come to the table with solutions and for the values Walt Disney was founded on. Hello are you there?

  78. I really want the option to filter out nudity, sex, and bad language. I also want to watch new and original programming. Vid angel has provided an excellent service for those of us who dont need to hear cursing and sex to be entertained.

  79. Neal, Kudos to you for hanging in there!! I can say, without any doubt, because of Vidangel, we have watched movies we NEVER would have gone to the theater to see. We wouldn’t see them EVER. There are actually some decent movies out there by deleting the cursing and the gore and the sex. However, I refuse to let my family see them without being filtered. I’d rather keep my peace of mind and not see it at all! I have no problem NEVER seeing the movie. I’m so disappointed in Disney…COME BACK, WALT!!!! Walt’s vision is absolutely gone. Disney is now playing dirty and have no family friendly movies anymore. Even the so-called “children’s” movies have propaganda in it. I LOVE VIDANGEL and am one of your biggest fans! I can actually feel good about sitting down and watching a show knowing there will not be any “surprises”!!! I’m sure the negative comments on here are from trolls, so pay no mind to them. Real people stand up for what is right! Sending prayers your way to soften Disney CEO’s heart and help you in your fight. i know you are doing what you think is best. 100% behind you. Will share this on social media all I can!

  80. This is the letter I wrote to
    I grew up loving Disney. When I saw that name attached to a movie, I knew it was worth watching. That’s how most people felt. As time went by, the movies began throwing in pieces of smut. There finally became a point where “Disney” didn’t mean much as far as the worth of the movie went. But, the saving grace was the ability to filter. Disney became a relatively good name again with the smut removed. This” thing” with VidAngel is throwing your company into the filth category for many Americans. We want Disney back.
    In another note, why wouldn’t you even hold a conversation with VidAngel to see if you could resolve this between you? I’ll bet, even in your own company, like every other company, you have a “problems resolution” chain of command. Meaning you don’t go straight to Daddy. You try to work it out first. EVERY company I’ve known has that in their handbook- of sorts. But as soon as it has to do with someone outside the company, the rule doesn’t apply? Why don’t you be a big boy and work it out before turning tattle-tale? That’s exactly what this sounds like, like a kid who didn’t get his way and is throwing a temper tantrum.
    Those thoughts aside, I still really want to love Disney movies again. But without the option to filter, those with the belief to choose the type of filth we watch, smut is exactly how we have to categorize your movies. The whole thing is filth if we can’t filter out those bits and pieces that actually are. Thanks for your consideration, I really hope to be able to watch your movies again.

    Best regards

  81. We really love Disney and we look forward to Disney’s future endeavors. This direction that Disney is taking against VidAngel seems like they are bullying a small company that doesn’t share in their ideals. Disney seems to champion the idea of being “pro choice,” I don’t see Disney having an “open mind” here. It seems Disney is being hypocritical here. I really hope that Disney allows people with different ideas to express themselves through VidAngel. I can’t see my money supporting Disney if they end up trampling on the hard work of seeing my values come to main stream America.

  82. Why is Disney doing this?
    Why do they feel the need to control what we are watching?
    If they don’t change, Disney will fall. I don’t care how big they think they are.

    Good job vidangel. Keep up the fight.

  83. I see points on both sides & I am a Chosen investor. But I side with Disney re: IP, though their overreach for millions in an attempt to squash the little VidAngel bug is definitely immoral at best.

    The fact is, VidAngel needed a license to use Disney content. THEY control how their IP is used. It’s great that VidAngel ATTEMPTED to contact Disney, but it’s their prerogative to not respond to all requests for licenses. And VidAngel should have moved on to other content they CAN get licenses for while continuing to try to get the Disney license. Using it because there’s a demand & you have the means is not a legal solution. Sometimes we don’t/can’t get what we want, even if it would meet others’ needs in a big way.

    In copyright matters, it is NOT better to beg for forgiveness than to GET permission.

    It’s like borrowing a neighbor’s lawnmower that’s sitting on the property line simply because they won’t come to the door when you knock to ask for permission. You may decide to use it & give them a gallon of free gas to show them a “profit,” but it’s still THEIR lawnmower, & you’ve infringed upon their right to control their own property.

    VidAngel is a WONDERFUL service, but it has to respect laws that are in place.

  84. We greatly enjoy Vidangel, and have watched many movies and shows that we otherwise would not watch, as we are able to leave out language, violence, etc.
    In this age of choice, where I ‘hypothetically’ have the freedom to choose to be, say, do and watch what I want, why is this an issue?
    I could see the problem if Disney was losing profit, but they are not. It seems that they want to force people to see whatever they deem best, handing us our entertainment in the package they prefer, with no respect for our freedom of choice. The Fast Forward on my remote serves a similiar purpose, but if I want to pay a bit to easily leave out things I don’t want to see, and Disney profits, why can’t I?

  85. My first cousin Karl Kropp drew pictures for Walt Disney himself who also is my 8th cousin. I often wonder if Walt knew that the man drawing pictures for him for years could be related to him. I remember visiting Karl K. With my mom south of Portland Oregon and Karl talking about working for Walt. I know Disney as a Family movie time. I also know time has past and things have become insane and I feel as a parent who homeschooled my children that we did not have this option to censor things out in movies. We actually had to stop and put up a blanket and forward past parts then let them watch. Our children were young but didn’t like that we did that. One movie they loved was Joseph with Ben Kingsley. The part we stopped was when pharaohs wife was putting her hands down the front of Joseph in the bath and secondly when Dinah was rapped and also when Judah laid with Tamar. These types of scenes we wished we could have edited out. Now my children are grown and have actually seen the whole movie. I think Walt Disney himself would be a bit shocked with how things have changed over the course of years. Are you honoring his name for family film still? Everything is for profit and gain but I beg to differ when it comes to clean wholesome movies for children and families. Can’t wait to see “Chosen”

    1. Really Disney? Walt is turning over in his grave! My family and I LOVE VidAngel. Please reconsider!

    2. Really Disney? Walt is turning over in his grave! My family and I LOVE VidAngel. Please reconsider! Disney has gotten top heavy.

  86. Dear Mr. Iger,
    Please reverse your position. The decay in society is directly tied into the decay in speech and content. I and my family hold to wholesome speech and do not want to be subjected to anything else. The Disney Brand used to uphold a decent standard- you have slipped in this area. If you are unwilling to return to that standard because you think you will lose profitability, let me be able to filter out what I consider objectionable content via viewing with VidAngel. You will still make money and I will not have to compromise my views. Otherwise, I will be forced to stop viewing all Disney platforms because I cannot trust you to respect my values.

  87. I cannot believe the disgusting behavior of Disney. I mean we are not just talking Christian’s here. Lots of parents care about what their kids hear… .Muslims for one. Rape, molestation and assault victims could skip traumatizing parts of shows… Or other crimes. That’s a very real thing. You can also filter out anything insulting to gays or races or women or other minorities for that matter. Truly Disney cares about nothing but one more dollar… and not even that clearly! ? I know I’d watch more! We have a five year old. When she’s 18, I’m hoping she’s never even heard the B word. At least not in our home ever. Does Disney care? Not so much…. It’s some sick need for control. They’d rather profit less, than let some place profit at all. I don’t know, maybe it is because they have something against religion, but it’s either bizarrely greedy or just plain bizarre. I want Vid-Angel. I trust them. You Disney not so much…

  88. We love VidAngel! We actually barely use it, but we gladly pay the membership fee to support what VidAngel is doing. Keep fighting VidAngel!

  89. Keep on fighting the good fight! The past few years we have viewed SO MANY shows and movies through VidAngel. These are films and shows that we would have never seen without their service. Without VidAngel or a good filtering service like it, we will have to go back to what we did before and simply avoid watching certain films because of content we won’t allow into our home. It’s not fun to think of what our evenings will look like without VidAngel.

  90. I used to think of Disney as a family friendly company. After their stance against allowing citizens of Georgia to choose the standards for their state and after suing VidAngel for allowing consumers to customize and filter their viewing, I am forming a different, decidedly negative viewpoint of Disney.

  91. Walt Disney would fire the whole new Disney crew! We just will not watch vulgar & profane Disney shows unless they are filtered! I am convinced that Disney cares more about an agenda over profits!

  92. I love VidAngel. It has opened up so many movies and series that I would not otherwise watch. There are a lot of good movies that do not need all the language and sexual content. I hope they can resolve this for those of us who want to watch a clean filtered movie.

  93. Way to go VidAngel! Checkmate, their move! I so appreciate your company. Your mission is a tremendous help to us families. God bless your efforts and THANK YOU for all the heart you are putting into this fight.

  94. Disney sells “The Circle” which is content filtering technology. Why are they suing other content filtering technology? If they do not want Vidangel to filter content then they should also stop selling Circle.

  95. I was so sorry to hear the news that Disney was awarded $ in this litigation. Aren’t they rich enough. And it seems that they not only ignored working with VidAngel, they ignored communicating with them priortofiling a suit. Seems to me they are not interested in integrity or fair play or reconciliation just throwing around piracy and infringement phrases to inflame and character assassinate. I for one am going to vote with my feet and will not buy anything Disney related, nor will I go see movies produced by them or their subsidiaries, nor buy any product brands for any of my grandchildren. Disney is the Big Bad Wolf in this story trying to turn something good into something bad! Vid Angel has provided a wonderful service for families like ours. You’ve gotten your pound of flesh, Disney, hopefully in the good spirit was given you will find it in your heart to compromise with Vid Angel and redeem YOUR reputation, or are you going to “eat Vid Angel all up.”. Kudos to Neil for being the only gentleman in this litigation.

  96. Thank you for fighting this battle, VidAngel. My Family and friends completely support you and appreciate having a choice. May God bless your continued efforts.

  97. Neal, have you considered using the American Center for Law and Justice to represent Vidangel

  98. I just have to say, as I’ve gone down the rabbit hole that is this comment section, the idea some of you have in your about people who watch rated-R movies is pretty ridiculous. Some of you act like they’re, or I should say we, are devil worshipping heathens. Goodness gracious… I’ve watched PG-13 and rated-R movies since I was a little kid and I bet if some of you met me you would have no idea. Maybe I’m alone in this, but that language and those images don’t stick around in my mind. I told my wife the other day that I think people greatly underestimate the innocence of children and the power of the brain to block and forget on its own. My kids, all under 8, have watched every Marvel movie, they watch Ghostbusters, and other 80s classics I grew up on. When I tell other parents this I see the judgement in their face. My kids language and behavior hasn’t changed one bit.

    I know this doesn’t have to do with the case, which by the way, if I were Netflix or someone else who paid to be able to release a stream of a movie at a certain time and someone else without a license was streaming it earlier, Id be mad too. Let’s stop with the recipe and cooking analogy. The situations do not compare.

    How about we step back from the extreme of vilifying someone for watching movies and TV you find immoral? Also, filtered movies and TV are not a “need.” To say so is pretty crazy. Food and water are a need.

    1. Well I agree that people who watch R rated films aren’t evil or anything like that (I watch quite a good amount of them unfiltered myself). But there are certain films that I wouldn’t watch without Vidangel because of certain content. Like for instance I have no problem watching films like Goodfellas unfiltered but I wouldn’t watch shows like Black Mirror or Peaky Blinders unfiltered. It’s all about each person and there belief of what is acceptable for themselves to be viewing. Some worry about language and violence while others just worry about sexual content. Just because you or myself are ok with the content of a particular movie doesn’t mean all the other Vidangel users are fine with it. I also find it very handy for parents and child cares who can sit down and watch a movie together without worrying about language or sexual content even in PG rated films.

  99. I too grew up watching Walt Disney’s, Wonder World of Disney. It was a show that anyone could watch without saying, it was a great movie, except for this or that part. All of the movies Walt put out in his days were of a caliber that my family could watch without concern of undesirable content. Walt seemed to have a feel for what would help our society be a better place to be, rather than one conforming and contributing to the degradation of it. I know he wanted Disney to succeed financially, but he seemed to be very successful also as he focused on family values when no one else was. I understand, we all have to pass on, but I wish that the values and morals he exhibited, in his years of movie making, could have continued. I often wonder what he would think and say if he could see what has come of what he began many years ago. I have said, Walt would turn over in his grave if he knew about this or that. People go to Disneyland to get away from the smut of the world; because it is a clean and Happy Place. It helps them forget about the smut of the world, not be reminded of it. Rather than suggesting, that is how things are in society, why can’t people be allowed to live in a world a bit freer of it. As we try to make society a better place to live by the way we train up our children and live as adults, society can become a little bit better. The alternative seems to be to eliminate that which has good in it because of the portion of undesirable content it has in it. Again, I wonder how Walt would react to all of this.

  100. While I don’t believe in any type of alteration to a movie, VidAngel’s system is entirely voluntary and adjustable by the user. I don’t see why studios are so up in arms about this, but NOT about the forced filter that Netflix has been using? Their current interface automatically breaks into ending credits, assuming that nobody wants to actually watch them- this is an article about how it works:


    There is no way to disable this, so everyone is forced with Netflix’s interface intruding on end credits. At best this is an annoyance, at worst this ruins an emotional or intense ending when their silly graphics appear when we should be in near-darkness. It even triggers on end credits sequences that have a closing shot under them! As a filmmaker I would be furious about this, why are the studios turning a blind eye to this while suing VidAngel for millions of dollars? I have the choice to simply not use VidAngel as I want to see movies exactly how they’ve been made, but if I want to watch anything on Netflix I am basically stuck with the logic that all credits are bad and should be eliminated. (I’ve cancelled them because of this, they don’t seem to care. If this becomes standard practice for all streaming services, I simply won’t use them anymore. Even VHS tapes provide a less annoying experience!)

  101. I wish to respond to the person who feels that the movie makers’ right to distribute their work takes precedence over another’s right to apply filters. I disagree simply because this type of filtering (in one’s own home) does not qualify as distribution. Allowing vidangel to continue its streaming service would still allow the movie maker to have fully protected rights of distribution including fully protected artistic control. None of those rights would be subjugated but would allow consumers to not be subjected to those portions that are objectionable. It is a win win and should be lawful.

  102. I’m happy that you guys entered into the agreement to transfer your IP! The worst thing that could happen is that Disney becomes owner of your IP and then sits on it and refuses to use it, then skipping technology would be de facto illegal!

    I honestly don’t know that Disney or the bankruptcy court know how to respond to a for profit entity acting like a non-profit. It’s not like you sold the IP and hid the money in an offshore account or something like that – you GAVE away impossible-to-value IP to a non-profit foundation for the world to use!

    I hope that Disney has some brains and the transfer is approved. For the IP to be valuable, it has to be legal. It has zero value in the for profit market if Disney keeps trying to block it in court because the litigation defense costs wipe out any possibility of profits. If they argue value based upon an EBITDA multiple, then they have to agree that they would allow it to legally operate!

    One other suggestion for Disney> We don’t like, smut, blood and guts or nudity for our children to see so wise up. I can exercise my rights and never watch one of your movies Disney, if they are unacceptable and I am sure there are thousands who agree with me. That will hit your pocket book more than allowing people to block out obtrusive scenes. DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!

  103. I would think this would gain the attention of a Board of Directors. Thats a $62 million dollar law suit(with an appeal coming)Which is something they should be involved in, as they guide their executive team. Vid Angels skipping is the future trend with a profit, which should be studied by more people than just the lawyers of the company. I would hope the Board has been involved and if not, strongly suggest these comments be forwarded to them. Hopefully someone would gain some common sense!

  104. Hello Mr. Iger. I live in Los Angeles and work as a DIgital Imaging Technician as a member of the Local 600 Camera department. I am also a member of the Visual Effects Society. I have worked over the past 24 years in post production and production for Features, Television and commercials. I am writing to ask you to spend some dedicated time from your schedule to consider VidAngel’s recent offer to you and the company you helm, and/or respond to their requests to talk about filtering / skipping. There are many great movies out there – ones I’m paying to rent – and some I simply won’t show to my boys without some mild skips. The Disney titles are off limits. I wish they weren’t. Can you help restore access for us? I love coming to Disney for the food. Almost every dish is great. I’m just asking for light dressing. And hold the mustard – I’m allergic. Oh, and if you leave out the meat in this dish, it’ll be perfect for my Vegan brother-in-law. Can you do that? Thank you.

  105. When the technology became available to record content, first from the radio and later from television, Disney tried to make such recordings illegal. They lost. Filtering shouldn’t be illegal either. I’m tired of reading reviews that say in essence, great story, superb acting, and inspired directing, but every other scene has nudity and there’s enough swearing to make a stevadore blush. Not to mention all the situations that suggest that violence is the preferred method to settle a dispute. I, and many others, want entertainment that shows people resisting immortality and resolving conflicts in a positive way.

  106. There are a lot of movies that my son is to scared to watch unless it’s on Vidangel, so he knows we can edit out the “scary” parts. There are so many TV shows and Movies I wouldn’t watch without Vidangel. I teach Jr. High and High School aged kids, and I don’t let them swear in my classroom, and I don’t like hearing it called out in my house either. With editing, I don’t have to try and make someone change their creative vision to fit my ideals. I can still enjoy their talents, but edit out the sections that I prefer not to have in my household. I don’t know why it hurts anyone else. The writers can still write whatever they want, and I get to see and hear what I want. It just seems like a win-win for everyone.

    1. I totally agree. There is a market for filtering. Clearly, the opinions of many users who like the service and would use it are being “filtered” out of the discussion too. I believe big money, not necessarily legal precedent, dictated this case.

  107. For what its worth, my entire family stopped watching all Disney content (we were huge MCU and Star Wars fans) when we lost the ability to view it through VidAngel. We’re sad, but no so sad that we will violate our conscience.

  108. We have been utilizing VidAngel for years and it’s our right to see something as we choose. The End. Art is painting and sculpture, and so on. Movies and television shows are ENTERTAINMENT. As such, if I don’t find nudity entertaining, then I feel fortunate to be able to skip it. I should not have to worry that this ability to skip is a luxury, but I do because there are some that will hide behind “artistry” as an excuse as to why their film/show shouldn’t be edited. Well, if a chef presents a gluten dish to someone who chooses not to eat gluten, then the person dining should have the right/ability to set the gluten aside AFTER the dish is served. We aren’t demanding that the chef prep and serve differently, we simply desire a way to set something aside. It’s 100% our right to do so and it’s gone unchecked for too long. I cannot believe that the way I choose to see a movie is of any consequence to a huge money-grubbing company like Disney. Then for Disney to pursue this ridiculous legal action of a smaller company who is trying to provide a service that many people value…it really makes Disney’s self-interest and greed all too apparent.

  109. VidAngel is the best way. Thank you for making a way for us all (those that choose to) to watch movies and shows without all the un-necessary rubbish we don’t want to see or hear.
    Thank you VidAngel for going after decency and not backing down.. God Bless You!!!

  110. This makes me sad. VidAngel is something my wife and I dreamed of before it was a reality. Now we watch our favorite shows and movies with our kids, without having to mute or skip through parts ourselves. VidAngel truly promotes family friendly media. Disappointing that Disney does not.

  111. Thank you VidAngel for giving families a choice.
    Since when has Disney become so anti-choice and anti-family? They are acting like communist dictators here.

    Without your VidAngel filtering (or skipping) I’ve simply stopped watching new releases. Bad language just isn’t necessary and ruins my watching experience. I avoid people at work who use gratuitous bad language, who advocate violence or see women as sex objects, or I’ll stop them and point out that I don’t like it. But most Hollywood studios won’t allow me the same freedom of choice with what I view – even when I have paid them good money for the right to view something.

    VidAngel – you are doing the right thing. You are giving us the choice. Please don’t give up.

    Until you win, until we can skip what we don’t like, my family and I refuse to purchase anything from Hollywood that contains language and other scenes that we object to. So, for the sake of a one second profanity or two seconds of uncut sex scene, they will lose our money.

    I will make this a pledge – Disney will see none of my money until they support freedom of choice. And will do my best to get hundreds if not thousands of other people to do the same.

  112. We stopped watching Disney a long time ago. They are the most greedy, worldly (getting to be the most perverse) organization. Years ago, we did annual passes and supported Disney but they get darker and darker and I’m completely disgusted with Disney and what they have become! All of those executives at Disney make me SICK!

  113. (1 John 5:19) We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.

    (Luke 4:5,6) So [Satan] brought [Jesus] up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time. Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.”

    (2 Corinthians 4:4) among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.

    This isn’t about money. It’s about corruption literally at the top. Satan is using companies like Disney to spread corruption via entertainment. When VidAngel blocks that corrupting content then Satan loses the means to corrupt Christians through Disney’s anti-christian content.

    VidAngel is fighting an up-hill battle not against a mega corporation but against the “god of this system of things” who empowers this mega corporation to exist and thrive. Hopefully a decision maker within the Disney organization will be swayed by reason beyond greed and Satan’s corrupting influence to make the right choice for Christian families who want nothing more than control over what they bring into their living rooms.

  114. If Walt were alive today, he’d give the current execs at disney “the bird” and he’d be sick over this nonsense.

  115. Incredible audacity from Disney. This is why our family stopped doing ANY business with the Mouse. They aren’t interested in the customer, or even artistic integrity; it’s all about the money and market dominance. Walt would be appalled by the sinister company that now bears his name. VidAngel has our support!

  116. Disney may try to blame this on the Director’s Guild, who are the real problem, and should probably be sued by the public AND the studios.

    Meanwhile, the DGA will claim artistic integrity is more important than public decency. Not true.

    If I want to watch Zombieland with 228 fewer F words, shouldn’t I have the option to do so? VidAngel does this so much better than any source to date.

    R rated films make at least 41% less money than PG-13 films on average, and PG-13 make less than PG, and PG make less than G. Shouldn’t that tell Disney something about where money is being left on the table? Shouldn’t they be more aware than anyone about the profits that can be made on good, wholesome, family content?

    VidAngel was never engaged in piracy. It was market arbitrage, and a Disney and others are missing out.

    Thank you to the sensible studios that did not join the lawsuit. Sony, for example, s getting ready to offer their own “TV edited” options to the public, and I am so happy about that. Thank you VidAngel for showing this can be profitable, and proving public demand.

    I LOVE filtered content.

    Meanwhile, VidAngel, can you do something like this for games?

  117. I have happily subscribed to Starz and Cinemax, only because I now have more options to stream through VidAngel filtering. I would even subscribe to Disney+ if allowed to filter. Why is this so hard to understand? There is no money to be lost here, only profits for all. My kids have yet to see a Marvel movie. But if filtering was allowed, can you imagine how much Disney/Marvel product my kids would want me to buy them? Please, Disney, just be reasonable.

  118. Of all companies in the world, it would seem Disney would be a HUGE fan of VidAngel!!! This whole thing is such an unjust mess and truly heartbreaking. I don’t understand what Disney has to gain by shutting down an entire demographic of viewers. So disappointing.

  119. Disney wants more power. They are indeed power-hungry. They want to control what you watch. They definitely have an agenda. I don’t know all the details, but I think once their Disney+ streaming service launches, then no other site (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) will be allowed to show any Disney movies. How many TV networks do they own now? I’ve lost count.

    I really hope that Disney accepts the Dry Bar Comedy in place of the $62.5 million judgement.

    Someone brought it, but I thought I’d ask again…
    Neal, if you’re reading this, have you thought about using American Center for Law and Justice to represent VidAngel?

  120. The Family Movie Act is actually one half of the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005. The other half, the Artist’s Rights and Theft Prevention Act.
    VidAngel must break the Digital Rights Management (DRM) on the DVDs they own. Under the DMCA, such circumvention is an infringement and the Family Movies Act makes no exemption for that.
    It’s this latter issue that has an interesting place in the big picture.

    Over the past few years, DRM has been under attack and, in many cases, quite justifiably. Whether it was DRM being used to prevent car repair or force you to buy certain printer ink, people are rightly upset about DRM and were making calls to reform.

    But that reform may soon be a possibility. The House Judiciary Committee recently finished its multi-year review of copyright law and Congress appears to be prepared to exit its previous gridlock.

    Reform on DRM law may be nigh and opposition to such reform may be fractured at best.

    That’s because the record labels have long abandoned DRM on their products and use of it on video games is becoming more limited, in large part due to cracking. Movie studios, however, have stood by it and still include it on DVDs, even though it’s trivial to break it.

    Shortly, the studios could be asked a simple question: What good does blocking DRM circumvention do?

    VidAngel might give them their answer!

    For all of the craziness that has come out of the DRM rules, it could be central to closing an unlicensed movie streaming service.

    That, in the end, is potentially much more game-changing than a battle over filtering, which is clearly the first half of the battle, that VidAngel is bravely calling attention towards.

    Bottom line, no matter what you think about VidAngel and whether you feel it should or should not be legal, the simple fact is that it’s future doesn’t hinge on filtering – given the Clearplay legal filtering method.

    Filtering might be why the studios denied VidAngel licenses or why VidAngel feel their service is important, but it’s the streaming and DRM issues that will actually determine its future.

    And those issues, in particular the DRM issues, come at an interesting time for copyright law. There’s been little movement on copyright reform since the SOPA/PIPA protests of 2012 and now that the gears are turning, five years later, DRM is likely in the crosshairs.

    VidAngel could easily become an unwitting part of that debate. Proof that DRM legislation is a powerful tool for stopping unlicensed streaming of physical media.

    In the end, for many, that’s the more interesting and possibly more impactful than the battle over filtering. Filtering by itself is not the issue, as the continued survival of ClearPlay shows, and instead is very much about VidAngel’s business and content-delivery model.

    Personally, I believe it is a superior model, that doesn’t require we customers to buy specialty hardware or DVD/BlueRay’s. I believe the VidAngel IP is great. So what we really need – and I hope all in this thread will become activists to achieve – is State and Federal DRM reform. And I hope and pray legislators will rely on the more advanced VidAngel model will help better frame ever nuance. I really really do. Because they bring clear value, convenience, effectiveness in a model not yet supported (in a useless DRM technicality).

    My $0.02.

  121. Another example of big Buisness ( not a Buisness I’m interested in watching anymore ) , steeping on little people . Absolutely disgusting

  122. I am not surprised Disney did not take this on the chin but stuck to their guns to win. As an artist myself on the screen and in music, it is demoralizing when people want to alter your work to fit their particular idiosyncrasies and ideologies. It is often art that moves us beyond our comfort zones and stretches our boundaries and helps our minds and hearts to expand to be able to think about things in a different way; a way we would not or had not considered. Art imitates life, and some of life is just ugly; that’s a fact! In this regard, all people just can not watch all movies. It is difficult at best to present some of these things in an artistic way, when the very nature of what is being presented is offensive to most sensibilities.

    HOWEVER, it is guarded and revered TRUST that is earned from these same artists and studios/companies that patrons come to rely on that they can be exposed to things in a way that is unoffensive or minimally offensive without losing it’s shock value for the art’s sake. VidAngel was a service that helped to do that in such a unique way by letting the patron set the level of shock value they could tolerate, and still be a part of the theater experience. Now as an artist I understand that sometimes the whole meaning of the piece is lost without the “shock value” of the offensive material, so it would be difficult to regulate the message of such a theatrical piece, but I believe a happy medium can be struck. Let the studio or copyright owner themselves determine where and how to edit or skip materials that might be offensive, or offer alternative scenes or scripting that would still convey the meaning of what the artist wants to say without the horrible offensive materials. That might cost a bit more, maybe a lot more. That is why VidAngel is such a good idea. In this world we live in, it is TIME for all to have a say. After all, there would be NO ART without PATRONS! We have been telling Hollywood for years, please, cut down on the violence, stop the profanity, and wow, don’t you know that Pornography is destructive to families and individuals…..please, please, please cut this stuff out! We don’t want it! Well, VidAngel is that message in a new technology format that is very LOUD, CLEAR and powerful from theater patrons: “We will take it out ourselves if you don’t remove it”. This kind of technology is not going away. It will permeate every household, and soon it will be common place. Take note Disney, you have failed as a trusted and time honored guardian of silver screen morality; you have succumbed to the dark side. This is a sad day, but your public can no longer trust you. I hate saying that, it hurts: I have been a Disney fan all of my life.

    Disney, I hope that you work something out with VidAngel. They are a good company that respects the patron, you might want to revisit that “patron respectfulness thing” from them and regain what you have lost.

    To all the patrons of Theater and all arts, we need you, we love you and you are an essential part of all these experiences. Keep voicing your opinions, even if you think it doesn’t’ make a difference. IT DOES!

  123. Disney, I am disappointed in you. I used to put you up as the family content king. That Walt’s vision was to create family centered moral content that could be enjoyed by all. Well, your actions have changed my thoughts about you. I just wanted to say that I will not subscribe to any Disney service unless there is an option to skip material that I find offensive. Although, as said before me, this would be a non issue if you actually listened to your consumer base for what we really want. Disney and Hollywood are out of touch and disconnected from the everyday viewer. They live in their little made up world where everything revolves around them. Walt himself would be disgusted with the direction Disney is going and with the stances the company has taken. I hope you see the error of your ways when competition arises that creates content for the millions of people that are sickened by what the world is offering now. I miss the original VidAngel. Disney you have fallen far from Walt’s dream. You should be ashamed.

  124. We protect the rights of races, alternative lifestyles, transgenders, etc. Why not the right to enjoy life without explicit sex, violence and language? Why not celebrate those of us trying to consciously choose a cleaner, safer, smarter way of life for our families? There is NO good reason NOT to allow filtering! In fact I believe that denying the public filtered movies violates OUR rights to a cleaner way of life. Come on Disney!!! We love you! Work with us!

  125. I too am opposed to R rated movies for all the reasons others have already listed, and have shut the movie down or left the theater because of gross language. I stand with Vidangle and will continue to watch movies that encourage me and my family to be good people.

  126. Are there no Christian Attorneys good enough and willing enough to possibly fight this legally pro bono??

  127. We watched TONS of movies through VidAngel before the lawsuit! Movies that we otherwise would not have watched because of their language and content. There aren’t very many movies we can see in the theaters for these reasons.
    Now we watch YouTube.
    We miss VidAngel.

  128. I love the concept of VidAngel and was so saddened and disgusted with Disney. I hope Disney will reconsider. They are now given a great way to make money from VidAngel, I hope they take it.

  129. Disney became a disappointment a long time ago. Portraying smart mouthed children, compliant mother’s, and stupid fathers was not what I wanted my children watching. Father knew best.

  130. Shared the link! Let us know if there’s any more we can do to help.


    I emailed a few months ago because I had an idea that I thought could benefit VidAngel. I’m here local and would love to call or meet with someone to see if it would help out.

  131. I really don’t like Disney for many reasons these days. They are power hungry and don’t stand up for the unborn. There food has gone way downhill too in Disney world. I seriously spent $12 on a salad that was like a side salad from Wendy’s. I have been a big fan of Disney my whole life. I got my husband into going to Disneyland and world and we have gone every year since we were married. This will be the first year we will not go. I have two little girls. My four year old loves Disney characters. I don’t even want to give Disney anymore of my money though. Walt would be ashamed.

  132. I refuse to use Disney content on streaming devices for this very reason. There are many Disney content I won’t buy. If Disney is willing to fight to deny us the right to skip undesirable parts of their movies, that shows the real intent of their media objectives. With total disregard for children’s minds they can form the landscape of future media revenue where almost anything goes, like HBO. But, it starts with children and families not being able to filter or skip content based on their individual value systems. It’s not about piracy. It’s about controlling people’s minds, starting with the children and family. That is the true strategy.

  133. I refuse to use Disney channels on streaming devices for this very reason. If Disney is willing to fight to deny us the right to skip undesirable parts of their movies, that shows the real intent of their media objectives. With total disregard for children’s minds they can form the landscape of future media revenue where almost anything goes, like HBO. But, it starts with children and families not being able to filter or skip content based on their individual value systems. It’s not about piracy. It’s about controlling people’s minds, starting with the children and family. That is the true strategy.

  134. Disney sold its soul some years ago and they are more interested in dragging down the morals of society than they are in propagating the mission of the company’s namesake. Even earning more money is not their highest goal, because it it was they would be all in favor of Vidangel.

  135. Poor Walt would be rolling over in his Grave, I remember the wholesomeness he provided for families, the values have been reduced to trash. this nations values transformed to what was 2000 years ago predicted, call good evil and evil good.If I watch any movie listen to any music and read any content, (books etc) and there is undesirable subject matter I have to remove it, that changes the value of the product for me , the more frequent this happens the less times I will even try the products from that distributor to the point of simply avoiding that vendor I dont want to buy trash !

  136. It is sad that Disney, founded on providing a safe family entertainment experience, has turned into just another greedy shameless cash cow. Filtering is the only, and best option to watch entertainment these days. I implore Disney to give families what they want and need, filtering!

  137. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I CHOOSE not to subject myself to movies that use profanity (including and especially taking the name of the Lord in vain), contain sexual content, or excessive violence. There are a lot of movies that I have watched on TV over the years, that I now know were filtered when they aired on TV. The reason I know these movies were filtered by the morality police from the TV stations, is because when I have purchased a DVD, popped it into the player, and sat back with my husband and bowl of popcorn, ready to enjoy a fun movie, was totally shocked and accosted by sights and sounds I no longer want to see or hear. My husband and I would look at each other in surprise and say, “I don’t remember ever seeing THAT!”
    I used to watch movies that are PG-13 or R, but no more. I only want to watch movies that I would feel comfortable watching if my grandmother, Jesus Christ, or my Heavenly Father were with me. I never want to feel the shame I would feel if I let in the filth (yes, you can call it artistic license all day long, but it is still filth) into my mind. I learned the hard way that there are things that you can’t “un-see.”
    I am now 59 1/2 years old. Think back when you were a kid, Mr. Disney, your Grandfather would be horrified to know that movies have taken such a turn. I don’t need or want to be shocked anymore when I watch a movie. I want to feel good when I see a movie. I loved all of the Disney animated movies I grew up with….Cinderella, Snow White, Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, etc. Now, even children’s movies have sexual innuendoes and violence, and they are rated PG. Not when I was a kid. When I was a kid, there was the Andy Griffith show, and My Three Sons, Gentle Ben, Flipper, and Lassie. Wholesome shows. I love Pirates of the Carribean and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Hobbit, Star Wars, and even Under Siege, but, I can’t watch Under Siege anymore without filters, as an example.
    I am also an Investor in The Chosen series, and support VidAngel and everything they are doing.
    Good on ‘ya VidAngel, and shame on you Mr. Disney, corporate, don’t care about anybody or anything, bottom-line-make-a-profit-no-matter-who-it-hurts scumbag!

    1. We definitely will NOT watch certain Disney movies without VidAngel. We should have a choice. Disney knows. This is about control. It’s amusing that they spent a ton of money to fight something that isn’t going away, and they will lose money because of it, too.

  138. After seeing all that interested individuals have posted here, a few important things became very clear. (Apologies for the lengthiness)
    1.) That the laws referred to (about requiring permission from every source) are not fulfilling their intended protection of the “creative” source as much as they are providing a continual source of income for the legal system. Reality bites: Disney has already received any financial benefit, to which they were entitled, by the sale of the content to the purchaser, including viewers who wish to apply their personal standards of filtering. Even if the “Art” label is generously applied to Disney (or any other) films, what purchasers do with it (barring counterfeit SALE of its content) is none of the “artist’s” business. Eg; I could purchase Michelangelo’s David, from the artist himself or any other owner, take it home and smash it to bits. End of story. The expectation. that an “artist” has any right to what is done with a creation after it has been sold, is a very modern, and over-litigated thought puzzle. We are not talking here about counterfeiting anyone’s “creation”. The issue here is strictly about whether a technology – one that enables purchased “creations” to be rendered enjoyable/tolerable to their purchasers – has a right to exist in the marketplace. The answer to that existential question is “YES”, re-iterating the reasonable standard which prohibits profiting from the counterfeiting of content. In fact, the nation should welcome the competition between providers of said technology, in the interest of market research which will very likely show itself to improve the original content of ENTERTAINMENT (data will show that millions of viewers in the “family” demographic ranges are not watching movies so they can be inundated by torrents of verbal & visual horsecrap, which is of no enhancement to any storyline that may actually be buried within).
    2.) That the excuse for requiring that the exacting, original content of a person’s chosen ENTERTAINMENT (movie/game/whatever) never be altered because “life is sometimes ugly”, or other word-puke to that effect, crumbles completely when the bottom-line ($$) is so transparent. If the privilege of being taken as seriously as Real-Life is the goal, then the product must be honestly labeled as DOCUMENTARY, or another clear designation. Of course, that would require some ethical restrictions which may also restrict the amount of money which can be mined in that field. Real-Life is often what viewers are NOT seeking when choosing ways to spend leisure time & money. Pick your label, Disney, clearly use it on your work, then take your medicine like the rest of us. Don’t put yourself on the high pedestal of inviolable content as if you cared about being “Real”. The amount of CGI in your films indicates you are quite familiar with the concept of enhanced FANTASY. You all are of the genus: Storyteller, but the kind that rips a great deal of Imagination out of our heads and serves it up on a screen YOUR way. No problem, just be honest, and be grateful for your viewers.
    3.) That the meritorious, salient points of this case must not be clouded over by gloating references of some to whatever attempts were made by VidAngel’s developer to protect his assets from the rapacious reach of the courts. Shouting “squirrel” must not distract real grown-ups from the reality that consumers are being told that they are not allowed to alter what they have purchased in order to conform it to their own preferences! Have we really lost our minds to tolerate this? It should be a thing celebrated by all – people who otherwise would never have purchased that movie will now do so! Good grief! If the law allows for this, then it must be changed to protect what is right to protect, not to infringe upon the rights of a purchaser to do what is necessary to enjoy a purchase.
    The complete analysis of what is being fought here reveals more than the words being used in the fighting. The fundamental, culture-shaping, icon-glorifying influence of such a powerful media tool as modern “Film” is being fully used, yet fully denied, by the industry; we seem to have to allow it. However, “adults”, who have recognized that influence, are demanding the ability to effect it (call it Eliminate, Ameliorate, Mollify, Soften…) so that they actually get to take what is good from that industry and leave what they determine is NOT good. No one has ever objected to my throwing away the foul peeling of the banana in order to enjoy the inside. Why should anyone tolerate being told they must either eat the skin, too, or stop eating bananas? Banana growers, who seem to have clearer vision than the “film industry”, would rise up in revolt if that were ever suggested! While some people swallow the seeds found in their watermelon, no one is alarmed to see both the rind AND the seeds being discarded. Melon growers know that the consumer is already paying for what they value, so growers have not thrown away profits by insisting that their product be enjoyed ONLY by those who are willing to consume seeds, insides AND rind. YOU get real, Disney, et al! The word “Choice”, so often proclaimed by so many, is hardly ever even-handedly applied, but just as I would not recommend force-feeding banana skins to banana consumers, I do not recommend continuing this idiotic crusade to force-feed crap to me in my entertainment. When one “grows up”, life is full of tough realizations, one of which is that your way is not the only way. The film industry must learn to see demons only where they actually exist. When they do, the mutual benefit of filtering technology will become a valued partner in broadening the consumer base of most films. No one is being told not to make their movies their way; however, the continued fixation on total control of how such ENTERTAINMENT product is consumed will cause (has already caused) Disney, et.al. to lose as much, or more, than will the technology they are trying to crush. We therefor attempt to save them from themselves … Several posted contributors here have already emphasized that the bottom line is to SELL movies; no film-maker will produce a movie which they don’t believe with SELL….and … The technology to satisfy the consumer is here. It is time to wise up and do both, for a change. One does not exclude the other, and it might be an interesting experience to be appreciated as well as rich. All the way to the Supreme Court this must go! – the 1st amendment rights of the movie producers are not being infringed, they are not even being questioned, but until I have access to the filtering technology, my rights to enjoy what I have purchased, in the privacy of my own home (now there’s a catchy phrase), are being infringed. Since my eyes and ears no longer have any public protection, under the Law, from content I deem toxic to me and my society, my own belongings ought to be in my own control. For those of us who have been deeply offended by the use of that logic, by the courts in the last 40 years, to remove all moral compass points in my society, it is comforting to remember that such swords cut both ways. Time to “gear up” again, legally speaking.

  139. Disney, please think again. Thanks to Vidangel, we watched many more movies than we ever used to. We would say, “Oh, that sounds like a good movie! Oops, I guess not – it’s R-rated.” We love movies, but we don’t love filthy language, gratuitous violence, casual sex, and other staples of Hollywood. We were delighted with a clean, family-friendly alternative. Please re-think your position. Vidangel did not harm you in the slightest. Instead, they helped countless individuals and families to enjoy your product while maintaining our values. We have always loved Disney, but we don’t love this political grandstanding. Please find a less-litigious solution and work with Vidangel to bring us all the movies we can enjoy.

  140. Those who argue there’s already a choice miss the fact there are very few films to choose from if you want to cut out the sex, extreme violence, and language.

  141. Disney, you market yourself as a family friendly company. Don’t betray the many, many families that helped you become so successful in the first place. Our family has watched and rewatched Disney movies and series that we never would have viewed without the help of VidAngel. We want to be entertained, but do not wish to invite vulgar language and other inappropriate material into our home. Please do the right thing. Do not prevent families from the simple dignity of raising our children and viewing content according to the dictates of our own conscience.

    We wish to continue to financially support Disney, but we will gladly donate our time, money, & strenuous efforts to fiercely boycott all things Disney if you refuse us this basic right. Please choose to support the many families that wish to provide clean entertainment to our children. Thank you.

  142. If it was all about money every movie would be PG 13 or less. Majority of top money making movies have been rated PG 13 or lower. But we see a craving in the entertainment industry to have artistic license. The reality is art is reflecting life. Our schools, news, tv shows, and music are filled with foul language, drugs, immorality, and violence.

    Unless things fundamentally change these filtering services will not make it as each rising generating is more immune. Thirty years ago advertising brass was only done on a mannequin. Now Victoria Secret runs primetime specials on tv.

    It is awesome to have a choice to filter, and vid angel is a great service. But if the next Deadpool, Hangover, or Shades of Grey movies made zero dollars then the money would matter.

  143. I an old school and I lock the TV from my children when I’m not home. With VidAngel I could rest st peace knowing whatever my children are watching when I am not home is safe and healthy for young minds. Learning is a process, nothing that they won’t know later but knowing everything at young and improper age is damaging.

  144. Disney has now been tainted in our eyes. ABC, NBC, and other networks have taken out some of the inappropriate words and scenes of movies for year. And this was done so these movies could be appropriate to share on “TV.”

  145. Disney sucks. I’ll never ever be a Disney+ subscriber because of this and the fact that Disney hasn’t been a family friendly business for 30 years. They seriously couldn’t care less about families. Tell all your friends on social media to avoid Disney+

  146. I love VidAngel I also can watch some movies that I like but they are rated R.
    I am 61 years old
    With VidAngel I can filter out all the language violence and sex

  147. As a 78 yr. old mother/grandmother/great-grandmother I know I am speaking for thousands of others out there who are fighting to keep some morality and decent entertainment for myself and my family. Why can’t we pay for these movies with the content filtered for us? You will make the money on the films we now refuse to see and/or purchase.

  148. Disney I no longer have any use for you. You may think you have won, but it is only temporary. In the end, you will lose…..you WILL LOSE. I don’t have to watch what you put out to be entertained. Without filtering…it is simply trash. You live in a immoral trash bubble in CA, but the rest of the world doesn’t. There are good decent people all across the US who still care about character and morality. I can and will find other avenues of entertainment, as well as telling every person I can reach on ANY and ALL SOCIAL MEDIA to do the very same.

    I would say SHAME ON YOU, but then…you have no shame. Therein lies the problem. SMH

  149. Maybe Disney should look at their roots and take some notes from their founder.

    “The most important thing is family. If you can keep the family together — and that’s the backbone of our whole business, catering to families — that’s what we hope to do.” Walt Disney

    Families come in all shapes and sizes. My family does not practice profanity and it is unfortunately too commonly uttered from Hollywood. I hope that the end result of this is not skip banning, but freedom of choice. If I choose to spend my money on Disney Plus and likewise choose to spend my money on VidAngel, and I believe this strengthens the language content for my family and our viewing pleasure, then why is that a problem as the end result? I understand the law and it must be followed, however Disney and the industry should champion a solution for ALL Families!

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