New on VidAngel: July 25-31

With the end of July here, and the summer’s end in sight, don’t forget to take some time enjoy our newest additions!


Bengt Washburn: He may not be famous, but he sure is funny!!





Happy VidAngeling!

5 thoughts on “New on VidAngel: July 25-31

  1. I saw on your website that the FX and Marvel show Legion is not blocked by the lawsuit. I requested it, but wanted to know if it was on your list of shows to filter?

  2. Also, I saw that you guys had Season 1 of the show Twin Peaks filtered. I saw that you had Season 2 available to request,(which I did), but not the sequel series/Season 3, Twin Peaks: The Return, which is way more graphic. Will you make it available to request, and possibly filtered?

  3. I love VidAngel but it’s a little frustrating when incomplete TV shows are added to the service. There are quite a few great shows on here with only 1 season added which makes it difficult to start watching.

  4. i was wondering that as well. then i went on facebook and was reading the comments apparently Season 3 of Designated Survivor has quite a bit of F bombs, gay kissing and other junk. even IMDB has season 3 labeled as TV-MA. i still have yet to finish season 2 since it jumped to Netflix. Im not happy with The Boys they did really well except for the gore/violence i have sent numerous emails and they are still skipping way to much (laser eyes)

  5. Neal, I will be eternally grateful if you put up all episodes of Star Trek The Original Series, Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine 🙂

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