Permanent Injunction

VidAngel Fans,


Thursday night, the original 2016 preliminary injunction against VidAngel was ruled “permanent” — but with legally questionable modifications (here’s the order and the ruling).  In January 2017, we shut down our old system and have never since used it to offer anyone’s content. Instead, we pioneered a new system, but never offered Disney’s content on it.  We advised the court that we had not used the old system in any way for more than 32 months and “unequivocally” committed never to use it again absent a change in the law. But the judge nevertheless issued the new injunction.


Perplexingly, the judge granted Disney’s unusual (and legally questionable) request to broaden the injunction to include “parents, affiliates and subsidiaries,” and did so without requiring even that Disney identify those additional entities.


As we have done in the past, we will proceed with the utmost caution. We are removing the titles that are seemingly subject to the injunction. Once again we don’t know for sure which ones are because of the vagueness of the ruling. However, we know ABC and Hulu are owned by Disney and HBO is owned by TimeWarner, which also owns Warner Bros. Late last night we also removed Castle Rock. We have asked the studios if there are more entities now protected by the new injunction and await their answer. 


In light of this development, might we suggest that now is the time to reach out to your senator and/or Congressional representative to urge that they support the bill to update the Family Movie Act to permit filtering of all movies?

We’re certain this comes as a blow to those who love ABC, HBO and Fox Searchlight. Let’s re-double our efforts to seek a solution! 



Neal Harmon


CEO, VidAngel




26 thoughts on “Permanent Injunction

    1. We did some more research. Castle rock entertainment and Turner were Fox subsidiaries. Disney also has ABC, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Touchstone, A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, Hulu (majority), National Geographic (73%), Lincoln Square Productions, and ESPN (80%). This is probably not exhaustive and so we asked the studios to let us know what else there is. We’ve flagged these studios as blocked.

  1. This sucks! I was planning on signing up for the HBO Amazon channel to watch Game of Thrones soon. But I guess Warner doesn’t want my money. Not signing up now!

  2. Uhh, these power hungry monstrosities are seriously irritating. I was enjoying game of thrones through vidangel and no way in hell will I watch it without it!

    I’m going to rethink my Hulu subscription and I had planned on getting Disney plus. Thanks for nothing Disney, shame on you

  3. i still dont get why you guys were able to do HBO in the 1st place if they are under Warner, strange pick and choosy you could do GOT and Sabrina but not Westworld, but now they are all off limits. really hope this bill gets finalized soon this back and forth is getting old.

  4. This is crazy!! Stinking money hungry pricks that take away our freedom to choose. We also signed up for prime video just to just watch Game of Thrones through Vidangel and will now be cancelling prime.

  5. Wow. We are Disney World annual passholders. Their assault on decency and family values has gone on long enough! We will NOT be renewing our passes or giving them any more money. Walt would be ASHAMED!

  6. At risk of getting reamed in the comments I’m gonna side with the studios on this one. Filtering content is fine for personal use but when you start selling filtered content it is a basic copyright violation. Maybe VidAngel should use this as a shift to start producing original content.

    Instead of trying to figure out ways to watch content you don’t want to watch trying making content you do want to watch. My $0.02

    1. But Vidangel isn’t selling filtered content. They are selling/renting technology that filters content temporarily…as in they are not creating a permanent copy that is altered. We the consumer own or rent the movies and TV shows! Then we pay to have the technology filter it as we see fit (mute, fast forward, skip). TVGuardian was and is legal. Clearplay was and is legal. If they are then this should be too!

    2. Jared, Do you believe that Clearplay and TVGuardian are illegal? If so, what do you believe the Family Movie Act was for? If not, what do you believe is the difference between their solutions and the newer VidAngel streaming model that would make it copyright infringement?

  7. I really don’t know why Disney would want to take down a business founded by a few caring people in Utah. I guess it’s cause their evil. I just have a couple of questions though. I know that there aren’t too many good films coming out lately. So I’ve got a couple of suggestions. Keep in mind, I’m not pushing this on anyone. If you’re actually busy getting more good movies on the site, then the movies I’m going to list below don’t have to be filtered. Once again, just suggestions. First suggestion, “Unplanned.” This film had just recently come on Amazon. It’s a film about a woman who fully supported abortion for 8 years and became one of the youngest Planned Parenthood directors in history. Until one day when she was called to the back to help with an abortion and saw the disturbing reality of what actually happens to the baby and ever since, became pro-life. The film is rated “R” and I was just wondering if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to make set filters for it. Another show I suggest getting is “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” It’s a funny show. But sometimes, it can be, well, PG-13. I can handle more of the sexual references. But I have younger siblings ages 10 and 11 who don’t need to watch stuff like that. If you could set filters for some of the episodes (and maybe the movie), I’d really appreciate it. Once again though, if you think it’s too much trouble, you don’t have get the following titles. I was just making a couple of suggestions cause of the scarcity of good films out there now. I’m sorry to hear about what happened with the injunction and I will be praying for you. I hope you can make people like Disney the importance of filtering and how much parents need it.

  8. Does this mean the Family Movie Clarification Act is not the only hope for VidAngel to filter these properties or is there an appeals process on this injunction?

  9. Talked to several admins for our WA state’s USRep & Senators to raise awareness of the Family Movie Act Clarification bill. They said its not introduced yet and will only have a few months left before it has to be re-introduced (in Dec. every bill is archived). Is Senator Lee going to do this soon? I guess in 2018 it was introduced and not much steam followed. :o(
    I’m all about updating the FMA! Several countries have already updated their DMCA/Copyright laws to meet with the times!! America needs to as well!!!

    Using AnyDVD on my legally purchased DVDs to then use Adobe Premiere to cut out the Fbombs should be totally legal! I don’t want my kiddos hearing that junk! If we don’t win I’m going to have to go back to hardly watching anything again! I remember before Clearplay was out, I didn’t watch anything! Its even worse now! Disney is now starting to add LGBT stuff to Toy Story. :o(

    1. its cool that ClearPlay was finally able to get more VUDU films filtered but i canceled them. while their streaming service is much better than the Blu-Ray player they cut way too much out. just sad a company thats been around for over 20 years still cant fine tune things. Vidangel can attest that im very picky on my filters even they drop the ball sometimes. most of the time i use the language filters and do the rest my self cus both companies skipp too much.

    1. unless its a fairly graphic PG-13 or R i normally dont use filters just depends. Ratings now a days dont give the whole picture .

  10. How is Castle Rock Entertainment connected to Disney? They are owned by Warner Media, which is owned by AT&T. I just saw a news article that Seinfeld is coming to Netflix – so it won’t be available for filtering because somehow they are connected to Disney?

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