VUDU Family Play Mode

Last week, Walmart’s VUDU announced a new feature called “Family Play Mode” which automatically skips sex, violence, profanity, and drug use in 500 movies. This is the most significant development in parental and family content skipping since we launched VidAngel in 2013. 

Here is what we know so far:

– They offer Disney content

– They are supporting modern streaming devices like iOS, Android, XBOX One and a few smart TVs 

– They offer 500 PG and PG-13 titles

Some backlash:

– Filmmaker discussion boards online have exploded in shock and anger.

– Commenters across social media are predicting that Family Play will be shut down by pressure from the DGA.

– When Sony announced a similar initiative back in 2017, they were attacked by the Directors Guild of America and leading Hollywood content-makers. Eventually, due to significant pressure, took “Clean Version” down.

We congratulate VUDU and Walmart on being the first major player to catch the vision of skipping. 

7 thoughts on “VUDU Family Play Mode

  1. Yeah I was shocked to see this! Great news for those of us who are concerned with this! Just wish they included R rated films too. Have to stick with VidAngel for those!

  2. i tired it out with a few scenes on a couple movies, while it does remove subject matter as a whole, with out the personal filters from Vidangel you risk skipping way more than you may want. the more graphic titles will of course be more effected depending on your settings. If it sticks we shall see but my guess this wont bide to well with R rated titles, just depends.

    1. Thank you Walmart! I don’t know how you convinced the Studios to allow this. One online vlog suggested its Walmart they can do anything especially since they sell so many movies. I have tried Family play on a few movies and I’m appreciative of this so much! Even though you can’t customize or set default filters and I have to play from my new iPad to Samsung smart TV I purchased in 2015 using HDMI… it’s exciting to see filtering inch forward I hope. The service is no where near what VidAngel provides as with VidAngel I can use on all my devices and can set default filters and customize specific stuff I don’t want to watch. I would think Studios would like VidAngel better since on the consumer decides what they want to skip and or mute. Again Walmart and VUDU team you rock!!! Why not incorporate VidAngel tech and give users more choices for filtering?

  3. I don’t see it mentioned, so for those who haven’t noticed it’s powered by Clearplay and that’s why the filtering is substandard compared to vidangel.

  4. Recently I got into a conversation with some friends about the movie ‘Passengers’. We agreed the movie could be recut into a much better film by drastically reordering the scenes. Imagine: There’s a Reddit thread for every movie where fan edits are advertised (and voted/rated). Each edit would be a file containing resequencing instructions for a given film. I’d click a link and that sequence file would be used by VidAngel to filter and playback the film (presumably already in VA’s catalog of titles). With care the existing content filters could also be applied. I’d pay VidAngel for the ability to watch fan edits of films — I’m sure many others would also — even if VA never provided a single reedit sequence. I’ll just hold my breath 🙂

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