New On VidAngel 11/14 – 11/ 20

It’s been a busy week for our taggers and Content Team!

Look at all these new movies!

We also have some new seasons for TV Shows and a couple of new shows!

And some fun humor to keep those endorphins up!

Happy Filtering! Hope you have a great week!

4 thoughts on “New On VidAngel 11/14 – 11/ 20

  1. Thank you for filtering out the garbage in all of these shows and movies! I’m not sure if there are actual people doing this or a program. If there’s a team, I’m praying for you all because my mind would be a polluted wasteland if I had to endure watching and listening to all that content. My husband and I really appreciate the “safety and security” we get from watching new shows and movies through VidAngel. No more unwanted surprises burned into our minds forever.

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