New On VidAngel 12/18/19

While our blog didn’t get updated for a couple weeks, our Content team and taggers have still been very busy working on getting more titles ready for you to enjoy! Take a look at what has been added just recently!

New movies:

New Shows:

New Episodes:

  Season 3 is now available through Netflix

 The full 1st season is available!


Dry Bar (because we all need good laughs!):

Thanks for your continued support.

From all of us here at VidAngel, we hope that you will all have a wonderful holiday season!

4 thoughts on “New On VidAngel 12/18/19

    1. im curious about the Americans as well at one point Dreamworks was production company under Disney. and then theres the fact it aired on FX again owned by fox now so well see.

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