Letter to Shareholders

May 5, 2020


Friends of VidAngel,

VidAngel exists to help you make entertainment good for your home. 

What is good for each of our homes is a personal choice. We’ve long known the motto “Be our guest.” At VidAngel, we believe “We’re your guest.” 

After all, it’s your home.

You choose how to watch. In 2013, we started developing software that was essentially a pre-programmed streaming remote. We have now gone through 6 successive attempts to build your skipping software. In each iteration, we hit a wall. We were sued over iteration number four, struggled through bankruptcy, and today Disney continues to oppose iteration number 6. We’re continuing to push through that for you, and in the meantime, we’re providing access to arguably the most exciting content of the COVID-19 era, produced by Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services. Watch however the BLEEP you want.

You choose what we make. In 2017, armed with the data around the skip choices families are making, we launched Dry Bar Comedy. Over 300 comedians have now performed, fine-tuning their sets to the audience and receiving  bonuses for better serving you. Additionally, with the help of 19,000 of you, we funded, produced, and distributed the award-winning dramatic series The Chosen

And you have responded. In April 2020, our business generated 5X the revenue of our skipping software pre-injunction. Dry Bar has over 2 billion views. The Chosen is offered globally, in dozens of languages, has tens of millions of views, and millions of dollars in revenue via its own app. It has been the #1 series on VidAngel for months. 

We hear you. 

Five. Times. Revenue.


So what’s next?

After emerging from bankruptcy (we hope during the June 18, 2020 confirmation hearing), we plan to raise up to $50 million to grow VidAngel. 

Our goal with these funds will be:

  1. Give our loyal investors, without whom we would not exist today, a chance to liquidate some of their shares (some people may need cash due to COVID-19 and won’t be able to wait for a potentially larger return). 
  2. Back many more creator projects, like The Chosen and Dry Bar Comedy, by building creator tools for:
    • – daily financial reporting and monthly payments (currently quarterly)
    • – better audience interaction (e.g. live streams, merchandise, uploads, notifications)
    • – creator cross-promotion (i.e. a simple way for The Chosen and Dry Bar to promote new creators’ projects with their massive audiences)
  3. Build better control over more content, allowing you, for example, to:
    • – find the very best content to watch or the best future content to back (rather than the primary focus being on skipping objectionable content)
    • – say exactly what kids are allowed to browse (specific list of approved titles with pre-set skips)
    • – watch with skips without having to wait for us to tag it (say hello to SkipBot and community made skips)

Thank you for trusting VidAngel as a guest in your home. We aim to build an entertainment company that centers around your kingdom, not ours. The best days are yet ahead.



Neal Harmon

Co-founder and CEO


Click here for VidAngel’s SEC Reports

63 thoughts on “Letter to Shareholders

  1. I can’t get the VidAngel app to work on my Roku since yesterday? Is this temporary? Thank you!

      1. We’d love to be able to watch on our Roku without having to “cast” from our phone. Loved how the app used to allow us to do that. Please consider returning this feature to your app. Thanks for what you guys do!

          1. Just seconding (thirding?) what Vince and Spencer said: we’ll really miss the standalone Roku app if that’s no longer available. We’ve enjoyed watching that way for years now.

          2. We will cancelling our subscription as well if the Roku app doesn’t return. Sorry guys. Love the content but all my TVs are Roku

        1. We can’t get VidAngel on our Roku anymore. When we search for it, nothing comes up. What happened? Please make VidAngel more user friendly!!!

          1. We’re working furiously to make it more user friendly. Sorry for your trouble. The current process is to download the VidAngel app on iOS or Android. Then use the “Send to TV” feature to cast it to your Roku.

        1. Thank you for letting us know. We will look forward to having you back when the Roku app returns.

  2. Great news! Thanks Neal. Really appreciate the hard work you guys put in day in and day out.

  3. We’ve learned a few things during the Covid-19 pandemic: 1) patience 2) not to worry too much about what is different (or no longer available) but what good IS available and finally 3) much good is yet to come (such as The Chosen Season Two). Thank you for all the good you offer.

    Susan Sharp

  4. I invested with you guys how do I see my share value?
    And or did I loose them in the bankruptcy?

    1. The price of the shares will be outlined in the offering statement.

      You have not lost your shares in the bankruptcy.

  5. Can you explain what the 6th iteration is? I think this is the DVR model. Or can you point me towards whatever court filing in which I can read about it? Thanks!

    1. Here is the trustee’s motion:

      The studio’s opposition:

      The trustee’s reply:

      Judge’s order (studios withdrew their motion while reserving their rights; that is to be able to oppose it later):

      There’s a lot of stuff in the bankruptcy filings and it’s hard to keep up with it all.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Neal. Interesting reads, all three of them. It looks like you got a tentative green light on the DVR model. Do you have a timeline for rolling that out?

      2. And a second question – I’m a bit confused as to how the DVR model works. It says “the software allows the customer to mark potentially objectionable content, using his or her recording as a basis for determining potential content time codes to be filtered out for customers viewing their own DVR copy of that video. The customer’s marks then can be shard with others to use as well, benefiting all who want to filter.”

        Does that mean the filters are essentially being crowdsourced? Or does it mean VidAngel will continue to provide filters but customers can make their own for one’s VidAngel hasn’t done?

  6. Two things we need to use the service more. Surround sound support and subtitles. Because surround sound isn’t available, audio is not as .clear as it could be. My wife has trouble picking up what’s being said. We normally watch all our content with subtitles.

    Also, a nice to have would be to support 4K HDR for those shows that support it on their services.

    1. I’ve been working on the subtitle project personally. It’s very important to me to get it out on the service. It is coming.

  7. When will amazon work again without casting it from phone? I have been with you for a long time but without you restoring this we will likely end using your service. We cannot cast it from our phone.

    1. MF, we don’t have an ETA for a new Amazon app. Some have had success, though, restarting their Fire TV and then casting.

  8. Hi,

    I only recently became aware of your service through a PluggedIn article about The Chosen (which is great). The Roku interface is definitely non-standard, but after reading about your company’s legal issues, I understand it may be a necessary work around. I haven’t streamed anything other than The Chosen yet, but the picture (4K TV) and audio (out of my Sonos 5.1) quality are at least as good as HD YouTube. I am so tired of my family being ambushed by content, and this technology is a welcome addition to our streaming household. I don’t know how I’m so late to the party, but how can I help get the word out and make sure you guys succeed?


  9. I am very excited for watching without having to wait for VidAngel to tag a skip, and for selecting exactly what titles my children are allowed to browse with pre-set skips.

  10. Are there plans for making this to work through a standalone CBS Access or HBO Max account? Not everyone wants to go through Amazon and moreover, not everyone has Amazon.

    I’m thinking about getting Vid Angel, but it needs to work with the major stand alone services ( Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, CBS Access, HBO Max, Peacock, and Disney+).

    1. Yes, there are plans to add additional stand-alone services (Disney and Warner Bros. – Time Warner owns HBO – sued VidAngel so we don’t have plans of offering their stuff)

      1. Any hope that Disney (as well as the other studio’s) content will be offered after the legal stuff comes to an end?

      2. How was the decision reached that you can’t filter HBO content? My understanding is that HBO is owned by WarnerMedia, which is owned by AT&T, and thus would have no ownership by or affiliation with Disney.

        It would be great if you offered filtering on the debuting HBOMax service!

  11. I don’t know if it will help you guys at all but just in case you don’t know about this, Vudu is now providing filtered content through what they are calling “Family Play” and it even works on Disney (Marvel) movies. I don’t like their product because there is almost no control of what gets filtered and what doesn’t. VidAngel is far superior but the fact that they are doing this on Disney movies was shocking to me since they have been giving VidAngel such a hard time for all these years.

    1. I was wondering the same thing and I feel the same way. VidAngel has done a far superior job. It gives much better control and I like to know what it is that I am skipping over. Maybe something they think is objectionable is fine to me, and vice versa.

      Is VidAngel going to get in on this action? Is Vudu being sued for doing this?

      1. That is a great question Cameron! If Vudu is not being sued, surely that would have to give the courts pause when reviewing the suit against VidAngel. That would certainly make me wonder what Disney’s real motivation behind the suit is.

  12. God bless you Neal Harmon, and Vid Angel! I’m praying for your success and God’s protection over you in these legal battles!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. I have just started looking into VidAngel after searching for something to skip the bad parts of shows. I’m so thankful for all the hard work and effort you’re willing to go through in order to give families safe entertainment. It is certainly a worthy battle, and our family appreciates you! We absolutely loved the Chosen App and can’t wait for more! We have had some of the best conversations with our middle school kids after viewing Chosen together as a family! Priceless!

  14. As an early adopter of Vidangel and one who has experienced all it’s different iterations, I look forward to the ongoing evolution of the service. It will be interesting to experience the details of the next phase of Vidangel’s journey. I sincerely hope that Vidangel can keep pace with the technology available to viewers today as well as into the future. While Vidangel has always been far superior to the competition in the area of editing, however it lags significantly in the Audio/Video aspect. The inability to pass through 4K/HDR and Dolby Surround and now Dolby Atmos is quite conspicuous by it’s absence. I understand that captioning is coming; which will be a blessing to many. Nevertheless, Vidangel must keep up with the technology available or it will face the loss of a percentage of it’s customer base to those that do. I am excited for the possibilities the future holds for Vidangel.

    1. We’re very capable of implementing such technology (4K/HDR and Dolby) but the studios lawsuit has prevented us from being able to offer customers certain experiences. We hope we can overturn their rulings and provide customers what they truly need.

  15. Hi Neal, we want to go five fold on our original investment. How do we get an offering statement?

    1. Thank you for the incredible support. We’ll let you know as soon as the offering statement is available! Stand by.

      1. Thanks. Our address is changed and we’re not sure how to contact shareholder services. Please advise.

  16. I invested, a small amount, but 20% of my monthly income, in supporting VidAngel and the project The Chosen. Because I was in a coma and then had to re-learn everything, I just discovered your bankruptcy. I don’t plan to ask for my investment back, however is there a summarized and simplified version that outlines 1-Why the lawsuit. 2-Why are streaming services blocking the use. (If VUDU is allowed, it’s because the have .are agreements with HULU, Netflix, Disney, etc. and wish to monopolize the market. The Sherman Act was constituted to stop this practice, i.e. fixed pricing, market conglomerates not allowing competition, etc. Think the American Bell Company. Judge Green forced Bell to break apart and allow better competition. That is how we have Bell South, AT&T, etc.

    Last I using a monetary amount of 100. How much would 100 shares be approximately worth on June 2020.

    1. Pat,

      First off, thanks for your early support and I’m very pleased you’ve emerged from your coma and relearned so much. I hope you’re in good health.

      1) You might want to catch up on the lawsuit here:

      2) Disney got an injunction in the lawsuit, which we have appealed. An injunction blocks us from touching their content. Here’s our appeal brief.

      As to your question about VUDU, they, like many others before them, were short-lived (announced the shut down yesterday):

      Thanks for the thoughts on the Sherman Act. We tried to use that but the California Courts threw out our Anti-trust case.

      Lastly, as to your question about your investment and its value. Your timing is excellent.
      We’re preparing an offering that is being reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission right now:

      You are not able to buy new shares or redeem your previous shares until after the offering is qualified by the SEC.
      Upon qualification, the offering price that is listed will be the price and you will have an opportunity to redeem shares or buy more shares (see docs).

      Again, thanks for supporting us early on.


      1. Sounds like you guys have a solid argument! What is the time-frame for the appeal? Thanks for what y’all are doing

      2. Neal! Rooting for team Vidangel. You guys are really amazing. Your perseverance is inspiring and we’re so grateful for the company. Please keep up the good fight. With you guys all the way!

  17. Would like to buy new shares when they are available. Will that be part of your next $50MM fund raiser effort?

  18. VUDU a family is being removed 7/20/2020 wow!!! Nice while it lasted. Email below

    Hi Vudu customers,

    Thank you for trying out our Family Play feature. Starting on July 20, 2020, Family Play will no longer be a supported option on our platform.

    As a destination for your family’s video entertainment needs, we continue to provide a range of features that give you peace of mind to find the right content for each member of your household.

    Vudu will still offer features such as Common Sense Media reviews (guidance and reviews from a parent’s point of view), Kids Mode (ability to set age limits on content your kids can browse and watch), and Parental Controls (managing purchase options protected by a PIN). All these features will continue to be supported on Vudu so you can enjoy your classic favorites and discover new ones worry-free.

    At Vudu, we are committed to being your family’s streaming entertainment destination.

    Thank you for continuing to use Vudu.

    Vudu team

  19. Does the new preliminary offering price correspond with how the board would price the stated value for current investors? When would the first quarterly stated value be set under the redemption plan?

    The redemption fee date is based upon time from the original share date, not time from the new share purchase if those are the shares being redeemed, correct?

    Finally, is there any delay in the redemption of shares after the calendar year changes (example: redeeming in November and again in January)?

  20. @Neal Harmon, I love the goals and objectives that the company has set up for the future. My wife is a longtime loyal user and I would love to know more about the investment opportunities to support this great company and its mission while it expands and allow more homes around the country to have clean and filtered content.
    Is crowdfunding available? Or private investment opportunities?

  21. Can you advise the status of the offering filed with the SEC and the opportunity to sell existing shares I have?

  22. I would like to be an investor in your company because I believe in this cause it’s a game changer for me and my family. Because we love movies couldn’t always watch them for the bad language. We’re not rich maybe we buy some shares in your company!

  23. I know that Disney (and so Marvel) content is not available with vidangel. But because Netflix content is, I was wondering if the Marvel Netflix show were available. (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron fist, The Punisher and Defenders.)

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