Full Roku App is Back! (BETA)

To our loyal VidAngel customers,


I am coming to the end of my 7th year working on the engineering side of VidAngel, and to say it’s been a difficult road would be putting it mildly. But I don’t need to tell that to  any of you. I know from the hundreds of films and television episodes I’ve watched with my family that the technical experience of finding and viewing content on VidAngel always seems to trend somewhere between glitchy and impossible.

We are on the 6th iteration of trying to make families and the studios happy! We want to focus less on litigation and more on our customers.

Even with the herculean efforts of our technical teams, we realize that over the past few months things have changed for the worse, and it’s because we’ve failed on a couple fundamental tasks:


1)    We lost our focus on the transparency you need in order to trust us, and

2)    We have given your feedback about the direction our products are going far less weight than  we should have. 


So, as we try to right the ship as an engineering company, I thought it would be helpful to first give a bit of background. We often get questions asking how our technology works, and while every detail is publicly available, it isn’t an easy follow. So let’s change that.


For example, in order to watch a Netflix or Amazon title on VidAngel, we have to verify you have the rights, through one of those services, to view it. And in order to verify those rights, our systems need to “talk” with the systems from Amazon or Netflix. This works just like a web browser … in fact, it is a web browser. When you hit the “play” button in VidAngel, we create a web browser in the cloud that uses your specific Netflix or Amazon account to navigate to that title. From there we verify that your subscription is still active,  you’ve paid your rental/purchase fee, you’re in the right geographic location, or any other requirement that might be in place for you to legally be able to watch Amazon and Netflix content (and thus filter it).


Neither Amazon or Netflix is in the filtering business, and they have a vested interest in building their apps in ways that work for their goals, needs, and customers, without regard for what effects changes might have on a system like I described above. Changes to their websites may have adverse effects on how VidAngel’s systems communicate with those of Netflix or Amazon.


This would not be an issue if we did not always ask Amazon and Netflix if you have access to watch the content. We have taken enormous and continual care to prevent people from watching any title with VidAngel filters when these verifications aren’t rock solid. We know that, if we want the media industry to believe we are fighting for the individual and family right to watch however works best for them, we need to respect the decisions they make about their products and content as well. And this is one of the major reasons why the VidAngel playback experience is often so up-and-down. 


This brings us to the middle of March, just several months ago when we were at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. At some point early in that month, Amazon Prime Video deployed a change to their systems that fundamentally altered our ability to verify our customers’ rights to legally watch and filter a title from Amazon’s services. This in no way means that we had been doing anything improper or untoward, or even that we’d been using our cloud browsers to navigate their site incorrectly.It was just a change they needed to make, and we were faced with a choice. We could turn off our Amazon filtering services until we had adjusted them to work with their changes (given that choosing to operate and serve Amazon content without verifying every single user ownership was never an option we would consider), or we could accelerate the rollout of a new product we’d been working on, one that communicated with Amazon and Netflix’s apps through your mobile phone rather than through a browser in the cloud.


Out of expediency, we chose the latter option. We had been working on the prototypes for several months already, and we wanted to get it into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible. Our new app is different in many ways, but one of the most crucial differences is that, by using your phone and your home wifi network, we can communicate even more clearly with Netflix and Amazon as to who is requesting to watch and filter a given title. It also opens the door for a wide range of your most requested  features to be developed, like community-based filters, closed caption and multilingual filtering, profile-based “allow/block” lists, and offline, “DVR-like” viewing/filtering. 


And this is how we found ourselves, VidAngelists, in a situation where we were offering a beta mobile app, a web app that only worked with Netflix, and some broken television apps that my 6-year-old daughter whined about whenever she discovered, every morning, that she could no longer watch Shrek on her “Rokuangel” (as I force her to call it).


We are committed to keeping you as informed as we can about our company’s direction. We also need your feedback to help guide that direction, which leads me to address a second question in my final few paragraphs: how can we at VidAngel take our fingers out of our ears and better listen to our customers?


Our television casting feature, a core feature of our new mobile apps, is something I’m very passionate about. Casting was what brought me to VidAngel, and after 6 and a half years, when we rolled out our new casting technology that can  talk to any family’s devices, I remember saying to myself, “This is incredible. Why would anyone ever want to install an app on their Roku or Apple TV again? You can do it all from your phone!” Yet now, with hindsight that’s 20/20, I realize I wasn’t really seeing the forest for the trees. Many of you don’t want to use the phone as your remote. Whether it’s because you’re like me and have younger kids who want to start their own shows, or you have teenagers who you can’t trust to set their filters properly, or you just want to relax on the couch, distraction free while your phone is in the other room, we hear your complaints. Thank you for your feedback over the past few months and telling us how important your specific VidAngel viewing experience is.


With that said, we’ve made a monumental push over the past few weeks and are now able to release two significant new(ish) products:


1)    An updated, still-a-work-in-progress-but-getting-there, version of the VidAngel Roku app that can work with your mobile device. This way you can, after a one-time sync between the two devices, browse, search, and watch on Roku the way you’ve always done in the past, with full access sans your mobile phone, you can find out more details at https://www.vidangel.com/roku and 

2)  A new chrome extension that will restore full access to enable your computer to connect to streaming services (no mobile syncing required!) and watch right in a browser.


Additionally, we are already hard at work to bring the same new features to the AppleTVs, FireTVs, and Android TVs out there.


Your patience is much appreciated, but even more so we appreciate your trust. We want to continue to make entertainment good for your home, and we can only do that once we’ve proven we deserve a place in  your home in the first place. 


Jarom McDonald

VP of Research and Innovation


179 thoughts on “Full Roku App is Back! (BETA)

  1. This is great! Glad to see that the engineering side of things are getting improved. I hope the next thing you focus on is streaming quality. Right now, your “HD” streaming looks like it’s lower resolution than 480p DVDs. Everything looks so mushy, compressed, and outright blurry. There are also some frame rate problems — Films that should be 23.976fps appear like they’ve been “recorded” at 30fps, so there’s some strange jutter. And audio sync is a problem on several Amazon titles that were added a couple of years ago, such as John Wick. (I haven’t noticed the audio sync issue as much on newer additions though, so maybe it got fixed for new films? Even so, it’s bad to have films that were added a year ago that still have the audio sync problems). And I would love 4K HDR support, but I know that’s never happening anytime soon, so I won’t ask for that yet. 😉

    Great work, and thanks for the update!

    1. I also notice the lower video quality. I’m happy to trade that for filtering, but I’d love if it was upgraded! I assume it has to do with streaming from a cloud browser.

      1. So does this mean the phone app is no more? I didn’t like it the first time I used it, but now I actually prefer it.

    2. I was gonna say, everyone out here commenting on how low the video quality is and I’m over here hoping for 4K HDR. It would be really nice watching from my Roku Ultra (4K Roku) on my 58″ 4K HDR TV. That stuff makes a difference.

    3. We cancelled VidAngel because it stopped supporting Roku. We sent a message asking about this before we canceled. We received a canned response that did not answer our question. So, we canceled.

      A couple weeks later we found out they supported Roku again we wanted to sign up. There was no where to do so. We sent another message to VidAngel to ask how we could sign up and asked if it was still $7.99. We received no response. Now if we want VidAngel we have to pay $14.99!

      We really like what VidAngel does, but their customer service is horrible and the price hike is steep! We were paying all that time while others were getting VidAngel for free! We feel very unappreciated and won’t recommend VidAngel to anyone ever again.

  2. Jarom, our family is very excited to have the Full Roku App again, thanks for making it happen!! It’s already downloaded and seems to be working great so far. We appreciate the work you all do at VidAngel; we don’t have the knowledge to even make filtering possible let alone adapt to changing technology!

    We’re also glad to hear VidAngel would like to listen to its customers more. You asked for some suggestions… so here are a few ideas:

    1. Make it easier for customers to offer feedback. Maybe making a feedback button more apparent or allowing people to sign up to be on the “feedback team” and fill out a survey every month?

    2. Give feedback on our feedback. Someone who is offering feedback is typically interested to know if their idea has been considered, if it’s being developed, if it’s even possible, etc… Responding in a way that doesn’t feel like a generic “thank you for your feedback” response may result in some great ideas from your users. (It may also generate excitement for the future among your users).

    3. It feels rather hard to contact VidAngel and you guys seem to only be available by email, perhaps adding additional avenues for customers to contact your team could help some users?

    Those are our ideas, we’re happy to share more if we think of anything else. As to transparency, we appreciate the updates, both on the direction of VidAngel as a company, as well as to how the legal battles are going. Many of us VidAngel supporters have been with you from the early days; we like to hear what’s going on and love to support in any way we can!

    1. I agree about feedback and knowing what is being worked on! Uservoice is a fantastic way to organize all these. Users can suggest and vote on their ideas and Vidangel can comment and sort them into their development stages. It would also give VidAngel a feedback community!

    2. I agree. It is near impossible to give feedback. I have been trying for almost an hour trying to figure out how to connect Netflix or Amazon to my smart tv and I still don’t know how — so I won’t sign up to Vidangel. I had it a few years ago and I would like to support the idea but your web site stinks as far as help to get going. Sorry.

  3. Thank you so much for this. Having to find my glasses so I could find the next episode on my phone was killing me, plus my kids don’t all have phones of their own.

  4. We don’t mind using the phone as long as it will work. It been pretty glitchy (which has been frustrating), but we usually get to watch what we are wanting to. I like using the phone better actually because it seems to be easier to navigate and type.

    1. I’d love to see the filters be open sourced and also allow us to create filters that could then be enhanced by the community.

  5. Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts. I can only imagine that changes in technology – implemented by others – must create some very frustrating situations on your end of things!

    I would like to say, however, how relieving it is to know that I can watch a show with my wife and not have her inundated with “f bombs” and other aspects (of current media) that we consider unacceptable. I do respect the fact that others have the right to choose the “version” they watch. I am grateful, however, that we have the same right to choose by using VidAngel. Thank you very much!

  6. I’m glad to hear that you are working on making the FireTV app work again. It is much easier to use than casting from my phone or tablet. I don’t mind casting, but it’s always best to have access in the easiest way possible. I can be patient and wait for the FireTV app to return! Thanks for your work.

  7. I would pay if CC were available. I have hearing loss and always use CC or I blast my family out. CC would be a game changer and I would even pay more than $7.99 a month for it!

    1. I second this! I have a major hearing loss as well, and always end up frustrated with VidAngel viewing since there’s no CC. I quit watching because of it. I’d rather limit what I watch instead of struggle through without CC. For me, that’s a dealbreaker.

        1. Thank you for all your doing and for being transparent with us. My wife and I really enjoyed hearing about the challenges you face. Now we can continue to champion VidAngel and refer our friends.

        2. im not in need of CC but would it not be easier to do it the way ClearPlay streams. just go straight off Netflix or amazon with an embedded app. that way you dont have to worry about all the usual things CC, restart, fast forward etc. cus the way it is right now it still looks like its cut and paste none of the features on the other sites your linked too are included you guys are having to build it on your own system. so your basically making it harder for your selves. as long as its not restricted to using on a laptop/PC

    2. Same for me! Closed caption is a necessity for me. Thanks for all the work you’re doing and communicating with us.

    1. They haven’t even started filming it yet. Watch FB, you tube or IG tonite at 8:30 for the announcement of where, when and how they will be filiming Season 2.

    2. It hasn’t been fully funded yet, but getting close. Hopefully soon. They are narrowing down shooting locations

  8. I have used my phone app to watch a couple of movies lately. I get connected and watch for about 10 minutes and I get kicked out of the system and then have to search for the movie and connect again. This has happened both times I have used it. I do appreciate the fact that you are having difficulties and have been candid in explaining it so that we understand the issues. This has helped lower the frustration level, when trying to use your service, by knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. Thx.

      1. Neal, so happy for Vidangel and the service it provides. I’ve been with you guys since you could buy and sell back movies. I was disappointed with the loss of the Roku app and am very excited to have it back.

        As a family who is very intentional about filtering there are not a lot of options. We were also happy Vudu recently started their family play service – but I guess Hollywood got to them too because that was discontinued this month.

        Thanks for all you guys do!

      2. You guys are the saving grace of entertainment. Don’t give heed to the complainers. This app and service is a heaven send and there are countless people like our family who sing your praises and thank you for your tireless work and efforts. The service is worth so much more than my monthly fee. We are so thankful!! Keep up the good work.

        1. I agree they are a God send, except when we are watching a movie or series with immodesty filtered out and it’s not cut. Very unpleasant experience, the filtering was better at the beginning, I feel that side of things has been a little neglected. Modesty matters!

  9. I took some time off from VidAngel because I found that my family wasn’t watching as much content to justify purchasing it. When covid started, we realized we were watching a bit more than usual, so I signed up for the “free two weeks” of VidAngel with the intent to renew my membership thereafter.

    However, at the beginning (of my return to subscribing), one thing that was confusing to me was understanding if I was really subscribed to VidAngel as a paying customer or not. When I saw the “Pay it Forward” option upon signing up, I thought that was an added option for people who wanted to share the VidAngel experience with others. So I didn’t really give it much thought. But when I signed up and updated my credit card info, I thought I was paying for a VidAngel subscription. So I was very confused when I’d go to stream something and it would say something like, “This video was made possible by [so and so] who decided to pay-it-forward.” I ignored it at first, thinking my preferences hadn’t been updated… but then it kept happening…

    Long story short, I didn’t realize that in order to pay for a subscription to VidAngel, I actually had to click on “Pay it Forward.” It’s kind of nice that someone could use VidAngel without having to pay, but I wanted to support this company again because I believe in what you’re doing. And for someone who hasn’t subscribed to VidAngel for over a year, it was really confusing to me. Also, I was unaware of the $14.99 price jump, but I was okay to pay it since, once again, I want to support the work you’re doing. However, the $7.99 price point sounds a bit more reasonable to me… but maybe that’s because I only watch 1-2 filtered movies a month.

    1. We’re working on improving this process so it’s more clear what is happening. It’s not very understandable at this stage. We’ll work on the confusing part and thanks for the feedback.

      1. Okay I had no idea on this and guess I’ve been freeloading :/

        Granted probably only two movies in that time, but still thanks for the heads up on this.

        And thanks for the transparency I work in the technology space and have worked for a software company before and keeping clients updated on the roadmap (even if the road map doesn’t look great) at least allows clients to set their expectations.

        People tend to become more frustrated with a million new features being implemented behind closed doors than they are with no new features and a simple statement saying “no changes as of yet just bare with us”

        Also I saw a language filtered option available on Disney+ for the movie Avatar which lay Disney’s intentions bare which had nothing to do with copyright and everything to do with revenue

  10. My experience with the app was horrendous. The app was overwhelmed with glitches from the start on my Android phone!
    First, It took at least twice as long to find and try to play the movie. Often, it was more like 5-6 times as long. Sometimes, the app just kept glitching and I never got to see my shows at all
    Ultimately, I just gave up trying.
    I am extremely disappointed.
    We’re willing to give you guys another chance, but I don’t have a lot of patience left, at this point. Please deliver reliable access.

    1. Did you try it with the latest version of the Android app? If not, please download the latest version. If so, please accept our apology Jim and let us know at support@vidangel.com which Android phone you’re using. It could be something to do with your make and model of phone that we haven’t encountered yet.

  11. Only had vidangel for a few weeks. But my wife and enjoy watching movies we would not other wise watch. Thanks you guys are doing a great job. And thx for free watching times that were enabled.

  12. Jarom,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to your subscribers regarding the projects and processes in place. Our family loves vidangel and, although newer to the service, we have not experienced to many issues. I am, however, quite enthused read that casting is no longer a necessity for Amazon.

    We truly appreciate your hard work and efforts so we can be able to watch the shows/movies that we would normally bypass.

  13. I’m also glad to hear about an updated Roku app. Now that we have VidAngel available we almost never want to use Netflix or Amazon Prime directly. Thanks! A couple of issues: (1) One of the advantages of using NF and AP directly relates to episodic content. When watching episodic content our “place in line” is remembered. That is, if we got through season 2, episode 4, when we return to the series we can pick up right where we left off. I have found no way at all to do this with VA. I’ve got to first try to remember what I watched a week ago, navigate to the season, then the episode. (2) I use VA on an iPad, and after I get through an exercise like I just described, and then spend some time with another iPad app, or close the cover, I’ve got to start all over again. There seems to be no “registry entry” kind of entity that the app can check on startup to provide a a way to return to where it was when I laid it down on the table 30 minutes ago. One final, lesser issue: sometimes the iOS app fails to re-orient when the device is rotated. I quite often find myself clicking season selections, casting device (Roku, etc), and “start” with the display upside down.

      1. Place in line would be fabulous! Also not having to key in the password every time I watch a new episode. Thanks

    1. I totally agree with this about place in line. On this, it would be good if you could save a “series” in your watchlist instead of Just individual episodes. I am not sure why it doesn’t copy what Netflix does.

  14. Since my phone is several years old, the VidAngel app does not work on it. I went back and forth with support for about a week before I had to give up. We are currently using VidAngel through my son’s phone, but that’s not a viable long term solutions. I am very happy that you will soon have the option for the PC back. But what I really look forward to is the offline watching option. I’d love to be able to watch some of the movies I already have, or ones I check out from the library, with VidAngel filters. Our family does not subscribe to any streaming service (we’ve been renting individual movies from Amazon to watch filtered). Monthly fees for VidAngel plus a streaming service just won’t work for us. We are just doing this for one month as a family treat in place of summer travel. I’m looking forward to hearing more about coming features.

    1. Good news. We have the PC option back right now!

      How do you check out by the library? Are you checking out dvds or streams? If the latter, what is the library service called? Is it canopy?

          1. Hello Neal,
            I figured I would respond to one of your posts to grab your attention. Wanted to first thank you for your service, having been a long standing customer of yours. Our family loves the ability to filter and watch Netflix and Amazon (which is off and on for us). And we are grateful to start seeing some of the International shows making it to the filter list like “The Protector”. The recent change on using a Chrome extension was a welcome one as we primarily watch through a PC connected to a large Samsung TV. Would love to see a Samsung TV app as many streaming content providers have one. Samsung probably runs some version of Linux/Android and maybe you can publish an App for it? I had also sent complaints regarding Netflix thinking I am watching netflix from all over the USA and resetting my password. I think your Chrome extension has definitely fixed that problem. But the Chrome extension is still glitchy. It loses connectivity often and we have to uninstall it and reinstall and then reconnect to Netflix again. I have sent my emails on the IP address issue to your support but I got canned responses back. Anyway, looks like that issue is fixed with the Chrome extension.

          2. I saw the problem with Netflix last week too. Our engineering team fixed it over the weekend. Let me know if you’re still having the issue after you update.

  15. Thank you for your transparancy and information. I have Apple TV and an iPhone. I will be watching for more information to learn if I need to do something to change whatever I have in order to continue to receive VidAgel. I love VidAngel and would not want to lose it. I’m not extremely technically savvy so if I need to do anything to continue to have VidAngel, I certainly want now what to do. Thank you.

  16. While I love vidangel, I came very close to dropping the service when the Amazon content would not play for a very long time, and then VA quit working altogether with the Roku and I had no idea why. If there was an email explaining what was happening, I must have missed it.
    I never, ever, want to have to use my phone to make VA work on my television or laptop. I don’t think my phone would run the app anyway.

  17. We have been off and on subscribers to Vidangel due to technical difficulties we’ve encountered. We are, however, behind you 100 Percent. We chose not to subscribe to Netflix due to its open support for pedophilia as demonstrated by at least two of its shows. That somewhat limits our viewing, but we still have been able to enjoy many movies through your company that we wouldn’t have watched otherwise. We have often emailed your support group for help. They have been prompt, courteous and patient. Thank you for continuing to provide entertainment that allows us to filter out the objectionable material.

  18. The Good Outweighs the Bad…
    -Does Vidangel has some problems???
    *Right now it does (although now it sounds like fewer problems than it did have) but I do appreciate the transparency and the desire to get things on track.
    *I use my PC to watch shows on Netflix thru Vidangel—I find that if we are watching later in the evening (between 10-11 pm) there will occasionally be lot of buffering pauses which can be very annoying…especially when it’s every 30 seconds. Then I go to Netflix and it plays with no issue–so it is a Vidangel problem.
    ***That being said…without VidAngel we never would have watched The Office which is such a source of ongoing laughs for the family and Shooter was an absolute thrill to watch during quarantine…also an off-limits show without filtering. Very happy to hear about the web app for Amazon.
    Keep up the Good Work!

  19. I love good shows, but don’t like a lot of their content. VidAngel allows me to watch these shows. Thus, I love VidAngel! Keep up the fight. We are with you!

  20. That is fantastic … the experience from the phone isn’t close to the Apple TV app (which BTW … would LOVE to get sooner rather then later!)

  21. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    At its core, I personally, could care less about “how” I get to stream your service, but rather that I “can” stream your service. While you had some struggles you say, I can tell you that I am personally grateful, encouraged, and thankful that you do what you do. Your service has made it so my family can have a little bit of normalcy in that they get to watch the same shows as their peers, without having to compromise our beliefs and integrity in those beliefs. For that, thank you, from the deepest part of our hearts. Your service blesses those who use it, and not many companies can say that.

    Thank you. Thank you. And for a seventh time, thank you.

  22. For sure it was frustrating to not have VidAngel find my Roku television after rebooting all systems multiple times. This happened for several weeks. Finally I opted to change my router and Roku from standard Wi-Fi to 5G and it happened to work. Keep up the good work. It was informative to realize how tricky of an engineer feat this is. Without VidAngel we will be left to watch cartoons

  23. Hey Vidangel! Thanks for this! I love hearing from you and getting some technical details. I personally have very minor issues with Vidangel (primary amazon verification and connections not carrying over between devices) but besides that it’s great! I will echo that the video quality does seem low compared to Amazon or Netflix, but that doesn’t stop me. Please keep doing the work you’re doing! And more posts like this would be great! My only feedback would be adding more titles, especially older ones (I’ve requested a number but not many get fulfilled).

    Also since you’re talking about the process, as someone in video editing, how do you communicate to your browser about what to skip? It’s flawless! I’m just so curious to know how that works. Thanks!

  24. Thank you for brining Vidangel back to Roku! Trying to cast each episode was a pain! Plus, all of my kids do not have phones, so they could not use the Vidangel service unless I was home to do it with my phone. I cannot tell how how relieved I am to have the Roku app back!!!

  25. So glad you’re working hard for us! I did notice 2 days ago that an episode of Medici played flawlessly. Having emailed about problems months ago I was thrilled to enjoy an episode without stutters & jumps. If you’re moving forward in the technology, I’ll move forward as a loyal customer. It’s so great to filter out the bad stuff we don’t want!

  26. I would *LOVE* to have plex support… I realize that you can’t control the content on the plex server, and that probably is what makes you not support it. So many times we think we are watching a “safe” movie that I have added, only to be surprised with language, situations, etc, that I didn’t want to show my kids. 🙁 I would even be willing to rent or buy the filter from you, if it were somehow able to be loaded into plex. I don’t know that much Python, but as a programmer, I would be willing to put time in to figure it out if I could get reliable filter info from some source.

  27. I love having this service. There’s a world of movies and shows available to us now that we are able to filter them. You’re the only company that I’m aware of offering this type of service on my streaming. I can’t thank you enough. It’s nice to know you are working on new apps and perfecting the system. It’s been frustrating that it’s been glitchy, but I understand that this may happen as technology changes. Thanks for attempting to fix it, and for continuing to fight for this type of service. It means a lot to my family!

  28. Jarom, thank you for this update on what’s going on. We are happy to use VA any way we can get it. Thank you for you diligence!

  29. Once I can use VidAngel on my FireTV Stick again to watch both Netflix and Amazon…I’ll re-enlist. But I’m not interested in any mobile or Chrome versions. I have Samsung smart TVs in my home and need something that can either work as an app directly within the Samsung Operating System…or as an App within my Firestick.

    1. Exactly my feelings. I remain a subscriber because without Vidangel there is so little we can in good conscience watch. But our patience has been wearing thin of late. Could never make the phone app work, and have exactly the same preferences as Keith anyway. Not having such access might be a deal breaker for us.

  30. Just some input about my experience… I subscribed to watch The Chosen without understanding the purpose behind VidAngel. I often limit my viewing to programming created before 1990 just to avoid the language and sexual themes. I finally “sort of” came to understand that VidAngel could edit the content of current programming (and I’m still not positive that is true.) When I tried to use that feature, I found I was having to go through to select my editing choices from a very offensive list of words which I refuse to look at. it seems simpler not to watch modern content unless it is rated as G. I appreciate what I think you are trying to do, but I think the devil is (literally) in the details.

  31. I don’t watch VidAngel a tremendous amount, but I would say that 95%+ of the time i have little or no issues.

    I would only hope that they add more popular titles from the past 20 years that are normally R rated.

    And it’s still frustrating that Sony doesn’t allow access to their content even when we agree to pay the same as anyone else.

  32. Thanks for this update. I left for a little bit but I think I might come back now. I knew that it was going to be problematic to work with the industry because of how stubborn they can be and all the technical hurdles that have to be jumped. one feature I would really like to see though is I would like to filter based off of content when looking for a movie to watch. It can be frustrating going into each movie and then going to the specific section that bothers me the most such as blasphemy to see if it is in the movie. Even with filtering I absolutely refuse to watch any movie that abuses the name of my Lord and Savior. If there was an option to exclude all movies that had blasphemy and it would be much easier for me to search for movies that my family can enjoy.

  33. It would be nice to be able to sort by only “Amazon Prime” movies (or Netflix only). We continually click on movies or shows only to find out that its a Netflix only or Amazon rental. Most of the time we just want to search Amazon Prime or vidangel shows/movies

  34. We won’t be signing up for Vidangel until we can watch filtered Amazon on our TV. Why should we pay to watch on an iPhone or be forced to use a PC? Yes we can cast it, but no we aren’t going to; the app is too glitchy. Plus we can’t use the phone while casting. Also, you have essentially eliminated a remote – except for my phone which I don’t want to hand to my kids. To top it all off, you are charging double what you used to charge – and it’s the users who are doing the filtering for you anyway.

  35. I always assumed the new VidAngel was filtering movies streamed through other services (e.g., Amazon) but it sounds like the video streams are still coming from VidAngel’s servers and VidAngel is just confirming with the other services that a user has rights to watch specific content. It’s not clear how this arrangement gets around the legal issues the company previously experienced.

    I’m still holding out for a dedicated AppleTV app (and a clear legal footing for filtering) before subscribing but I wish the company well.

  36. Great work in bring back some accessibility with the web option. I also appreciate the note and back-drop on how we arrived here from the tech side. I would like to see moving forward, as others have mentioned;
    1. Higher quality video playback. There is a stark difference when we watch the same movie directly from the source (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), not sure if this is a compression issue or not but I am sure you can overcome this issue.
    2. A process that permits real-time filtering of movies. Waiting and/or requesting “a filter” is a long process if in fact the film is ever chosen to be filter (applies to older films mostly). Having this functionality would be “next-level” and a huge crowd pleaser.

  37. It really surprises me that more of the large studios don’t want to play ball. To me it is a win win. Regardless of how much of the movie is cut, they still make the money from Amazon and other streaming providers.

    The more movies you can edit the more the service will appeal to me. We do subscribe, but only watch it now and again because there is not enough movies and TV shows to watch.

  38. Thanks for your efforts to make things better. The phone app has been good, and we believe very much in what you are doing. Keep up the good work and thank you for the update on how technical things are on your end, give your engineers a raise!

  39. Casting Netflix or Amazon from my phone to Roku works so flawlessly that I don’t know if I’ll even bother with the app on Roku, but I appreciate that you’ve worked on it. Maybe someday we’ll try it. In the meantime, I just want to say how much we appreciate the service you provide. There is so much content that we would never watch without VidAngel. The only frustration I experience is when movies haven’t been filtered yet, but I do like the request feature and have now watched one that was requested a while back!

    On the tech side… I am curious about the process you go through to actually filter a movie. I would enjoy an article or video on that. For example, do you have tools that find the content to filter or does someone sit through the whole movie and do it manually? Thanks!

  40. Vidangel is awesome, and the granular way in which you handle filtering options is light years ahead of ClearPlay. My #1 biggest frustration is how many shows and movies are BLOCKED, presumably because of the unfair lawsuit brought by the “The Mouse” gangster and all his gangster friends.

    PLEASE find some way to get all those unblocked. A few ideas:

    – Shut down Vidangel, declare full bankruptcy, and start up again as a brand new company with no legal ties to the old company. Keep all the filters you’ve made, or “sell” them to the new company. It seems to me that a brand new company would have no injunctions, and could legally filter all those movies and TV shows.

    – Move Vidangel offshore, and thus get out from under the gangster cartels in Hollywood and the legal system in USA that protects them. You could do well in Belize or Grand Cayman or Mexico!

    – Move away from software-based filtering to hardware-based filtering. Create a device that does the filtering and connects *between* the Roku box and the TV. Then Vidangel is no longer modifying the stream upstream from the device, but now the consumer is doing it downstream from the device. This could get around some of the legality problems. For example, I don’t think Hollywood can sue me for hitting mute and FF on my remote while watching. This little hardware device would simply be doing the mutes and skips for me.

    Keep fighting, Vidangel. Heaven help us if ClearPlay becomes our last/only option!!

    1. The hardware-based filtering you are describing sounds like TV Guardian. Of course, TVG only works for filtering audio. I really like not having to deal with hardware and that direction seems like a step backward.

  41. I’m curious, how are vulgarities edited out? Are they just silenced or are the scenes actually cut? Because I thought a fun way to “stress test” their system would be to have it run a movie like Beverly Hills Cop. Great movie, but that police chief cussed up a storm with f-bombs every other word!

    1. They silence the offensive language and you can filter through what you do / do not want to filter.

  42. Just wanted to say that I love the casting option and hope that it will still be an option going forward. Thanks!

  43. What about DVDs? I have DVDs & BluRays I own, rent from library or RedBox. I would like to sometimes filter these before watching with the family. Is this in the roadmap? or will this only ever work with subscription based services (Netflix, Amazon Prime & subs)? I know technically I can rent a movie from Amazon, but it’s hard to rent a move for $5 from Amazon + pay $15 to filter (only watch 1-2 movies per month). That’s like buying the DVD but with severe restrictions of only getting to watch for a 24hr period. 🙁 I miss the old per-movie model.

  44. Just a comment to say I love the open communication from the engineering department. Having been in the software business for 15+ years, I can appreciate the technical challenges you face, but it is nice to hear some context about what you are facing and how you are attempting to fix the issues.

  45. One other problem I have found with Vidangel: When watching on our 150″ home theater screen (1080P projector, not even 4K!), everything through Vidangel is just a bit blurry. I believe that Vidangel is degrading the stream while filtering it, maybe not intentionally, but somehow this is happening. It would be so great if you could fix this.

    1. Agreed! Also, it was maddening one time when we already owned a 4k movie on amazon but it wasn’t the correct version for VidAngel (which was only the HD version), so we had to rebuy the movie just to filter it.

  46. The quality of vid angel is so so bad. Lately I’ve just taken to editing remuxed versions of 4k blu rays for my family and just stream them through Plex. Crystal clear 4k HDR edited clean films.

    1. This was my favorite part of Vudu’s Family Play — filtering movies in 4K HDR/Dolby Vision. It was incredible! Unfortunately, Th eu don’t offer Family Play anymore as of TV is week. 🙁 But I would LOVE watching more filtered movies in 4K HDR.

  47. I just wanted to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for everything you have done to help make the world a better place.

    I have told everyone I know about Vidangel over the years – singing your praises whenever I can.

    Thank you for all of the vulgar things that my family and I haven’t had to see, hear or internalize over the years. That is a gift that is worth more than money.

    I also love that you haven’t stopped fighting for what you believe is right, even when the ‘dark side’ of the force is trying to crush you. 🙂

    As long as you keep fighting, and we will stand with you.

    Thanks again!

  48. Neal, thanks for your leadership and for this awesome product!! Any update on the D1SNEE Situation? Thanks!!

  49. You guys are awesome, thanks for listening to the customer to continue to make things better!

  50. And one final plea: I would LOVE it if Vidangel would create a small group of “power users” that could meet with company execs and engineers once a quarter or once a year and share ideas. My definition of a power user is someone passionate about Vidangel, uses it all the time, and has lots of ideas for improvement of the technology. I am a software engineer with 20 years experience, so I would also bring an outsider’s engineering perspective. I live in Herriman so I could easily drive to your HQ. I actually built my own experimental video filtering tool that would allow any regular person to create their own filters, that could then be shared with others. I’d love to discuss this with Vidangel engineers.

  51. Did anyone notice that Disney edited Hamilton for Disney+? Seems like a double standard to me.

    Thank you VidAngel for adjusting your plans and staying in business!

    1. Yeah! Except Disney only skipped 2/3 f-words… if they felt it was necessary to skip on and went through the effort why not skip all of them?? Hope Disney gets their head on straight and allows us to filter through VidAngel!

      1. Almost certainly did it for the rating. From reading I’ve done, Disney+ is supposed to be their “Family Friendly” playground, and Hulu is for the more adult content. By editing out just enough, they can give it a PG-13 rating.

  52. Good to see the Roku app back. We went from 90% of all content on Roku through the app to only 10% of content watched when we were forced to use the phone app which was a horrible experience.

  53. Loved the service because I could watch shows that I never could because of the content. Unfortunately the app was sooo glitchy that I gave up after finishing one series. Appreciate the transparency, I will keep checking back and hoping it gets better. A fire app would be ideal for me. I think casting from my phone to the fire was about 50% of the problems. Had to keep restarting the fire to get it to sync to the app on my phone. Between that and verifying my Netflix account…always says invalid. Keep restarting the app and retrying and eventually it works.

    1. Yeah, Fire TV doesn’t support their casting feature very well. Our plan is to make a Fire TV app so that it will be smooth to cast to Amazon Fire TV.

  54. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a simple app that works simply for smart TVs as well!!!!! I paid a lot of money for my smart tv, and have loved the fact that I don’t have to get a Roku or worry about another remote. I have been advocating for many of my believe and nonbeliever friends to watch The Chosen, and when the question comes up on how to access it, the conversation becomes complicated. My parents, for instance, live in a different state than I do. So the only way I could enable them to watch the show was to have them visit, then hook up my computer with an HDMI cable so that I could allow it to play on my tv. I’m hoping (we’ll learn tonight) that a season 2 will be coming out soon. And I would love to promote that beautiful show to as many people as possible hoping that the technically challenged like my parents could still watch it!

    Thank you for the transparency! Please keep growing! 🙂

  55. I already praised you and shared you with my family. But thank you anyway for these new efforts.
    Now please work on closed captions for us old and hard of hearing folks.

  56. The app NEVER worked for me, needless to say it was very frustrating.
    Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to access it…… hopeful.

  57. This is such a helpful update. Using the phone is truly such a step backward compared to the old AppleTV app. Can’t wait to have that back!

    Did the subscription agreements ever roll out for investment? I missed the update if so.

  58. I love love what VidAngel does. I think it’s a wonderful thing to give the option of editing all the terribleness out so we can enjoy the show/movie. Thank you.

  59. Sorry to hear all the many different experiences not going better but as for me and my family the experience couldn’t be better. But thank you VidAngel for even making this possible as clearplay wasn’t working for us, hehe. We’ve been using Vidangel about 10 times or more a month since Jan and love it. And the fact that you even offered a casting option was great. I want to say you were the first I noticed that had that capability. When it comes to use cases the more the merrier. So I am glad that you are returning apps back on media streaming devices but also keeping the casting option as well. As far as I’m concerned keep up the good work. Maybe one option in the future would be to add more services to connect to like the CBS app, ABC app or even adding your TV provider like AT&T Direct TV. Maybe even adding a NAS media player like WD MyCloud. Not for sure if it possible but just a thought. Again we appreciate the hard work you have done and we love the app.

  60. We only watch shows through our AppleTV device. We don’t watch on our phones or computers. We are the family that wants to leave the phones in another room, and sit on the couch and watch from our TV devices. Thank you for realizing the error in this direction and putting a focus back on where TV needs to be watched … on a TV 🙂

    1. Jeremy, I was originally confused into thinking that I had to “cast” the video from my phone to the TV, but that was never the case. The phone initiates it, then the Roku (or whatever device) takes over the phone is out of the equation. This distinction is important and was never explained well by VA. But now it sounds like things have moved all the way to the Roku, and only a 1-time initiation from the phone, which is a good thing.

  61. We are new to VidAngel and are enjoying it very much. Casting has worked very well most of the time, and we don’t have any issues with using that method to access VidAngel. One issue we are experiencing is we are not getting clear, crisp, audio on many of the shows. It would really help to be able to use captioning in that situation. I hope that will be available soon!

    I was not aware of the necessity to click on “Pay It Forward” in order to enroll in the monthly subscription. I thought I enrolled when the free two weeks was up a couple months ago. Just checked my account and no charges have been made by VidAngel. Hopefully it will be fairly easy to correct that!

  62. Thank you for continuing the fight. I honestly wouldn’t be able to watch most of today’s entertainment without VidAngel. It behooves these studios and media outlets to work with you guys if they want people like me to stay subscribed. And yes, it means viewers can “alter” the director’s original intended work. But when the work is offensive in its unaltered state and needs to be changed to be more palatable, so be it.

  63. I’m so glad that the Roku App is back. I was considering cancelling my subscription since most in my family don’t have a phone to start a show, so we didn’t use it as much as before.

    One suggestion I have on the new app is to remove the vidangel logo in the corner or at least make it more transparent and move it around slightly to prevent screen burn on some TVs.

  64. I am really glad the roku app is back. I have been a long time customer and almost cancelled over this, especially after I sent an email with my concerns and was told (albeit very nicely and politely) that change is hard and there is nothing to be done. I am glad the feedback from multiple people worked. Thank you

    1. Don- that was the exact feedback I got, that change is hard but deal with it. I followed up suggesting that Vidangel do exactly what this log post did. I like what was shared but it’s months overdue. Better late than never.

      Feedback: do something like uservoice where users can suggest features and others can up-vote it. Then make sure that you have a product manager monitoring and keeping updates on what gets considered, added to the backlog, in progress and rolled out.

      First feature needed is to have it save and indicate where you stopped in a series and within an episode.

      Thanks for the good blog post, great product and hope unto see more of this.

  65. Vid Angel Team,
    That is good news, although we actually got used to the phone app. Giving the customer the alternate choice is always a good thing. The bottom line is that even if it had never become available again, our family would have “Stuck It Out” with your Company. We strongly believe in what you are doing and always pray that Vid Angel will continue to succeed in all aspects. We are with you!
    The Valentin’s

  66. I tell everyone about CHOSEN and have sent it to my famity. Also, I have it on my phone— just last night I watched it again and again. It’s the best rendition of that part of the Gospel I’ve ever seen. Every character is perfect — May Our Lord bless each person in whatever capacity they function in as Only HE can. Thank you so much!!

  67. Thank you! I’m very glad to have the Roku App back up and running! Please work on recently viewed capabilities. I keep having to navigate to the season and then the episode. I would love to have it prompt the next episode then next time I sit down to watch.

  68. I was shocked when I discovered that I could no longer use the Roku app. Trying to find anything new on the phone was a horrible experience. Every other streaming service I use on the Roku platform is much easier to use when trying to find new content. I don’t watch anything over a few minutes in length on my phone, so forcing me to use the phone and then trying to get your phone app to send the video to my Roku drove me to the point of cancelling my service. Half the time it would never connect even though the phone and Roku are on the same network.

  69. I live in an area where I have limited cellular service, yet I can still stream through the netflix and amazon video apps; however, not through the VidAngel mobile app. It is slow, crashes very frequently, and buffers constantly. It has always been this way, but much, much for frequently since your major app update. Can we expect this to be resolved soon?

  70. I am so grateful for this service and really don’t mind so much the glitches as long as it eventually still works. I like using the app and have it installed on both my phone and tablet. The only thing I’d like to know is when will the other seasons of Black Sails get filters? Other than that, thanks for all of your hard work!!

  71. Thanks for the update. It’s very helpful to learn what is happening behind the scenes! We are new(er) to VidAngel as we only started watching during the free offerings during COVID19, but we loved it using our PC. Our TV is too old for casting and we don’t have another box to do it, we just use a PC connected to our TV. We loved the DryBar comedy! We were disappointed we couldn’t filter our Amazon Prime and eventually stopped watching. We’re very excited you have that working again and love the Pay it Forward option. At $14/mo, we just don’t watch enough as a family to justify paying for it regularly on top of Netflix and Prime service fees. Perhaps there could be a basic option for one cost (PC only?) and a fancier option for the higher cost (other boxes, phones, bells and whistles?).

  72. YES, I do not like using rhe app. I preferred Roku. Fortunately I delayed writng about it until a few days ago, and I was informed ahead of time about the Roku app being back. So far it works as expected. No more numerous steps and waiting using the app on my phone! YEAH!

  73. Glad you got Roku back up. I actually have nothing against the phone app casting concept, but it didn’t work well on Roku (once you started casting you didn’t have many controls for the playback — just pause really). But I actually really like Roku and the Roku apps.

    My #1 wish would be separate sub-logins for my kids where I can give them a separate PIN, give them age-appropriate default filters and ratings limits and let them in real time through my phone ask me for permission to go outside the ratings limits “please approve Kid 1’s request to watch this PG-13 movie”

    Would also love an integration with Vudu.

    Love the idea of community based filters. Let folks build a presence of trust and share their filters with others (like an influencer) where you could adopt a specific filter set because you trust someone.

  74. So VERY glad to hear this! I had contacted customer service for the first time a few weeks ago to inquire about Roku support. Loss of Roku support was enough to be the last straw where I was going to cancel my service with VidAngel. It’s not just that some don’t want to use their mobile phone to cast or be the remote for VidAngel. Some, like older relatives, have just a Roku and lost access to filtered content when VidAngel dropped direct Roku support. I like my phone to be my phone, and my Roku to be my Roku! Thank you for bringing this support back.

  75. I just wanted to say thank you for creating this service. I really, REALLY appreciate it. There’s plenty of content that I don’t think is appropriate for my own (or my family’s) consumption and you guys bring that content back.

    I also wish the streaming companies would get on board instead of fighting you. We are not EVER stealing content. Because of you we’re actually getting the content we pay for!

    Lastly, thanks for the transparency and for listening. There must be a million challenges and a zillion voices. Stay sane! You’re doing good!

  76. VidAngel! I have long supported you and your efforts as it has been a huge blessing for my family that cherishes selective entertainment…but it has been sooooo frustrating that I was going to pull the plug any time now and it was breaking my heart. Glad the Roku app is back and will hang on and give it some more time…thank you!

  77. I love television casting from my mobile phone. It is my go to method, though having other options is great too. Please keep improving it!

  78. When will it be available in Canada. Sad that we always get left behind because of smaller population.

  79. You have a great service, we love being able to filter unwanted things!

    We are very happy to hear you are offering apps again, and can’t wait until work on the Fire TV app is completed. It was much easier & way more convient for us to use the fire tv app then the phone.

  80. Being in development myself, I can sympathis with what you’ve been going through. My old manager, or even the CEO, would often have ideas that they thought were the bees-knees, and I’d just shake my head wondering what made them think a given feature was so amazing, or why they thought everyone would want to do something a certain way. I’m sure they had some of the same responses to ideas I had.

    I understand a bit better now why things are the way they are. Probably bursts my bubble some too of this potentially ever being able to work with Plex. Would be amazing to be able to filter anything I ever bought, but there wouldn’t really be a way for you to verify that it’s really “my copy” I suppose.

    Anyhow, really appreciate the write up. Keep on going guys.

  81. Thanks for all the unseen challenges that you/other engineers have to grapple with and work through to enable us as customers to filter/skip the content we purchase/rent. I particularly appreciate your efforts to see that content has been purchased/rented before making it available on your platform. Thanks for fighting for the right and principle of enabling individuals and families to skip bad content in the products we purchase/rent.

  82. I’d love to see the filters be open sourced and also allow us to create filters that could then be enhanced by the community.

  83. I like that when watching a title through Netflix it asks for my parental code. Will that feature remain? Is there any way to add a parental code needed to view anything higher than a set rating??
    I tell my kids they cannot use VidAngel unless I set it up because if they wanted to they could go in and deselect whatever filters they want.

    1. Netflix may get rid of the feature but as long as it is there we plan to support it. We’re working to add it to the Roku app. Until we do, you can enter it on your phone and then watch on Roku after it has been verified.

  84. Does this mean I can go back to watching Vidangel through the Roku? Or an app on my Samsung tv? I was her never able to get the casting to work (this should have been easy but wasn’t) so I canceled Vidangel. I would love to resubscribe if I don’t need to use the casting feature.

    1. Yes, it manes you can go back to watching VidAngel through the Roku. You still cast to Samsung TV at this point. Hopefully the Roku option solves your issues. Thanks

  85. I love the ability to stream from the app, but there needs to be a better way to fast forward. Right now if a movie glitches at 1.5 hours in, i have to reque the movie and hit fast forward 540 times since it only skips in 10 second increments. I should be able to just drag right to where i want to start the movie.

  86. I just want to say “thank you” for continuing to engineer a better service. Over the last few months I’ve grown used to the phone app casting to the TV and actually like it because the Roku remote is so limiting. That said, thanks for making both paths an option. Keep fighting to good-TV fight!

  87. Thank you for restoring the Roku app. We had been using the web browser on my “media PC” (hooked to my TV) since the Roku app went offline. I tried casting my Android phone to my Roku but it did not work, although I have previously casted to the Roku with that phone. I was not comfortable with casting anyway because we try to limit the use of wifi due to health reasons. All of the devices in our house including the Roku have wired LAN connections. The Roku app is much more convenient and much easier to use than my web browser.

  88. I am SO thrilled with your product, even with the challenges. Looking forward to the Amazon fix. Mostly just want to say…. THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

  89. I just wanted to encourage you guys. We’ve actually had a great experience through all of the changes. We were happy subscribers, then supporters of the Chosen & we were actually able to transition to the new app with no problem.

    Kudos to the engineering team – you’ve built an amazing product. Don’t be so hard on yourselves!

    I do think that being able to pre-filter out various ratings / genres from the search screen would make it a more family-friendly tool (my kids don’t need to see filtered horror flicks), because you guys have actually created a secondary value by making VidAngel a one-stop aggregator for people who have both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Now if you could just add “kid’s mode” & “teen mode” settings, we wouldn’t need to open anything else.

    One more note, we have successfully been using ClearPlay on a Chrome browser to filter films that VidAngel doesn’t have access to. Do you have any relationship with that company?

    Keep up the good work!

  90. VidAngel has pretty much dropped off my radar except for when I get the occasional email message from the company. I loved the old “buy and resell CDs” approach but haven’t had it work well since then. Attempts to use it during the covid 19 free promo were completely frustrating and unsuccessful, so we’re back to watching BYU TV and Jeopardy reruns on Netflix. We don’t watch enough to justify a monthly subscription, but would love a reliable (and simple) pay-per-view approach with a good selection of stuff we actually want to see. I have always skipped R-rated and most PG13 films so there’s a huge backlog of old movies I’d happily pay a couple bucks apiece to watch if filtered versions were available.

  91. I really like this concept to set my own filters on the slop some of these shows today push! Does anyone have an issue with the phone streaming option?? This article expresses the excitement and success of the streaming available, but it only worked for one show and has not played anything else on my television. I watch with my phone all day so I’m thinking it may be the brand of tv I have?
    …..IDK just Aggravating. and maybe it’s user error, but I can’t believe I’m the only customer with this issue.

    Moving on-
    So many companies get complacent and look at it as a job instead of an ongoing creation,Thusly forgetting about the value of the customer. I’m happy to see this is being noticed and there is a redirection on that important category. It gives me some faith in VidAngel again.
    I hope for your success and thank you for making it possible to enjoy shows with a bit less gore and sex.

  92. We don’t have a roku device we have a chromecast and we are having issues with it kicking us off during a movie or buffering during the movie. We are using our phone to cast to the chromecast that is connected to our tvs. I definitely would prefer an app for our samsung tv but I am sure by the time that happens our tv wl be too old for it to use your app. We thank you for your hard work. I believe our experience w casting has been better lately but then I said that over the weekend and jinxed myself and we had issues the whole time we watched.

  93. We use AppleTV and notice that we cannot authenticate wit Amazon and therefore cannot watch any Amazon content. Netflix works fine. When will this be fixed?

  94. I appreciate your efforts to accommodate your viewers and your up front approach. I was drawn to your service by the series Chosen, which I hope one day will evolve into a second season. I find however that 95%+ of your programming requires a paid subscription to some other service to view content, possibly several services depending on who carries the programming desired. If I wanted to subscribe to any of them I just would, however the limited time I have for viewing would not justify the expense, the 90 dollar a month satellite bill I ditched two years ago would soon be rivaled by my new array of individual services each bombarding me with e-mails each week lauding their “must see” offerings.
    I have been amazed by the number of free sites that abound on the internet that to date have more than filled my viewing time and the quality of the programming. I appreciate that I was able to figure out the filter on your list of programs to see only that which comes from you without going to one of the subscription services, but I sure you know how small that offering is.
    I have watched the demise of the Video Store, the diminishing of Cable and Satellite service, and I expect that in the not too distant future the paid entertainment services will be going the way of the eight track tape, video cassette (Beta actually was better than VHS), and the wired remote control. I do however praise the resurrection of vinyl LP records.
    I do think that you are onto something with the filtering of video for your audience, but until you can gain control of the actual media, and offer it at a price that could both pay for obtaining the content and offer value to your customers, I don’t think you will get as far as you would like to. It would be nice to just go to one site and have available, without embarrassing moments, quality entertainment for the whole family to watch.
    I do wish you good fortune, I hope that I am wrong.

  95. I didnt read all the comments but honestly we have basically stopped using vidangel.

    Netflix forces a password reset every time I use vidangel and it is such a pain to change it and tell everyone in the house and then type it in to two tvs with a remote. It’s just not worth it

  96. THANK YOU for sharing this! I had contacted customer support a few weeks ago and ended up finding out that the AppleTV app was no longer supported and was devastated! I was also upset that we weren’t even informed and nothing was explained. I don’t want to have to use my phone to cast. I want to do it all on the TV like I would for satellite/cable/Netflix/etc. I was very upset about that direction. Maybe someone could convince me to think otherwise, but I hate having to do AirPlay. For one, I can’t pull up other media on my phone without it getting interrupted. Second, if I have to pause and come back later, it doesn’t save my place. Third, it’s very inconvenient for many reasons. I also hate the new verification steps… but I get it. Thank you for listening and for communicating.

  97. Thank you for bringing back Roku. I was going to quit the service, because the issue with casting is the quality will just no be there. I like my video hardwired to get the best possible experience. I am hoping for a day when I can watch any of my home DVD’s through your service. Maybe I load in my computer and you filter it through the cloud and back to my TV. with your new DVR product I will recommend you find a way of doing this, that way as long as I own the DVD at home I can just upload and filter.

  98. Thank you so much! We don’t have a smart TV so our only access to TV is through our Roku. We prefer not to use the phone because we can’t all watch at the same time. This will make things so much easier.

  99. Been using VidAngel for awhile now…best filter in terms of customizing it to our needs hands down.
    Here’s what I would like & what your competitors somewhat do. Forget about the BLOCKED FROM FILTERING that’s killing the VidAngel option & strengthening your inferior competitor that dosen’t block filters on the same movies.

    It’s not illegal for me to filter a movie in my house. A movie is mine once I’ve paid to watch it & the filter is something I made, personally customized myself from tools I purchased from you. MAKE A BOX I CLICK TAKING RESPONSIBILITY to any movie that someone dosen’t want me to filter. They are perfectly fine with filtering for television ad money. It’s just as legal for me to filter it after taking my money. Put the responsibility on us. They will never sue a family, ppl alter movies on YT everyday because it’s fair use & that’s before you pay for the content like we have. VidAngel doesn’t seem very interested in ending the lawsuit that cuts our use of their product in half, yet has doubled our fee.

  100. You need a way to push a message to us via email or messaging. We used to watch via Firestick, and it suddenly stopped working. We had no idea why, and for a few months now I have been paying my subscription for a service that did not work. I didn’t shut it off because I like what you are doing, but I did not find time to log on to your website until this morning, where I learn that what I was paying for is broken on your end, not on my end.

  101. I haven’t used vidangel in quite some time. Simply because it buffers too much for us. However, I continue to subscribe because I want you guys to succeed. Keep up the hard work. Stay the coarse.

  102. i have been with you guys since the beginning. i have been filtering on my own since before then. in regards to filtering ive noticed the accuracy (fine tuning) and filter descriptions have gotten worse. it would be nice for the more graphic titles for you guys to be more accurate with descriptions and the frame rate. ive been filtering on my own for years as is since you guys cant filter alot of the stuff i want to watch either due to legal issues or popularity, just get tired of going back over and having to view titles multiple times and fine tune quite a few filters on my own. i dropped Clearplay cuz they were way worse and didnt seem to care they have been around for over 20 years and while they have multiple formats along with Disc and Digital in terms of filtering they still have a long way to go. just saying if i can do it with a 10+ year old laptop and run of the middle editing software it shouldnt be that hard.

  103. We are very impressed with your engineering efforts. It really shows compared to other filtering services. VidAngel is seamless. It’s true there are lots of glitches getting it working, but I’m more than happy to work with those (and understand most of them are beyond your direct control).
    We would MUCH rather your provide the service in a beta form (glitches and all) than wait until it’s perfect. It’s the only way can watch most of the content out there.
    We are very excited about the custom filters and other new options.

    1. Thank you so much Vidangel! We almost canceled our subscription because the low tech hubby and teenagers without phones couldn’t use it unless I was home with my phone. This is the best of both worlds! I can use my phone for myself and the family can access it on Roku. We love your service and would have unsubscribed to Amazon and Netflix without it. I sure hope they realize that your service keeps many of us as loyal customers to their services. Without your service, we would just saved money and limit our services. Thank you so much for making a service that helps us enjoy entertainment without compromising our values and beliefs!

  104. After Vudu removed Family Play, I came back to VidAngel, and I’m glad I did! I was able to watch The Firm with Tom Cruise, and the playback quality was AMAZING! Full HD, so I don’t know what the complaints are about streaming quality. I’m using an android phone with a TCL Roku TV.

    1. The quality is majorly hit-and-miss across different titles. Some look pretty greatg. But the majority of films added in recent years are mushy and blurry.

  105. When I try and watch anything from Netfix using vidangle, it says “Due to technical limitations. Netfix is no longer available on this device?????

  106. Status on the Firestick app? I came here to cancel my membership because the new method of watching is not consumer friendly. If it’s going to be months, I may still cancel.

    1. Thanks to the generosity of others, you can use the service even if you can’t afford the $15 right now during the pandemic.

  107. First, thanks for the service, which I’ve been paying for for years. Usually the engineers never interact with the public, and I think its great that you are honest and transparent about the mechanics of how this works—I’m sure the complexity dwarfs what we see on most other websites.

    Engineering-wise, the UX I’m sure is challenging, but there are two main things that prevent me from visiting more often and taking advantage of the service. First, endless scroll is horrible. I suspect as an engineer you are taking orders from the marketing people who believe it is necessary, so I understand you may not be responsible for that. But think about how many more people would have read this blog if they could simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click “blog”. If I’m looking for the blog on the footer, I can never get to the footer. Finding content is hard enough due to the engineering challenges of linking up content from several sources to your portal, I get that. But the endless scrolling does not help me find things. The fact that it eventually “loops” somehow, or titles randomly reappear, is also sub-optimal.

    Similarly, on the topic of finding content–and related to the endless scroll, I can’t scroll past a title I like and open it up in a new tab to see if its something I really like. If I click on it to see the details, when I go back I’ve lost my place in the library and start from the top again, in a mess of endless scrolling. At a minimum let me middle-click on a title and open it in a new tab, saving my place in the endless scroll screen.


  108. Just wanted to drop in here and make sure the positives were being heard. Thank you so much for always having a way for us to connect with our desired content.

    It worked well and we were able to adapt quickly enough, but we had a little bit of a jarring experience when we suddenly found we had to use the mobile app. Others expanded on the following idea further, but it’s nice to not have to rely on a phone to use the service. So after using the Roku app for such a long time, it’s nice to see it back again. Thank you all for working so hard to make sure we can watch however the bleep we want.

  109. “Additionally, we are already hard at work to bring the same new features to the AppleTVs, FireTVs, and Android TVs out there.”

    We are sitting at 7 months later and still no Native FireTV support. Please provide an update to your empty and broken promises.

    1. Bryan, I feel your pain. We did fight to emerge from bankruptcy and comply with an onerous settlement agreement in that same period. We’re making adjustments right now to the team so that they can be focused 100 percent on improving the filtering product (and not get distracted by our growing original content business). Thanks for being patient with us. Things at VidAngel are looking bright.

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