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How to watch filtered HD movies for $2 on VidAngel + Frequently Asked Questions

Friends have been asking a load of questions about how VidAngel sell back works. Everyone who gets it LOVES it because you can save $200 per year compared to the old VidAngel on streaming filtered movies. But it takes a little education to understand.

For us to legally offer filtered movies, you must own the movie while filtering it.  To make this as affordable and user-friendly as possible, we have created an instant “Sell-Back” option to buy the movie back from you and put the credit into your VidAngel account.  No hassle, no fuss, just enjoy your movie, sell it back, and only pay $2.00 for your HD movie.

We made this video that will help you learn how it works in just a minute and a half:

Quick Overview: (using a $20 movie)

  1. BUY THE MOVIE – Pay the retail price of $20. (initial credit card payment)
  2. WATCH FOR $2.00 – $2.00 (per day for HD movies) is deducted from the $20 credit.  $1.00 per day for SD or Television shows.
  3. SELL THE MOVIE – When finished, “Sell it Back” for $18.00 of instant credit to your VidAngel account for your next purchase.

When you’re ready for the next movie, the credit already in your VidAngel account will automatically be applied to your purchase. Continue to buy and sell movies with account credit and pay only $2.00 per HD movie.  If you always buy and sellback within 24 hours, then all future credit card transactions will be the $2.00 watch price.

Other Frequently Asked Questions: 

What if I want to keep my movie? 
Here’s how it works for HD:
Sell back the movie within 24 hours it’s $2, up to 48 hours is $4
up to 72 hours is $6, etc

Until you reach the purchase price.  At which point you own the movie.  Once you own it, it will always be in your VidAngel vault to enjoy whenever you would like.   If you decide you have kept your purchased movie long enough and don’t want to watch it anymore – you also have the option to sell it back in exchange for a Free Movie Night.

Can I ever use all my credit? 
Absolutely. You can keep buying and selling movies or Television episodes.   Also, if you decide to keep a movie, it will use up your credit. However, if you always sell back for credit, then you will always have more credit to use next time.

Why can’t I just rent movies? 
It is not legal for VidAngel to rent movies to you.

Does my Credit ever expire? 
NO – Your credit never expires.  You can take as long as you like to spend it, or binge watch your favorite TV show and use it all in one weekend.

Why don’t you automatically refund my credit card?
Great Question!  We have worked hard to find the best and most cost-effective option for our customers to follow the legal law of owning their movie while filtering it.   Most of our customers watch a new movie every weekend.   The refund process from our credit card company takes 7-10 days.  Meaning, you could be spending even more than ever because you would have your original purchase pending a refund, and then a new charge for the next movie.  We don’t want you double charged and waiting for refunds.  The refund method was simply not a practical option for 99% of our customers.   Not to mention if we refunded every single transaction we ever received, our credit card company would eventually drop our account – and if that happened you couldn’t enjoy your fantastic filtered movies.

Can I ever turn my credits back into cash?
Of course! If you decide you have finished using VidAngel you can cash-out your remaining credits. It takes 7-10 business days to receive the funds back to your card, so you don’t want to choose this unless you know you’re done watching movies with VidAngel.    (Any taxes, gifted credit, or promotional credit are not eligible for cash-out)

If you still have questions, or want to the Long Version that includes “How To” instructions, here you go:

Super Thorough step by step guide with instructions: 

  1. Find the movie you would like to watch and select it.
  2. Click “Buy Now” and choose to store the DVD or Blu-ray in your VidAngel Vault and continue.
  3. Select your HD or SD option and enter your credit card information.
  4. Voila! You can now enjoy your movie!
  5. Once you’re finished, you can quickly sell your movie back, and we will instantly apply your movie credit to your VidAngel account.
  6. For your convenience, there are four different ways to do this:
    1. The easiest option, is to check the Auto-Sellback box when you purchase your movie.  It will sell it back as soon as your movie ends, and you don’t even need to lift a finger.
    2. At any time during the movie you have a sell back icon in the top left corner of your movie screen.
    3. Once your movie ends – A sell-back box pops up on your screen reminding you to sell back.
    4. At any time, you can select the title in your “My Movies” dashboard to sell it back or confirm a sell-back if you are unsure:
    5. Lastly, should you forget to sell back a movie, you will receive sell-back reminder emails from us that contain a link to sell back your purchase.
  7. Once you have sold your movie back, you will see your VidAngel credit in your account.
  8. This credit will automatically apply to your next purchase, so no need to worry about forgetting to use it.
  9. You can view all your transactions in My Purchases:

We know this explanation might be a bit long winded, but we want to be sure to answer every single question you have, so you are 100% comfortable using our service.

Thank you for using VidAngel!

VidAngel Now Works In HD On Chromecast and Apple TV! Here Is How It Works.

FINALLY! One year after launching VidAngel we now have crystal clear HD movies on Chromecast and Apple TV. It is called Angel HD. Roku and Amazon Fire TV are coming soon!

How To Use VidAngel On Chromecast

credit: the verge

How To Use VidAngel On Apple TV

Note: Angel HD is currently in BETA. If you don't have access yet, just be patient. You will get an invite in the coming weeks.


How To Use VidAngel On Apple TV With iPhone or iPad

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LATEST: The VidAngel App is now available for tvOS and it does not require you to use AirPlay. Enjoy!
UPDATE: The VidAngel App is now in the App Store.  Once you purchase your movie from, then use the App to play the movie to your AppleTV.

STEP 1 – Select an Angel HD Movie

After you have setup your Apple TV , make sure you select an Angel HD title. YouTube titles will not play in HD or on Apple TV.

Angel HD titles are not YouTube titles

Note: Angel HD is currently in BETA. If you don't have access yet, just be patient. You will get an invite in the coming weeks.

STEP 2 – Setup Your Filters

Nothing new here. Just make sure you customize your experience just the way you want it.

STEP 3 – Turn On Airplay From Your iPhone or iPad

ON IPHONE: swipe up from the bottom of the phone and then select AirPlay.  Then select Apple TV and select Done.


swipe up from the bottom and select AirPlay



select Apple TV

ON IPAD: iPad is easier. Simply begin playing your movie and you will see the Apple TV icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Select the Apple TV icon and then scroll and select Apple TV. It will immediately begin playing your movie.


Unlike on iPhone, on the iPad you can Start Playing Your Movie before turning on AirPlay/Apple TV


After playing the movie, click on the AirPlay/Apple TV icon



select Apple TV and the screen will go black when the TV starts showing your movie.

STEP 4 – iPhone ONLY. Press Play On Your Movie

ON IPHONE: Now for the easy part. Just click play on the movie and wait for it to load on your TV. You can now control your TV from your iPhone.

play your movie

play your movie

your screen will go dark and turn into a remote for your TV.

your screen will go dark and turn into a remote for your TV.



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How To Use VidAngel On Your Chromecast

 Also See: Beta iOS app that works with Chromecast, VidAngel app on Google Play for Android, and How To Use VidAngel On Apple TV

STEP 1 – Install the Chrome

Install the Chrome browser, and then setup your Chromecast on your computer

STEP 2 – Setup Your Filters

Nothing new here. Just make sure you customize your experience just the way you want it.

STEP 3 – Click The Google Cast Button

There is a new Google Cast button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It sits just to the left of the Volume button.  If you don’t see this button, make sure you have installed Chromecast on your computer. Click here to learn how to install Chromecast.

Google Cast Button

STEP 4 – Select Your Chromecast

After clicking the Google Cast button you will see a box pop down in the top right corner of your browser. Select your Chromecast and your movie will automatically show up on your TV.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.11.58 PM


STEP 5 – Use Your Laptop As A Remote Control

You can now enjoy your movie and completely control your movie from your laptop! Enjoy the show.

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YouTube Refuses To Unblock VidAngel’s Videos From “Safety Mode”

UPDATE: YouTube unblocks two videos from “Safety Mode”; Paintball video still blocked

We have spent the last 3 days reaching out to every contact we have at YouTube, trying to find someone who can reverse the damage trolls did to our video by flagging and blocking all of our videos for anyone with “safety mode” on.

After 36 hrs and a severely damaged viral campaign. Today we got back this apathetic response:

Hi guys,

I apologize for the delay in getting back in touch. I ran this past various teams at YouTube and their feedback was the following: Content containing mild violence, sexual or other provocative content may not show up when using Safety Mode.

Unfortunately that’s about all they’re able to provide — they also shared this link with me in case it helps to have more context on safety mode.

I apologize I’m not able to help more on this issue but appreciate your patience.

Thank you,

The irony is that ALL but one of our VidAngel videos are blocked in “safety mode”, not just the viral one we released with G/PG paintball marker mild “violence”.

There is no option for appeal. Another rep (who is on our side and trying to help without luck) said that YouTube doesn’t even have a department for this kind of problem.

This response is coming to a team which has signed off on millions upon millions in YouTube advertising spend over the past 4 years (Orabrush, Orapup, PooPourri, Endorse Liberty Super PAC…). In the past I’ve always been impressed with YouTube’s willingness to help on this kind of stuff, but this time I am getting nothing but apathy.

If you are concerned and want to help, you can voice your concern to Google here on this forum.

WATCH: How VidAngel works for movies.

A lot of people ask us if we have to go through each VidAngel movie ourselves to edit them.  The answer is no. VidAngel filters are crowd-sourced.  We have over 3000 trained taggers who go through movies and YouTube videos tagging them for content.

We also have a “no taking one for the team” rule. Everyone who tags VidAngel videos is required to agree to never tag any content they would not already watch if they were not doing it for VidAngel. There are plenty of people in the world who will watch all movies, leave the tagging of content you don’t feel comfortable watching to others.