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Announcing the VidAngel Affiliate Program

What are affiliates? VidAngel affiliates earn money for each new person they send our way (that signs up for a FREE trial). Pretty simple, eh?

money_imageYou scratch our back, we scratch yours (technically, you scratch the customer’s back too—they get a FREE trial after all).  Your job is easy: just cordially introduce us to them so that they’ll instantly fall in love with us at first site (yes, that was a blatant pun for “website”). It’s our job to win their undying love and loyalty by being awesome and not being stupid. It really comes down to chemistry. If we’re a good match, you make money for playing match maker. Make sense?

Check out our VidAngel Affiliate Program page for more details on how to qualify and get started. We’d love for you to become an affiliate and introduce us to all your cool friends. BTW we shower regularly, wear deodorant and brush our teeth and tongues 🙂

Meet the VidAngel “Bumper”

“What’s a bumper?” you ask? Well, we didn’t know what a bumper was either until a couple weeks ago. All we knew was that we wanted one of those cool “logo thingys” that shows up just before your movie starts to let you know VidAngel is taking care of you 🙂 So we asked Tyler Stevens, a skilled motion graphics artist, to make one for VidAngel.

Tyler politely informed us that the “logo thingy” is technically referred to as a “bumper” in the film world. OK, whatever. Nuance 😉 We told him what we wanted the animation to look like and he brought it to life beautifully, adding some nice touches of his own. Here’s the four second bumper you’ll see before your movie next time.

We LOVE the way it turned out! Hope you do, too 🙂 Please leave all compliments in the comments below. And kindly bottle up and bury any criticism you feel may be in order. Just kidding. But seriously.


Streaming to your HDTV

The experience of huddling your family or a group of friends around your laptop to watch a movie can be aggravating. Thank goodness some very creative people thought it was aggravating as well and have created ways to fix this problem.

VidAngel now offers the ability to stream to your HDTV via an HDMI Cable or Tabcast with Chromecast.

You can still stream directly from most computers to most TVs with an HDMI cable. They are very affordable (just make sure your computer and TV have HDMI ports before buying). Below is a tutorial of how to start streaming with an HDMI cable.

Click here to get an HDMI cable for your PC on Amazon

Click here to get an HDMI cable for your Mac on Amazon

To use Tabcast with your Chromecast device, complete the following instructions in the video below.

First, click here to install the Chromecast extension. After you install the Chromecast extension, you should see on the top right of your Chrome browser the Chromecast icon. (It looks like the icon below)

Once you have this, start your movie on VidAngel and use the Tabcast feature as shown in the Tabcast video above.

VidAngel Gets a Facelift

We are updating the design of VidAngel! NOTE: if reading about web design bores you to tears (like it does for most), just go watch a movie instead on VidAngel that’s more entertaining than this blog post (any movie will probably do). But if you’re one of those weirdos (like us) who cares about this kind stuff, read on 🙂

The new look and feel of VidAngel clearly displays the rental price of each movie at a glance without having to click on the movies (see image below) and whether or not it is ONLY available to buy (like 47 Ronin at the time of this writing). (As a side note, when a movie is available for purchase only, that’s decided by the studios and Google, not us.) A light gray now replaces the stark white background, which helps better focus the eye on the movie posters. We’ve also added a floating header bar so you can navigate to different categories of movies and TV shows from the menu dropdowns without having to scroll to the top of the page every time. No more scroll finger fatigue 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.39.03 AM

Another feature some of you might have already seen show up is the playback timeline of the movie displayed at the top of the page when you setup the filter for your movie (see image below). It shows what you will hear and see based on your current settings, and updates dynamically with each tag you change to mute, remove, hear or show.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.47.20 AM

After gathering tons of honest (and occasionally blunt) customer feedback over the past few weeks, we listened, listened some more, analyzed your ideas, got our feelings hurt (just a little bit), agreed with you, and then adjusted our design accordingly.

At VidAngel, we’re constantly testing, tweaking and improving, and we’re happy to change anything when it is clearly needs changing. Let us know what you think of the new design, and feel free to leave suggestions of your own in the comments below. We are listening and adapting. It’s through ideas like yours that we will constantly make VidAngel better…and prettier.


Help Wanted: Part-time Office Assistant and Bookkeeper

Company Info

VidAngel makes movies and YouTube safe for families. We are building parental controls and filtering tools to help parents protect their kids from graphic sex, swearing, and violence. Check out the rough drafts of some of our upcoming ads (Ad-1, Ad-2, Ad-3.)

Our founding team includes some of the top YouTube marketing minds in the world. We led the creative teams behind the Orabrush, Orapup, and Poo~Pourri YouTube campaigns. By joining our team you will surround yourself with world-class talent.


We are looking for a detail-oriented office assistant/bookkeeper to join our team on a part-time basis. Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing files (both digital and print)
  • Maintaining Quickbooks
  • Booking meetings and making travel arrangements for core team members
  • Keep office stocked with supplies
  • Keep office and restrooms tidy
  • Other miscellaneous slave-type labor (just kidding on the slave part)

Desired Characteristics

  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Detail-oriented
  • Clean
  • Honest
  • Self-starting

 If interested, please email your resume to Please include an interesting story about yourself.