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Streaming to your HDTV

The experience of huddling your family or a group of friends around your laptop to watch a movie can be aggravating. Thank goodness some very creative people thought it was aggravating as well and have created ways to fix this problem.

VidAngel now offers the ability to stream to your HDTV via an HDMI Cable or Tabcast with Chromecast.

You can still stream directly from most computers to most TVs with an HDMI cable. They are very affordable (just make sure your computer and TV have HDMI ports before buying). Below is a tutorial of how to start streaming with an HDMI cable.

Click here to get an HDMI cable for your PC on Amazon

Click here to get an HDMI cable for your Mac on Amazon

To use Tabcast with your Chromecast device, complete the following instructions in the video below.

First, click here to install the Chromecast extension. After you install the Chromecast extension, you should see on the top right of your Chrome browser the Chromecast icon. (It looks like the icon below)

Once you have this, start your movie on VidAngel and use the Tabcast feature as shown in the Tabcast video above.