What the bleep happened to Roku?

You may have noticed, VidAngel is no longer available on Roku. Roku changed its policy to block any app not sold through its official store. We didn’t make the list. Despite meeting all the technical requirements, our application was rejected. We appealed. We asked for an explanation. Time and again, we got no reply.

And even with many VidAngel customers complaining on the Roku community site, Roku has never offered any of them any rationale for not allowing VidAngel in its store. 

This is obviously disappointing to us because it affects so many of you. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. However, there are excellent alternatives so you can continue watching VidAngel on your TV. The VidAngel app is available in the Apple App Store for Apple TV devices, the Google Play Store for Chromecast with Google TV or for Android TV devices, and also an app that can be manually loaded on Amazon Fire TV devices.

We have all sacrificed so much for the right to filter movies and television. This Roku decision was just another bit of opposition that won’t slow us down. We really appreciate you being part of the VidAngel family.


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  1. I’ve heard conflicting stories about this. Is it true that you’ve heard o thing from them? Are you trying to get back on Roku?

  2. Movies are a product. I don’t have to consume a product exactly how an artist intended. If I paid for it, then it’s mine to do with as I please. I choose to edit. Could you imagine if you went to a great restaurant and the chef (artist) made you eat everything on the plate. They might cry “diets destroy art”. That’s foolish. Art that is sold is a product: Nothing more.

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