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What the bleep happened to Roku?

You may have noticed, VidAngel is no longer available on Roku. Roku changed its policy to block any app not sold through its official store. We didn’t make the list. Despite meeting all the technical requirements, our application was... Read More

New on VidAngel

THIRTEEN LIVES Twelve boys and the coach of a Thai soccer team explore the Tham Luang cave when an unexpected rainstorm traps them in a chamber inside the mountain. Read More

“Locke & Key” Season 1 & 2 Recap: Everything You Need To Know Before Season 3

Time to start the marathon! Season 3 of “Locke & Key” has finally come out on Netflix. For those who’ve never seen it, the premise of the show is about three siblings who move into their ancestral estate after... Read More

Why I Chose VidAngel

Trigger-warning: The article below discusses sexual abuse. I’m not the snowflake the media paints me out to be. I am a survivor of sexual abuse. Directors, writers, creators, and actors sing this song of shedding awareness or bringing light... Read More

This Month’s New Releases on VidAngel

At VidAngel, we work hard to make sure all the best and latest shows and movies are available for our customers as soon as they hit streaming services. We launched so many new titles on VidAngel this month, but... Read More

The Gray Man: Hit or Miss?

We’ve all been betrayed and let down by the star-studded, jam-packed films full of household names. The Gray Man is not that. Turns out, Netflix struck gold with the right combination of actors and directors. Directors Joe and Anthony... Read More

Get ready for Emmy night with VidAngel

There are two things you can count on when it comes to awards season: weird fashion and snubs. Let’s discuss the snubs, shall we? The Stranger Things cast was nowhere to be seen. Kind of gave us Barb from... Read More

What is the best way to watch VidAngel on your TV?

Watching TV on a TV isn’t a new concept. You’ve been faring just fine for a couple of decades now. Then you hear about a filtering service called VidAngel that allows you to take out whatever content you don’t... Read More

Stranger Things… Then v. Now

The fourth season starts off with Dr. Martin Brenner’s unusually meticulous morning routine. It’s September 8, 1979 and back at the Hawkins National Laboratories. Dr. Brenner walks into the Rainbow Room and directs his attention to 010. He sits... Read More

3 Ways to Limit Your Child’s Exposure to Profanity in Movies

1. Screen it beforehand. Watch the show before your children watch it. Simply make a mental note or a physical one with timestamps of all the inappropriate words. You’re all set! Be sure not to lose sight of that... Read More