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You are what you stream. Love, Dad.

While I was unloading the groceries into the house today, I was quietly singing this linerepeatedly: “I’ve got those moves like Jagger, got those moves like Jagger…” As I finished putting the squeezable applesauce pouches into the refrigerator, I... Read More

19 Video Game Adaptations to watch after “Fallout”

The new hit series, Fallout takes Prime Video by storm, and it got us thinking about all the other video game adaptations you can find on VidAngel. We included Jumanji in the mix, just as a precautionary tale. There... Read More

You shouldn’t fast-forward through the bad parts.

You shouldn’t fast-forward through the bad parts. You can, you might, but you shouldn’t. Did you know it takes our brains 13 milliseconds to process an image? Do you want to know how long it takes for you to... Read More

FAQ: Am I still supporting objectionable content?

FAQ: Is watching a movie while skipping the bad stuff or supporting VidAngel encouraging Hollywood to make more objectionable content? Great question. Objectionable content is subjective to the viewer. Yes, there are those shows and movies that 99.5/100 people... Read More

New Feature Release: Reality Filters

Do you want to know what is too great a burden to bear? Reality. Not anymore. We are thrilled to announce that we have brought to life one of the most requested features of all time: Reality Filters. Instead... Read More

Most-Watched Shows This Month on VidAngel

Looking for something new to watch? If you’re hoping to stumble across your next go-to show, we think we can assist with that. We want to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can be the person... Read More

National Let’s Laugh Day: 44 Comedies that will have you rolling

Happy National “Let’s Laugh Day!” We’re all in need of a good laugh. Whether you’re one to laugh until you cry, or maybe you’re crying and need a laugh? No matter the side of the pendulum, here are some... Read More

Spoiler-free reaction to watching “Love is Blind” for the first time

Have you, too, also wondered, “Why would you marry someone from a pool of TV producers picked for ‘good TV?'” Well, apparently, so has Derrick. Derrick is one of our incredible engineers here at VidAngel who humored us by... Read More

16 Movies and Episodes to Celebrate “National Pi Day”

It’s time to celebrate the second greatest holiday of the year, “National Pi Day.” So whether you’re looking to celebrate the pie kind of pie or the pi kind of pi, we got you covered. The only way we... Read More

All the thoughts we had while watching “Love is Blind”

Love is patient. Love is kind. But is love blind? Season 5 left us all feeling like that could have just been an email, a good ol’ nothing burger of a season. Luckily, Season 6 is a something burger,... Read More