Is there a way to watch “Cobra Kai” without bad language?

Cobra Kai is a TV series based on the 1984 martial arts classic, The Karate Kid. You, your dad, and your dad’s dad were introduced to/fell in love with Mr. Miyagi’s wit and the iconic phrase, “Wax on, wax... Read More

Best ways to watch VidAngel on your TV

Watching TV on a TV isn’t a new concept. You’ve been faring just fine for a couple of decades now. Then you hear about a filtering service called VidAngel that allows you to take out whatever content you don’t... Read More

FAQ: Who are the VidAngel Taggers?

We get this all the time. Have you ever wondered who our taggers are and how we create filters for movies and shows? Does thinking about who takes on the task of identifying all the offensive content in your... Read More

FAQ: Is filtering and censoring the same thing?

No. Censoring movies and filtering movies are two distinct approaches with different purposes and methods. Let us explain. Censoring Movies Censoring movies involves the removal, alteration, or restriction of certain content deemed inappropriate, offensive, or sensitive by a governing... Read More

FAQ: Is VidAngel a Christian company?

“For being a Christian streaming service, VidAngel is showing and advertising titles that are not Christian family entertainment. All those that have language are not suitable for Christians.” So, is VidAngel a Christian company?  The straightforward answer? No.  While... Read More

What’s it like to watch “Yellowstone” without profanity, nudity, and graphic violence?

What can you expect when watching Yellowstone with filters for profanity, nudity, and gore? First things first. Hope you’re sitting down for this one. Rip still exists. Although much quieter, Beth is still there too. They are all ever... Read More

Why VidAngel?

Did you know offensive content in today’s movies has increased nearly 800% since 1980?  The first swear word in a studio film was in 1939’s Gone With the Wind. Nowadays, our movies average 43 swear words an hour. We... Read More

Who are the VidAngel Engineers?

Our VidAngel engineers are the backbone of the company! They are the ones behind the scenes making VidAngel better every day. They create and update our apps, improve the quality of our product, design new features, and iron out... Read More

Who are the VidAngel Customer Support Reps?

Hope you’re sitting down for this one. Our customer support team are actual real-life human beings. They read and respond to every Facebook message, comment, Twitter DM, and email that comes into VidAngel. For chats, we use a chatbot... Read More

A letter from our CEO, Bill Aho

Dear VidAngel Members, You may have heard that Netflix is launching an ad-supported subscription plan. This follows Amazon’s recent launch of Freevee, which offers ad-supported content at no cost. The good news is that we have been hard at... Read More