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“Bridgerton” Season 1 & 2 Recap: Everything You Need To Know Before Season 3

The highly-anticipated new season of “Bridgerton” is finally out on Netflix! Ready for the Polin storyline we’ve all been waiting for? Us too. But before you get flitted away by the excitement, let’s not forget the journey filled with drama, intrigue, and romance that transpired in the series thusfar. If you don’t have time for a marathon, we’ve written a detailed ‘Bridgerton’ recap of both seasons 1 and 2 so you can go into season 3 with everything you need to know.

Here’s your warning: spoilers ahead.

Bridgerton recap season 1

“Bridgerton” Season 1 Recap

The Bridgerton family, with eight siblings and their widowed mother, is introduced. Daphne, the eldest daughter, is making her debut in society and meets the Queen of England, Queen Charlotte, who adores her and names her the “diamond of the season”. On the other hand, Daphne’s younger sister, Eloise, scoffs at the idea of conforming to society’s expectations of marriage and mocks Daphne’s eagerness to find love.

Simultaneously, Lady Whistledown, an anonymous gossip columnist, begins publishing scandalous details about London’s elite, including the Bridgertons. The members of the ton are enthralled by her rumormongering.

Meanwhile, Lady Portia Featherington, who is struggling to find suitable matches for her daughters, Prudence, Phillippa, and Penelope, is dismayed when her new ward, Miss. Marina Thompson, unexpectedly becomes a sensation among potential suitors despite her humble origins.

The Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, returns to London after his father’s death, determined to settle his late father’s affairs. He is welcomed by his mentor, Lady Danbury, who insists he attend social events. He is hesitant due to his reluctance towards marriage but ultimately obliges.

Anthony, as head of the Bridgerton family since his father’s death, takes it upon himself to manage Daphne’s debut in the marriage market. He clashes with Daphne over her suitors, particularly Lord Berbrooke, whom she finds insufferable. This situation is only worsened by Lady Whistledown’s gossip about Daphne’s social interactions.

Meanwhile, Anthony’s love affair with an opera singer, Siena, strains his duties as Viscount, which Violet has no shame in pointing out. This causes Anthony to sever their relationship, leaving Siena heartbroken.

As Daphne navigates the complexities of courtship, she finds herself drawn to Simon, who is admired for his charm but shuns marriage due to a vow made to his father on his deathbed. Despite their initial disagreements, Daphne and Simon form a pact to fake romantic interest in each other to manipulate their social standing.

When Marina’s unexpected pregnancy threatens her reputation, the Featheringtons scramble to control their image and financial status. Marina is hopeful that the father of her child will come for her, but when that fails to transpire, Portia demands a speedy marriage. 

Eloise, engrossed in the latest issues of Lady Whistledown, takes it upon herself to unmask the identity of the anonymous writer, searching for clues around the ton.

The pressure mounts on Daphne and Simon as their fake courtship becomes entangled with genuine feelings. At a ball, Simon is consumed with jealousy when Daphne gets a proposal from Prince Friedrich, which leads to a sensuous exchange between the two in the garden.

After witnessing this exchange, Anthony’s protective instincts toward Daphne lead to confrontations with Simon, culminating in a duel challenge over Daphne’s honor. The situation escalates until Daphne intervenes, declaring her intention to marry Simon to prevent bloodshed. Simon, conflicted by his past trauma and his growing affection for Daphne, reluctantly agrees to the union but under the guise that he cannot have children. Daphne is devastated by this but agrees to the marriage anyway.

Season 1 image

Anthony, having confessed his love her for before the duel, continues to pursue Siena, who becomes resistant to his advances. Simultaneously, Violet continues to encourage Anthony to participate in the season and find a wife.

While at the modiste getting Daphne’s wedding dress tailored, Cressida intervenes, hinting at the incident in the garden and questioning Daphne’s motives. Daphne asserts her new status and warns Cressida about her words as she wouldn’t want to be at odds with a Duchess. Cressida, undeterred, implies that the Duke cannot be coerced into marriage.

Meanwhile, Queen Charlotte urges Prince Friedrich to continue to pursue Daphne Bridgerton despite her reluctance to his proposal. The Prince, still reeling from his own personal dilemmas, rejects the Queen’s counsel, choosing instead to go back home.

Later, Simon reassures Anthony of his intentions towards Daphne and apologizes for their earlier confrontation. Their conversation lightens as they reminisce and joke about their competitive history. However, their plans for an expedited marriage license are denied by the archbishop, leading Lady Danbury to suggest a direct appeal to Queen Charlotte herself by demonstrating their genuine affection toward one another.

Benedict, exploring his own identity and desires, attends Henry Granville’s party where he finds himself entangled in an unexpected sensual exchange with Madame Delacroix. Benedict also glimpses Henry in a compromising situation with another man, stirring intrigue.

Simon, struggling with the weight of his personal demons and the unexpected emotions Daphne has stirred within him, finds solace in Will Mondrich’s company. Their conversation, ranging from business investments to familial legacies, offers a temporary respite from Simon’s internal turmoil.

After discovering Lord Featheringtons poor financial decisions, Portia pressures Marina to accept an elderly suitor’s proposal for financial security. Marina refuses, convinced that Colin, with whom she’s found solace, will propose. Lady Featherington doubts Colin’s readiness due to his youth, but Marina suggests seducing him to accelerate their engagement. Penelope overhears and is heartbroken by Marina’s manipulations.

Daphne confides in her maid, Rose, expressing worries that Simon’s infertility must cause him great pain. Rose consoles her, suggesting that happiness in marriage doesn’t solely depend on children.

Daphne and Simon appeal to Queen Charlotte for their marriage license, with Daphne passionately detailing their evolving feelings and genuine connection. Simon interrupts, admitting their initial ruse but declaring his newfound love and desire to marry Daphne. Touched, the queen grants their request for an expedited marriage license.

On their wedding day, Daphne and Simon exchange vows and finally marry! At the reception, amidst the congratulations, Cressida slyly reminds Daphne of her discretion regarding their earlier encounter, urging her to remember that. Before the end of the wedding day, Violet advises Daphne on marital intimacy and the responsibilities of a Duchess, reassuring her that mutual love matters most.

Penelope attempts to steer Marina’s match, warning her against Colin. Marina remains steadfast in a proposal from Colin. Marina, desperate for security, manipulates Colin into proposing but he insists on waiting until the season’s end, upsetting Marina.

In her pursuit to reveal the identity of Lady Whistledown, Eloise is approached by Queen Charlotte, who also elicits interest in unveiling the author, drawing Eloise deeper into the mystery.

Henry confronts Benedict about their strained relationship due to his affair, but their conversation is interrupted by Henry’s wife, leaving Benedict speechless.

Due to a long journey, Daphne and Simon spend their wedding night at an inn, causing tension as Simon insists on separate rooms, upsetting Daphne. They argue over their marriage’s future, leading to a passionate reconciliation where they finally consummate their marriage.

The next day, at Simon’s estate, Daphne acquaints herself with the staff and marvels at her new home’s beauty. They enjoy their honeymoon phase while grappling with the balance of marital expectations and civic responsibilities. Daphne takes on her duties as Duchess while Simon resumes his. Daphne explores the estate with Mrs. Colson, discovering the nursery which hurts her deeply as she’s always wanted to be a mother.

Back in London while on a promenade, Colin announces his engagement to Marina, blindsiding the Bridgerton family. Violet and Anthony express concern, but Colin remains resolute despite their disapproval. Violet and Colin discuss his swift engagement, with Violet voicing reservations.

Madame Delacroix refuses Lady Featherington’s request to make Marina’s gown due to unpaid debts until Marina threatens her in French. Eloise overhears, growing suspicious that Madame Delcroix is Lady Whistledown.

Colin and Marina decide to run away to Scotland and will marry the next morning. After discovering this, a devastated Penelope confides in Eloise about Marina’s manipulation, seeking solace from her estranged friend.

Back in Clyvedon, while discussing Simon’s past, Mrs. Colson mentions that a womb cannot quicken without strong seed, causing Daphne to realize Simon hasn’t been entirely truthful about his infertility. She puts her theory to the test and comes to find that Simon’s troubled past and unresolved issues with his father threaten to pull them apart.

Bridgerton recap season 1: part 2

The following morning, Lady Whistledown reveals Marina’s secret pregnancy to the entire ton. Both the Bridgertons and the Featheringtons attempt to mend their reputations. Anthony instructs Colin not to associate with Marina any longer. After learning of the scandal, Simon and Daphne go back to London in hopes that their high status will help repair the family image.

Desperate after the announcement of her scandal, Marina’s attempt to abort her pregnancy fails, leading to emotional turmoil. Feeling sympathetic of Marina’s situation, Daphne uses her status as Duchess to reach Marina’s past love and the father of her child, Sir George. When it is revealed that George has died in battle, George’s brother, Phillip, asks Marina to marry him. She eventually agrees.

Eloise confronts Madame Delacroix about her being Lady Whistledown, but Delacroix denies it. Threatened by the Queen, Eloise must seek further clues. Later, when Eloise confronts Queen Charlotte about Lady Whistledown, the queen dismisses her efforts, planning to silence Whistledown permanently. After Eloise learns of the queen’s plan to capture Whistledown, she has a change of hear and thwarts the plan to protect Lady Whistledown.

Feeling the pressure of their lack of funds and poor family image, Lord Featherington devises a scheme for Will to deliberately lose his boxing match, guaranteeing his winnings. Will initially refuses but eventually agrees, swayed by the promise of a large sum of money for his family. The Featheringtons bask in their newfound wealth while Will feels guilt for selling his honor.

Stricken with jealousy, Anthony pursues Siena again and the two make love. They continue their love affair, concealing it from society. Anthony then invites Siena to a ball, where he would like to reveal their relationship to the ton. When he arrives to escort her, she is with another man and explains that she does not belong in his world. The two share a tearful separation and part ways for good.

Tensions continue to rise between Simon and Daphne, plagued by argument after argument. Violet advises Daphne on marriage, inspiring her to reconcile with Simon during a rainstorm, reaffirming their love. They commit to their marriage despite challenges that may arise.

When the Featheringtons return home from the ball, they discover that Lord Featherington has been killed by those he defrauded at the boxing match. The Featheringtons now face financial ruin after his death, with Portia struggling to maintain appearances.

Colin departs for travels, bidding farewell to the Bridgertons, while Eloise learns Madame Delacroix is not, in fact, Lady Whistledown. The season concludes with Penelope revealed as Lady Whistledown, and Daphne gives birth to a son with Simon.

Bridgerton recap season 2

“Bridgerton” Season 2 Recap

The Bridgertons eagerly await Eloise’s societal debut. Daphne offers Eloise advice as Eloise battles a panic attack. Meanwhile, Anthony discusses his criteria for a wife: tolerable, wide hips, and half a brain.

Lady Danbury and Queen Charlotte deliberate over the season’s diamond. The Queen wonders why Lady Whistledown has been silent since last season.

Portia frets over their daughters’ dowries, trusting that the new Lord Featherington will resolve it once he arrives. The Featheringtons continuously lament their financial struggles and the absence of the new Lord Featherington.

At the palace, the women present themselves to the Queen. A nervous Eloise is relieved when she is interrupted by the latest issue of Lady Whistledown, which hasn’t been published in over ten months. The Queen halts everything and departs to read it.

Eloise practices dancing to prepare for the upcoming season while Anthony requests his mother’s ring for his future engagement. Through the marriage season, Anthony struggles to keep up with his viscount duties and courting potential wives.

While out on a horse ride, Anthony encounters a woman, who turns out to be Kate Sharma. Their initial interaction is tense, marked by Kate’s independence and Anthony’s persistence.

Lady Mary Sharma and her daughters, Edwina and Kate, are introduced. Lady Danbury has sponsored them for the season, assisting in matchmaking. Danbury notes Kate’s age might make finding a suitor difficult, but Kate insists she is there only for Edwina’s prospects, not her own.

Eloise expresses her newfound disdain for Lady Whistledown’s superficial gossip, but Penelope defends Whistledown, hinting at future division between the pair.

Kate and Edwina prepare for their first ball of the season. Edwina worries about fitting in, but Kate reassures her. At the ball, the Queen meets the Sharmas, and tensions arise as Lady Mary’s past scandal surfaces. The ton gossips about her running away with a common clerk, shocked she would ever return to London.

Kate spots Anthony and recalls their earlier encounter. Edwina shows interest in Anthony, but as viscount, Anthony has no shortage of options. As the night progresses, Anthony and Kate continue to clash when Kate overhears Anthony’s dismissive view on marriage.

Meanwhile, Phillippa’s and Albion Finch’s engagement has been drawn out due to the lack of dowry. At the ball, Albion’s parents question Portia about this, but Portia deflects.

Violet’s overwhelming enthusiasm for finding Eloise a suitor causes Eloise to become disillusioned with the ball and she seeks Penelope for refuge. Eloise and Penelope bond over their troubles—Eloise feels like a disappointment and Penelope feels invisible.

Lady Danbury confronts Kate about Edwina’s grandparents, the Sheffields, who have stipulated that Edwina marry someone of nobility in order to secure their inheritance. Lady Danbury urges Kate to tell Edwina the truth, but Kate declines.

Having not yet named a diamond of the season, the women of the ton (excluding Eloise, of course) are hopeful. Lady Danbury attempts to sway the Queen’s decision, asserting that Edwina would make a fine choice. It works and Queen Charlotte declares Edwina the diamond. The Queen then introduces Edwina to Anthony—to Kate’s dismay.

Jack Featherington’s arrival stirs tensions at the Featherington home. He claims to have paid Phillippa’s dowry, allowing Phillippa to marry Mr. Finch. However, he later divulges to Portia his worries about the family finances.

Moved by Eloise’s assertion about Lady Whistledown’s superficial work, Penelope resumes writing, highlighting the value of women beyond shallow traits. When the issue is published, Eloise is enthralled by Lady Whistledown’s new purposeful publication.

Anthony pursues Edwina, but Kate remains a formidable obstacle. As suitors call on Edwina, Kate’s protective nature intensifies. Anthony’s pursuit is strategic yet sincere, causing friction with Kate.

Season 2 image

At the races, Edwina is escorted by Lord Lumley, but Anthony asserts his presence, displacing Lord Lumley. Kate criticizes Anthony’s reckless horse bets and the two bicker about Anthony’s insincerity.

Having noticed a clue in the latest issue of Whistledown, Eloise’s intrigue with the author leads her to investigate a printer in Bloomsbury, meeting Theo Sharpe, who urges her to attend political assemblies.

Queen Charlotte continues to obsess over the identity of Lady Whistledown, writing up a list of those who’ve conversed with Edwina since being crowned the season’s diamond.

Colin arrives home from his travels. He confides in Penelope about finding himself during his travels and has sworn off women, leaving Penelope disheartened.

At Lady Danbury’s soiree, Anthony seeks Benedict’s help with poetry for Edwina, only to burn the poem when he realizes it is not his own sentiment. Edwina sees Anthony’s raw honesty as endearing, causing Kate distress.

When Penelope catches wind that Eloise has reopened her Lady Whistledown investigation, she goes to the market in town in an attempt to cover up evidence, where she accidentally bumps into Madame Delacroix.

Flashbacks reveal the traumatic events that shaped Anthony’s views on duty and marriage after witnessing his father’s sudden death by bee sting and Violet’s complicated childbirth thereafter.

As the Sharmas travel to Aubrey Hall, the Bridgerton estate, Kate resolves to be more open-minded at the urging of Lady Danbury. Upon arrival, Kate and Anthony’s immediate banter causes confusion for Daphne, who mistakenly takes Kate as Edwina, adding to the tension.

Anthony seeks his mother’s ring, eager to propose to Edwina, despite Violet’s caution, insisting they get to know each other more before an engagement.

Portia Featherington plots to match Jack with Prudence, fearful that the family will be cast out if he begins courting Cressida. Portia takes Prudence to the modiste, where she demands new dresses from Madame Delacroix. When she offends Delacroix with her demands, Portia takes her daughters to a competing dress shop. Penelope hangs back, confronting Delacroix about their encounter at the market. Delacroix dismisses the inquiry, stating that a lady’s business is private.

Daphne explains the game of pall-mall to the Sharma sisters as the Bridgertons and Sharmas engage in a competitive match. Tensions rise when Kate takes Anthony’s mallet, and the game intensifies. Anthony and Kate end up in the mud, where they have a light-hearted moment, but tensions quickly return when Anthony discovers his father’s headstone near the game area.

Back at Aubrey Hall, Anthony and Edwina discuss their future, revealing differing interests but similar views on duty. Edwina then praises Anthony to Kate, who remains skeptical of his intentions. Meanwhile, Daphne questions Anthony about whether Edwina has truly won his heart, insisting that marriage should involve love, passion, and desire. Confused by these emotions, he attempts to convince Daphne (and himself) that he, indeed, feels them for Edwina.

The Featheringtons host the Cowpers for dinner, and Jack expresses interest in courting Cressida, causing concern for Portia. Portia devises a scheme to entrap Jack into an engagement with Prudence, which goes awry when Jack divulges that he is penniless.

During a family dinner with the Bridgertons and the Sharmas, Anthony almost proposes to Edwina but hesitates after making eye contact with Kate. Edwina is upset by the lack of proposal, while Kate tries to comfort her.

Benedict, having applied to art school, receives acceptance, where he becomes entangled with an art model, exploring his passion for art and intimacy.

Penelope, as Lady Whistledown, writes favorably about Madame Delacroix, highlighting her expertise over the new Viennese modiste, causing a surge in Delacroix’s business. Penelope, revealing herself as Whistledown, proposes to Delacroix a mutual arrangement to boost their businesses. Delacroix agrees and begins assisting Penelope by helping send Whistledown letters to the press in her silks.

When Kate confronts Anthony about the lack of proposal, tensions run high. During their heated exchange, a bee lands on Kate’s lapel, causing Anthony to panic due to his father’s death from a bee sting. Kate calms him by embracing him, and they share an intimate moment before Anthony abruptly runs off.

Due to lack of closure, Colin visits Marina (now Lady Crane after having married Philip). She encourages him to move on from their past, asserting that Penelope cares for him.

A storm keeps both Anthony and Kate awake, leading them to share a poignant moment in the library where Anthony opens up, reminiscing about his father.

Daphne and Violet discuss Edwina’s compatibility with Anthony, prompting Daphne to probe Anthony about his intentions towards Kate. At the ball itself, tensions between Kate and Anthony boil over into a heated confrontation in Anthony’s study, leading to a passionate moment interrupted by Daphne. Despite this exchange, Anthony proceeds to propose to Edwina, leaving Kate conflicted about her own emotions after their near-kiss.

Whistledown’s announcement of the engagement sets off gossip in high society, and Queen Charlotte offers to host their wedding.

The upcoming engagement dinner brings further complications with the arrival of Lady and Lord Sheffield, Edwina’s grandparents. Mary and Kate discuss the upcoming dinner with the Sheffields, revealing Mary’s past choices and struggles with her estranged parents.

While out promenading, Anthony becomes jealous when he sees Kate with a man, Mr. Dorset, further confusing his feelings.

Meanwhile, Penelope discovers Eloise’s secretive visits to Bloomsbury, where she engages in flirtatious banter with the print shop’s apprentice, Theo. She continuously returns to Bloomsbury, and eventually confronts her feelings for Theo.

The Featheringtons plot financial schemes after Jack admits his mines in America are fruitless. Portia believes that Jack’s fake rubies could resolve the Featheringtons’ financial woes so they conspire to defraud members of the ton.

In Anthony’s study, Violet challenges Anthony’s commitment to Edwina, urging him to be honest about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Edwina prepares for the dinner with the Sheffields, unaware of their hidden agenda concerning her inheritance. At the dinner, tensions escalate when the Sheffields insult Kate and Mary while challenging Edwina’s future. Anthony confronts them, leading to a heated exchange and a decision that shakes the engagement. When Kate tries to explain the situation, she and Anthony share an emotional moment where feelings are revealed but ultimately left unresolved.

Kate then attempts to salvage her relationship with Edwina after lying about the arrangement with the Sheffields.

Queen Charlotte’s desire to unveil Whistledown seeps into the wedding with a scheme to assign every suspect a footman during the nuptials. When Eloise leaves the wedding to go to Bloomsbury, the Queen believes her trap has worked. Eloise then faces Queen Charlotte’s suspicion over her identity as Lady Whistledown, forcing her to consider drastic measures to protect her family and clear her name.

The wedding faces uncertainty as Edwina grapples with her decision, leading to a dramatic turn of events when she realizes the feelings between Kate and Anthony. A tender moment between Edwina and Queen Charlotte leads Edwina to end the engagement despite the public backlash that will ensue.

Reeling from their failed duties, Anthony and Kate lean on each other for what is about to come, where they share a passionate kiss.

Bridgerton recap season 2: part 2

Ultimately, the fallout from the failed wedding reverberates through London’s high society. The Bridgertons and Sharmas face public scorn following the broken engagement. The families strategize to restore their reputations with a ball. At the ball, the absence of expected guests surprises everyone but they attempt to make the best out of it. Amidst the soiree, Whistledown strikes again, targeting Eloise and leaving Penelope devastated over the truths she had to publish in order to clear Eloise’s name and protect her own identity.

Kate and Anthony’s forbidden attraction reaches a breaking point, leading to a passionate encounter where they make love. Grappling with his feelings, Anthony searches for Kate the next morning, only to find her injured after a fall from her horse. During her recovery, Anthony does not go to visit her, which causes strain once again. At the urging of Violet, Anthony finally visits Kate, hoping to propose marriage, but she insists on returning to India.

Jack and Portia continue to receive investments for their counterfeit jewels. Excited by their newfound wealth, they decide to throw a ball. However, when Jack’s integrity is called into question by Will, he worries about their escape plan when profits fail to realize. He and Portia develop a plan to leave to the Americas after the ball.

Eloise confronts Madame Delacroix at the Modiste, suspecting her of being Lady Whistledown due to the transport of Whistledown’s letters in her boxes. Delacroix dismisses the idea, warning Eloise against prying into scandalous matters, especially since Eloise has been implicated by Whistledown herself. Their conversation is interrupted by the Featheringtons’ arrival. Eloise pulls Penelope aside and reveals that Theo’s print shop is where Whistledown sends her publications. Penelope, tired of the hunt for Whistledown, warns Eloise of the consequences for the Bridgerton family if her association with Theo is exposed. Eloise, undeterred, leaves disappointed as Penelope refuses to engage further.

Eloise meets Theo again at the print shop, where they accidentally drop Whistledown’s issues and share a fleeting moment before Theo attempts to kiss her. Eloise rebuffs him, feeling conflicted about the consequences for Theo if their relationship continues.

Meanwhile, Benedict grapples with feelings of inadequacy at the art school after learning about Anthony’s undisclosed donation securing his admission. Later, when he confronts Anthony about the donation, Anthony gives him encouragement to continue painting as he has natural talent.

Gregory connects with Anthony over their father’s memory, bringing a rare moment of bonding between them and closure for Anthony.

When the Queen shows up to the Featherington ball, Portia is ecstatic about their high standing after having faced a year of scandal and financial ruin. 

Colin’s dance with Cressida turns into a confrontation over a counterfeit necklace, where he exposes Jack’s deceit to Portia and Penelope. Portia then forces Jack to depart London alone, while also solidifying her daughters’ inheritance under the condition of a male heir by forging Jack’s signature.

Later, Colin consoles Penelope regarding Jack Featherington’s scheme and promises to protect her and her family, leaving Penelope euphoric.

Having reconciled with Edwina, Kate faces Anthony at the ball, where their dance becomes a public spectacle due to gossip surrounding Anthony’s failed engagement. After interference from the Queen, the gossip ceases, and Anthony and Kate share a tender moment on the dancefloor, reaffirming their love. Anthony inquiries if Kate still plans to depart for India, but then declares his love for her and she reciprocates. As fireworks illuminate the sky, they share a passionate kiss.

Penelope, overwhelmed by her emotions from her dance with Colin, returns to her room to find Eloise discovering her hidden wealth. Piecing together clues, Eloise learns of her secret identity as Lady Whistledown. Their heated exchange fractures their relationship as Penelope defends her actions and Eloise leaves in anger, feeling hurt and betrayed.

The ball ends on a somber note for Penelope as she grapples with her betrayal of Eloise, and compounded by hearing Colin laughingly dismiss any notion of a romantic relationship between the two of them to his friends. 

The season concludes with Anthony and Kate happily married, Benedict finding solace in painting, and Penelope resuming her role as Lady Whistledown, writing a new issue amidst her emotional turmoil. The Bridgertons gather for a game of pall-mall, hinting at new beginnings and challenges yet to come for the esteemed family.

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