PG-Rated Movies

Do you really need filters for PG-rated movies?

“You don’t need filters for PG-rated movies.”

There are many things you don’t need, but you may certainly want or feel are necessary, especially when it comes to your children. Getting a heads up in what is in a PG-rated film for your children might be one of them. PG-rated films may contain innuendos, “mild” language, “mild” violence, and sensuality. According to the Motion Picture Association film rating system, PG-rated films are deemed appropriate for children, but may not be appropriate for young children. 

Let’s talk about what is considered “mild” violence. Would that be describing how you killed another man, someone exploding, the use of guns to hurt someone else, crushing someone’s skeleton with their bare hands, or how about bloody wounds? That seems a bit graphic, right? 

That is an example of just 7 of the 89 violence/gore filters we have available for the new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Rated… you guessed it… PG. 

It’s important to note that ratings are merely guidelines created by someone else’s standards. How are you supposed to trust that guidelines set by complete strangers for “children-appropriate” movies will be the same as your standards? They’re not. The blanket “Parental Guidance” rating suitable for children, but potentially not young children isn’t going to cut it. With VidAngel, you don’t have to settle! Enjoy movies with your family again and skip what you deem inappropriate for your children.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some of our customers’ first-hand experience with PG-rated films:

“We shouldn’t have to wade through all the muck, and neither should our children, because as great as some movies can be, they obviously can have a lot of problems. For example, I would love to introduce my family to Top Gun before the new movie comes out, but it has so much profanity in it for a PG movie (and yes, the ratings were different then). Same goes for Ghostbusters before we watch Afterlife this Thanksgiving, but…well, I don’t even NEED to bring up some of the appalling stuff in THAT “family-friendly” movie.” – Joshua K.

“Most of the movies I loved were first watched on TV…I was very surprised at the unpleasant differences when I purchased them on dvd or tried to watch on streaming service, even so-called PG movies.” – Bruce S. 

“VidAngel exists because the ratings system is inadequate. PG to PG-13 can be a huge difference sometimes more than the range from PG-13 to R, plus TV-14 to MA. I’ve seen many PG-13 movies that were mostly PG and I’ve seen PG-13 that should have been R. VidAngel allows viewers to set their own rating system. The networks choose what to censor, why should they decide what to censor, why shouldn’t we decide for ourselves, in our own homes and our own personal devices.” – Jeremy Y. 

“Because there are shows that my kids/teens would enjoy but for no good reason they insert cursing or violence that is not necessary- so this ‘service’ allows us to watch together.”- Alma B. 

Why VidAngel?

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that you can look at what is shown & said & the themes of every show & movie BEFORE you watch it….even per episode of shows….you can see a very detailed list of what will be shown/said & you then have the option of ‘choosing your own filter’. No one has such a detailed avenue of allowing the user themselves to be very specific & detailed in their filtering.” – Greg I. 

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