You are what you stream. Love, Dad.

While I was unloading the groceries into the house today, I was quietly singing this linerepeatedly: “I’ve got those moves like Jagger, got those moves like Jagger…” As I finished putting the squeezable applesauce pouches into the refrigerator, I... Read More

FAQ: Am I still supporting objectionable content?

FAQ: Is watching a movie while skipping the bad stuff or supporting VidAngel encouraging Hollywood to make more objectionable content? Great question. Objectionable content is subjective to the viewer. Yes, there are those shows and movies that 99.5/100 people... Read More

Most-Watched Shows This Month on VidAngel

Looking for something new to watch? If you’re hoping to stumble across your next go-to show, we think we can assist with that. We want to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can be the person... Read More

The Viddy Awards

It’s awards season. Are you watching? Neither are we. But hey, it beats cold/flu season. We decided to partake in this year’s awards season with a little VidAngel flare. Think of it like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? The... Read More

Customer Favorite Shows to Filter on VidAngel

In a time saturated with graphic violence, explicit content, and profanity, it can be hard to find anything to watch these days! Luckily, we have a solution. Using our customizable filters, VidAngel empowers you to create a viewing experience... Read More