What to watch on VidAngel while waiting for cheaper access to Top Gun: Maverick

If shelling out $20.00 to purchase Top Gun: Maverick is NOT for you, but you still need some Tom Cruise-flying-action movie-vibes to hold you over until there’s a cheaper rental or subscription option, then this blog post IS for you! 

Even if you have watched Maverick but you’re just wanting to experience the same feels with a new show, we’ve got you covered! 

Available with an Amazon Prime subscription:

Top of list: The original Top Gun, obviously.
Feel the volleyball bro-magic again. Or if you’d rather not, get the recap here: Do I have to watch Top Gun before watching Top Gun: Maverick?

Jack Reacher (2012)
Watch Maverick, I mean Tom, focus on his shooting vs flying skills in this action-packed movie that spawned many a remake. 

If “Iceman” was more your man, then you might enjoy a deeper look into Val Kilmer with this documentary about his life and artistry.

Available with a Netflix subscription:

A rivalry. Insanely fast machines. A deadly crash. Take Top Gun’s formula and switch the planes for race cars and you have this exciting based-on-real-life movie set in the 1970’s.

Are you just a fan of skilled pilots? Check out this critically acclaimed film with Denzel Washington as he tries to figure out who’s been messing with his plane.

Men in Black
If you’re wanting a different kind of wingman, this buddy-action movie is a good time. Watch Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones work for a different branch of government defense.

War Machine
There’s plenty of ego flying around in Top Gun, but take that to a new level with Brad Pitt’s Military General in this gritty war movie. 

Mission Impossible (also with Amazon Channels Paramount+)
Just needing more action movies with Tom? Re-watch or discover the Mission: Impossible films. You might even enjoy it more without all the langue and sexual material. 

Mission: Impossible II (also with Amazon Channels Paramount+)

Mission: Impossible IV – Ghost protocol (also with Amazon Channels Paramount+)

NOTE that the other Mission:Impossible movies are only available with select Amazon Channel subscriptions:

Mission: Impossible III – Amazon Channels Showtime 

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Amazon Channels Paramount+

Mission: Impossible- Fallout – Amazon Channels Paramount+

Available with an Apple TV+ subscription:

For All Mankind
It’s an alternate reality where the Soviets got to the moon first and the Space Race is still going strong. Not to be outdone, it radiates that Top Gun America-is-awesome vibe.

Hopefully, that gives you enough to chew on while you wait for either the price to drop or you decide it was all hype anyways (it’s not, though).


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