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During our company meeting this morning, we reviewed the state of customer feedback and everyone made it really clear we have a few things we can improve on.

We are making a TON of changes and you need updates on known bugs and when we are fixing them. Too much has been falling through the cracks. You have been wonderful in sending us feedback on  after-movie-surveys, blog comments, movie comments, filter feedback, twitter feeds, Facebook posts and the support email.  Unfortunately those all went to different places and with our little team we weren’t able to keep up with all the comments. Some people had to wait a long time for support to respond. For this we are sorry and we will do better.

Today we decided we’d had enough and spent a day to integrate all forms of communication into ONE system. Now your comments on our blog, your feedback on the filters and all other communication will be tracked, followed-up on, and measured for your satisfaction so that we know how we’re doing.

Here’s a report on how the last week has gone with the new system test. We’ll follow up in March to see how we’re improving.


MARCH UPDATE: Our numbers for resolving problems got better in March, however our Average first reply time got three hours worse (this is because we went back and contacted a bunch of customers from the last 12 months who were interested in the Roku and going back months threw our numbers out of wack).

The ratio of Awesome and OK Replies to Bad Replies went from 12 to 1 to 13.5 to 1. That’s a little bit of improvement. However, the best news is that the number of tickets to the number of movies watched is dropping. This means more people are getting an experience where they don’t need to contact support. We will keep at it and report on April results as well. Thanks to our customers for helping us improve the private beta program.

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62 thoughts on “Better Customer Support

  1. To mute something means block the sound not the picture. When I watch a movie the picture disappears with every swear word. Watching “fury”was impossible. This needs to be corrected.

    1. Marcia, This was an issue on Sunday when our live clip server went down and the fall back generated black segments so that you could continue to view the movie. We quickly fixed it. You shouldn't have this problem anymore. Thanks for letting us know.


    1. Are you guys having trouble tonight?  I purchased a movie but keep getting a 504 error when I try to go watch it.
      I need it cancelled and refunded please.


    2. Matthew – Sorry you had trouble with your movie.  We've sold it back for you and credited your account. 


    3. Do you know what the issue was and how I could have gotten around it in case it happens again?


    4. Matthew – We were having server overload.  There's nothing you could have done.  We will have an updated server base active in about 10 days, so you shouldn't have that trouble again.   


  2. Hi VidAngel,
    This is a much appreciated website–let the viewer determine what they want to be exposed to. And I appreciate you making it simple to return the movie. Thank you.
    But please fix your “Search Everything” function. It doesn’t work even at all. It should search all fields of your database (title, actors, categories). It should employ fuzzy searching so misspelled words find the nearest term. Tell your web developers to use thinking-sphinx or an equivalent for fuzzy searching. It should show the hits in real time as you type and narrow down as the possibility list becomes shorter. Don’t settle until the web technology works perfectly. We are in the year 2016 (practically). There is no reason why your search function shouldn’t work. Seriously. Sigh…

    1. We just published a new fix for the search everything function on our website so that it employs fuzzy searching for titles and description. We will work on integrating actors and categories.

      Please let us know if it’s working better for you.

  3. The Martian was sold back before the 24 hrs on it’s own (I didn’t sell it back), my wife did not get to watch it. Is there a way we can get it back just long enough for her to watch it?

    1. Greg, auto sellback occurs after you finish the movie (or right at 24 hours if you don’t finish the movie). Next time, don’t select auto sellback if you want to watch the movie multiple times.

  4. Tonight I was watching a movie and part way through it said it was sold back and that I “owned” a movie that I never selected (and would never select). I was charged for the second movie and I was not able to finish the first. I would love to talk to someone abou that, but I cannot find a way to reach customer service.

  5. I have watched 4 movies on vidangel, somehow, I have been charged $43. I was under the impression that I would pay $20 and have credits for each movie. Not get charged $20, then $1, then $1, then $20 and $1. Someone please sort this out for me. I am very displeased.

  6. My husband and I each supplied credit card information to try and get a movie to work and were each charged $20.00 and were never able to watch any movies. We would both like our $20.00 refunded back to our accounts. Thank you!

  7. I watched a Thursday night and returned it within 24 hours. My receipt says that I had it for 1 day and was charged $1.00, but they actually charged $2.00.
    Can you credit my account the difference?

  8. We received our credit bill and noticed that we were charged for
    the movie. We rented London has fallen on 7-13. My husband pushed the button return, guess it didn’t work. We did enjoy your site and the movie and will
    use it again.

  9. Vidangel app on Roku Smart TV (Sharp) crashes the tv everytime we try to watch a movie. Please have someone call me at. TV is brand new, Roku software is up to date as well.

    1. Hi Kristin!
      So if you purchase an HD movie and then sell it back, you get $18 in credit back. So the next movie you buy, even if it’s SD, will cost $2 because you’re paying the difference. Then when you sell that SD movie back, you’ll get $19 in credit, making your next movie only $1, even if it’s HD.

      It’s kind of confusing, but do you get it? If you don’t think that is the problem, email us at and we can take care of you. 🙂

  10. We have looked at several movies and noticed that you are not able to add to watchlist or even watch. For example we have not been able to watch “Willow”, when we go to rent it, the message is that it is not available at this time. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, The Road, Snowpiercer,Z for Zachariah, cannot be added to watchlist. When will these movies be available?

    1. Movies we have not published can only be requested at this time. They will be available for the watchlist after they are published.

  11. Hi there! I think we fixed your problem! Is your email address “mj001*****” ?
    Email and they are always quick and eager to help! So sorry you had this problem. Thanks for using VidAngel

  12. I saw a movie yesterday …sold back the movie and up till now my 19$ has not been refunded …please I need my money back asap..thanks

  13. Help! We were billed $20 this month. Yet, we haven’t used Vid angel for a while. It shows an $18 credit. Can you help or tell me what I can do?

    We are glad you EXSIST. There needs to be clean up in Hollywood.

    : ) Brian

  14. I was wondering how this works with a smart TV? I am not too technical but it pulls up Hulu Amazon and such. I do not see a vidangel logo. Can you help me with this?

  15. I paid for a credit and it has yet to be applied to my account I also already had a credit of 19.00 that magically disappeared what is going on with is company

  16. I have sent multiples request to VidAngle requesting the closure of my account and the refund of my $19 credit but after several days I have received an email from Belinda Galvin where she tells me how great VidAngel is finally she asks me that if I still want to close my account I should let them know. I then replied to her asking her to close my account and give me my refund. Then I received an identical message from her (identical to the one she sent me to which I replied). It seems like the messages are automatically-generated. Could you please close my account and give me a refund of my $19 credit?

    1. I am looking at your account and a refund of your credit for $19 was credited today in our payment processing account. You should see that in your bank within 7-10 business days. Please let us know if you don’t.

  17. I want to cancel my subscription but there is no where I have found to do so. How can I cancel my subscription? If anyone can help that would be great because nobody from customer service is being helpful at all.

    1. We’re building out a feature so you can do that yourself really easily. Right now, just send a note to and we’ll take care of you. If you already sent a note, then give the team a little time to catch up. We’ll take care of it.

  18. I am so very frustrated. I purchased a set of Blu Ray DVDs on The Chosen via VIDANGEL. They appear to be blank. I paid $39.99 and they are BLANK and there seems to be no way of contacting you and returning the blank DVDs or getting them replace. I tried commenting on Facebook for help and I was told to contact “ That site only brings up ways to purchase theChosen again. You accepted my money. I need YOU to contact me with instructions on how to make this right.

    1. Carol, I’m really sorry for your frustration and we definitely want to get this fixed for you. is an email address…not a website.

      If you send an email message to that address with your issue then the support team can look up your order and get this fixed for you. I will send your information to support as well so that they know you’re coming for help.

      1. Support tells me that they have placed a reshipment order for you. It will be coming. Thanks for letting us know about the problem.

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