SOLVED – “Video embedding disabled by request”

Great news every one – we’ve solved a HUGE technical hurdle at VidAngel.

“Video embedding disabled by request”

We all hate seeing that message at VidAngel. For example, many have complained that the new Hobbit movie is not yet available on VidAngel due to this same message. This message means that the content owner only wants the video to be seen on YouTube (not embedded into other websites).

In the past, movies with this message were impossible to tag at VidAngel because our tagging tool resides on No more. After nine months of research and work on our tagging tool, we’ve engineered a way to tag movies right inside of YouTube. See the screen shot below…

The Hobbit  The Desolation of Smaug   YouTube With this announcement, we’re pleased to release the availability of two highly requested movies:

The tagging tool is in alpha stage and we plan to release it to our top tagging community within the next week or so.  This means that many of your favorite missing movies will become available for tagging.

Eventually, after getting our tagging community’s feedback, the tool will become user-friendly enough that it will be made available to anyone with the VidAngel plugin (even subscribers). Then, if we don’t tag your favorite movies, shows or videos that you want to share with your family, you can tag them yourselves! Or, if a movie is not tagged as well as you would like it to be, you can take care of that problem as well 🙂

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