We’re getting through to YouTube and Google; Paintball video still blocked

After petitioning our personal contacts at Google and after our customers have flooded the Google forums with requests, last week two of our videos (How it works for movies and How to use VidAngel) became available in Safety mode.

This is great progress!

Now, it’s just the the paintball video and the behind the scenes video that need to be unblocked.

We need your help!

The only way these videos reach families is if YOU share the videos directly on Facebook or in email. They can not be found when families with safety mode search for them on Google or YouTube.

8 thoughts on “We’re getting through to YouTube and Google; Paintball video still blocked

  1. I can’t believe some countries block youtube! When traveling I signed up for arcvpn and now I can access youtube again from those countries which block access.

    1. Jeffrey

      At this time, VidAngel cannot be used with XBox or the Wii. It can be accessed through Roku, Chromecast, iPad/iPhone, Apple TV, Android, or your computer.


  2. Hello! I want to thank you for a wonderful service! Have you considered doing the same filtering for audiobooks? Or tagging content for reviews of printed works? How do you find individuals to do the tagging for your movie content? I appreciate your help as I would very much like to see content filtering or at least review for books which have no ratings available whatsoever and only minimal review systems. I like your idea of crowdsourcing filtering and would love to learn more! Thank you!

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