VidAngel Policy: Can I watch VidAngel without filters?

As VidAngel has grown and reached a broader audience, a few new customers have begun asking if they can stream on VidAngel without filters. 


The short answer is, unfortunately, NO.

The long answer is, VidAngel employs filters in compliance with current copyright law, but we believe in allowing our customers to watch movies however they want. If you want filters, VidAngel is your place to do it. If you want to watch without filters, we recommend one of these unfiltered streaming services:

Google Play Movies

Amazon Instant Video



(or iTunes, which is not really streaming)

Thanks for using VidAngel!

Neal Harmon, CEO


117 thoughts on “VidAngel Policy: Can I watch VidAngel without filters?

      1. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your business model. I’ve told my kids teachers and they have used it in their classroom to show movies related to topics they teach whereas before they couldn’t due to bad content/language. I’m a dedicated ambassador of the service you provide. FYI, my 9 year old boy watches the family being shot by the paintballs all the time.

      2. That was a close one, lol!
        Put in all my info from Roku and was ready to begin my movie, when…..
        What….? The movies “have” to be filtered?! If I’m paying for it, I want to watch it my way, which means unfiltered sometimes. Anyways, this was almost perfect for this movie lover.
        Thanks anyway Vidangel?

  1. This is an awesome service. I have not yet watched a movie yet but hope to in next couple of days. As a practicing Muslim, I have been looking for such a service for years which would allow me to watch good movies in privacy of the home with family with relevant content bleeped out without paying an arm and a leg! Hoping this service lives up to the expectations and hoping to refer friends and family.

  2. Holy baloney! You nailed it! You guys… this just totally rocks!

    I just watched my first movie with VidAngel and I am totally blown away by this service. I’ve tried basically every previous thing (CleanFlicks, CleanFilms, TV Guardian… Clearplay through its various incarnations) and I have hated every single one of them. I *wanted* it to work! But nothing ever has. It’s hard for me to express in words how much I have hated every previous attempt to do this.

    So my expectations were low. Sorry! Nothing personal!

    And anyway, this was amazing. I love the granularity and descriptions associated with the filters. I love the pricing model. I love the technology — so easy to use! (No downloading filters to my stupid Filter Stick!)

    I want to refer all my friends and family to this service, not to get a year of free movies, but just so you please please don’t go bankrupt or go away.

    Srsly. Please, please keep up the good work. Favorite Internet Thing Ever!

  3. I’m posting a comment about the comments. Somehow they don’t seem credible with the time-stamps. I find it improbably if not impossible that 3 separate people posted on 3 separate days between 4:22 and 4:23 AM and that the CEO commented personally to each within 3 minutes of them being posted.

    They may be legitimate comments, but something your team may want to address; the manner in which they are presented. Simply remove the time-stamps and others won’t have to wonder about their legitimacy.

    1. Jamie,

      I’m not quite sure why they are coming through at strange times…it may be the server clock is off from mountain time. They are all real comments and I like to respond as quickly as I can here. Thanks for the note. I’m posting this at around 8pm MST (but it is showing up as Greenich Mean Time of ~3am).

      – Neal

      1. The comments here are appear to be moderated so do not display to readers until the “moderator” approves them. This is likely right before the moderator replies to said comments thus causing the time stamps to be very close. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for providing this service. We have been happy with all of our movie purchases so far and have been telling everyone we know about your company. We love being able to watch movies as a family without using blankets as shields or listening to language that are young kids don’t need to appreciate a good story. We love the user interface, the witty voice, and the ability to filter our Jar Jar Binks… It’s an internet win for sure.

    1. We have much to improve but we are very happy when you take time to say thank you. It makes it all worth it. Your support makes it possible. Cheers!

  5. Wow! Clever idea! Great selection of movies and TV! I will definitely be using this on my Roku and telling all my friends and family about it! Whoever is the brains behind this.. great job!

    1. Nothing.

      One of the Studio C writers works for VidAngel. A few of the personalities have appeared in VidAngel ads. We love Studio C!

  6. Hi, I love the idea of this and for the most part it worked fine. To test it out I rented straight outta Compton, riddled with cuss words. I found that it was hard to understand what they were saying with all of the audio edits, so I turned off all of the edits. For the rest of the movie, the audio would cut out consistently in a pattern ever 5 -10 seconds, even when there was no dialogue. Is this a common problem? Maybe just that particular movie? The video seemed to be SD when I ordered HD also, I have no problem streaming HD movies from other sources.

  7. I would love to help out by tagging movies/ tv shows, but I can’t seem to find clear instructions on the subject. How can I do that?

  8. We absolutely love your service and tell everybody! I do have one request/suggestion however (am I allowed to offer suggestions?). We will primarily use the Roku channel to stream Vidangel movies and I would LOVE to have the option to add movies to a list or que so that we don’t have to try and remember all of the movies we would like to watch or scroll through the whole library each time. Thank you!!

  9. Wait! What? We could watch Tremors over and over or just one for $1 or $2? Is it a one time showing or can we see it again. We have about a 3 year old Roku. If we can save it, where does the movie stored? Thank you.

  10. I LOVE YOU!! I have referred countless people to you- too bad I never send them the referral for free movies, but that’s ok! Keep them coming! THANK YOU!!

  11. You guys are awesome. What a great service! This greatly expands my list of eligible movies to watch and saves me time, frustration, and money compared to Redbox. Already recommending Vidangel to everyone.

  12. I’m glad there are filters available, but I should be able to watch the movie without them, since I technically own the movie while I’m watching it.

    1. You can request that the movie be shipped to you (we store your movie in our vault) so that you can watch it unfiltered on your DVD player. Thanks

  13. Hi, when will there be anative app for the new Apple TV? We love the angel and have rented dozens of movies and recommend it all of the time using AirPlay.

  14. I love the platform! Great service Neal. I wanted to ask a design question offline. Could you or a business development person email me?

  15. Just wondering if I choose to keep the movie, or buy it, is the only way to store it in the vault? Or can I download it somehow? What if something happened to vidangel vault and lost the movies I chose to keep?

    1. You can request that the movies be shipped to your home. We plan to offer a way to download and watch a movie offline in the future.

  16. I love your service and I am a real person! No matter what the previous accuser thinks. We love being able to choose the filters based on who in the family is watching and what type of movie we are watching. If people want to watch an “unfiltered” version keep in mind that the system requires you to “filter” your movie but it does not tell you what or how many filters you have to use. Vidangel is my favorite streaming service, you are only paying A DOLLAR for a new streaming movie. SO much better than that red dvd dispenser at the grocery store. Thanks again Vidangel!!

  17. I’m new to this site have never heard of it before. What do you guys actually do? I can’t find an explanation or F.A.Q. anywhere. I seen an ad on Facebook showing Redbox, but it didn’t mention anything about filters.

    Site seems to be made for people who already know about the service, but if I don’t know anything I have to do alot of digging to figure it out.

    So you sell NEW movies, that are filtered for language? or other stuff as well? Sounds cool, but I’d like more info before I sign up.

      1. I might add that it is odd to mount an advertising campaign without clearly stating when someone clicks through what it is you’re offering. Not being familiar with your service, I have just an inkling to what you’re offering, and that is from digging through blog answers. You need a FAQ page or something similar, right on top. I doubt you mean to be, but it seems almost evasive.

        1. Paul, we have a “How sellback works” link right next to the confirmation button for each purchase. It explains everything in great detail. What is it that you would like to have explained better? We have no intention to evade anything. Thanks

          1. Explain -IN WRITING- what the filters are, and do.

            That is NOWHERE to be found on the site.

  18. I’m using Apple TV and love idea of how Vid Angel is supposed to work but the problem I’m having is every time i purchase a movie, and do the auto sellback, my credit card keeps getting charged. I currently have $78 in credits. Am I doing something wrong or is there a flaw when purchasing through Apple?

    1. Steve, the first version of the Apple TV app had a flaw when you first linked your account. Make sure you have the latest version and that problem won’t occur any more.

      Here’s how to update the app:

      1. From your Apple TV Device, open the Apple Store.
      2. Search for “VidAngel” using the search box or voice activation on your remote.
      3. Click on the VidAngel app and choose to Update.
      4. You should now see the VidAngel app icon on your main screen.

      To use VidAngel filtering, you must complete 2 steps:

      1. Link your Apple TV to your VidAngel account (instructions below).
      2. Set your Default Filters online here:
      1. I checked I have the latest version, which is from Feb 12. I’ll try again by purchasing another movie and see if I get charged or if i used some of my credit balance, which is what should happen.

  19. Okay. I started the day with $73 in credits and just purchased another movie which then changed the credits available to $53. With the auto sellback it should go back to $72 when I’m finished watching the movie or after 24 hours.
    I’m not sure what happened that I got to $73 in credits. I have no problem with the $73 in credits as long as it keeps going down after each movie purchase. I didn’t want to keep watching movies and have the $73 turn into hundreds of dollars.

    I appreciate your prompt response. Thank you.

    1. Ahh, it sounds like you have the correct app now. I’m glad it’s working again for you. Yes, your credits will go down continuously. You have a lot of movies ahead of you before you run out of credit 🙂

      Thanks for your patience with us on that first version of the app. I’m adding $5 of credit to your account for your trouble and for sticking with VidAngel in spite of that issue.

    2. I was wondering what happens with the credits in the add it sounded like you actually get your nineteen dollars back

  20. Hey Neal, thanks for all you do, VidAngel is the best streaming service on the internet! I don’t understand this post, though. If someone wants to watch a movie unfiltered, can’t they simply set every filter to “show”? Also DEXTER SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!! 🙂

  21. Vidangel with Amazon Fire Stick? I have downloaded the App via the Amazon website, but it does not show up after syncing on the Fire Stick. What am I missing?

    1. It is in private beta and not yet available for public download. We’re very close to getting a public release.

      1. This is the best news yet. I am getting a fire stick the minute the vidangel app is live. I have it on my roku and love it.

  22. Thank you very much with 4 children ages 4-11 this is a perfect fit and allows me not to set by nervously awaiting, ready to mute the volume or turn the movie off entirely. Love the choices.

  23. Love VidAngel, but I can’t bring myself to use the service for “hit” movies because there is no surround sound (only stereo). Stereo just doesn’t do most movies justice unless I’m just watching on my laptop. Any chance you’ll be rolling out 5.1 surround sound support on movies in the future? I for one would definitely pay more for a more premium sound and video experience (I’m already paying Vudu $5-$6 for hit movies anyway).

  24. Just watched our first movie. I praise God for your service. We love it so much. It is nice to be able to watch a movie without wincing and being uncomfortable. Nice to just sit and enjoy. Thank you so much.

  25. I really want to use my kindle fire with chromecast but there’s no kindle app yet. I was told it’s coming soon, but that was a while ago. Is there an apk for kindle I can download?

  26. I have to say I am blown away at how amazing this site is. I have used clearplay and a few others but they are so expensive. We in the end just watched movies/tv shows that were clean, missing so many. So when I seen the price for VidAngel I was so excited, and pray it stays. I hate how RedBox started at a $1 but they later started to increase their price slowly. Actually having it at a $1 works because if people are like us we think oh why not just do another movie, and in the end it adds up haha. We have now watched two movies every night, catching up on all the movies. We get excited when we get together at night knowing we can watch a movie with no worries. I can rest at ease watching movies as a family, and knowing we won’t see sex, immodesty or hear words that we hate. My favorite is NOT having to hear God’s name taken in vain, and before if you use clearplay or others, they take it out even when the movie talks about God, but with VidAngel it only bleeps it out when the name is taken in vain which I love! I think this website is a blessing for sure! I hope y’all stick around, and become bigger, with more TV shows, and movies…but please stay low on price:)!

  27. My family loves VidAngel! We are very selective about what we allow our children to see and here which has kept us away from most current movies and many movies my husband and I grew up loving. We’ve watched a variety of movies and made use of the flexibility in the filters for use with our children and when my husband and I watch alone. For those wishing to watch a movie unfiltered, try filtering out only the ending credits or drill down on the filters to filter a single instance. Again, we love how detailed the filters are in letting you know exactly what is being blocked. Thank you!!!

  28. Quick question that others might have, if we bought videos through youtube on your old platform to be censored is there anyway to get them censored? We bought the videos on Youtube purely so we could use your service and now that your format changed they are worthless to us. Wanted to make sure I was not missing something here. Don’t want to have to pay again to buy them over again after we did that last year. Any help would be greatly appreciated, love what you are doing! Thanks for all your work, keep it up! I have emailed customer service and they have not given me an answer so thought I’d try here! We will be sure to buy things directly from your website from now on, you just didn’t have the option to do that before which is why we bought from youtube originally to use your service! Thanks.

  29. Totally awesome service and idea!!!!! We can watch movies with our kids and not worry about seeing or hearing something that is inappropriate. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is concerned about inappropriate content. Very simple to sign up and setup. It’s so affordable and the business model is amazing. We’re ditching the idea of buying physical copies of movies. And the convenience is really great. You can just pick a movie last minute to watch without planning ahead. A HUGE thank you! We’re spreading the word.

    1. We’re working on closed caption support for all dialogue.

      Forced subtitles are currently enabled at all times on the Chromecast.

  30. I am excited about your service but would like more choices. Your library is quite limited for the moment. How often do you add new movies? This is my only hesitation. Thanks, Bill

  31. The only reason, why I have not signed up as yet is because of the unavailability of closed captions for all dialogues for all titles. Can you please let me know as to when it will be made available.

    1. The team is working on this right now Sabari…we don’t have an ETA though. Know that it is a high priority item for us.

  32. I want to thank you for the improvements you obviously have made involving the Microsoft Edge browser. I’m not a fan of Google as a company and will not be installing Chrome as recommended by your tech support for use with VidAngel. When we first started using your service a month ago, we had all sorts of crazy issues involving page refreshes, vanishing watch lists, and buffering. We are on 50Mbps cable and have been Netflix subscribers for about 3 years without issue. Buffering was a big issue on our first 3 films here but we stuck with it because your service is by far the best value on the planet (not to mention being able to filter blasphemy) and we wanted so badly for it to work. The last 6 movies we have watched with Edge worked just fine. Thanks for listening to our feedback and improving your awesome service. I’ve never seen emails answered so quickly in my LIFE!

  33. You guys need to add the watch list to the app and also allow people to watch trailer on it as well. Right now we have to do all of that on the website. It would be much more convenient to have all that available while you were sitting down to watch the show instead of getting up to go to the computer to do those things.

    1. We totally agree. We’re working on that feature for Roku right now. It has been launched on many other platforms (iOS, Android, etc). It is coming.

  34. Hi Neal –

    I’m a new user myself and instantly love your service! You’ve got a hit here. Certainly the future of streaming.

    After watching a few movies, I’ve noticed that it is sometimes hard to “keep up” with the storyline and dialog when scenes are omitted due to the filters. One thing that would help is if you could display a tiny logo or image or something (watermark?) in the corner of the screen every time a scene was deleted… You know, just for a second. It would help users like me understand that some dialog may have been omitted… So I’m not trying to figure out in my head if I missed a scene or not – and can stay focused on the plot unfolding.

    Anyway, food for thought. My family and I really appreciate this service! You have created loyal fans. 🙂

    Thanks again,

    1. We’re working on a new version of the system that should mitigate this issue a lot. We’re not quite approaching it the way you have suggested but we appreciate the feedback. We’re developing much better accuracy and smoothness to the streams.

  35. Love the service! Are there any future plans for more types of filters? For example, my 3 year old loves Pixar, but I’d prefer to have some of the more frightening sequences filtered. You guys do a great job with specific acts of violence (really fine tuned) but not so much on overall themes of scenes.

    Just another example would be the magic/sorcery in Brave, or the crazy birds in Good Dinosaur. Id love to rent more for my kids, but without manning the skip button the whole way through.

    Again, love the service– my wife and I have rented more than we have in years. Just hoping for a few more under 5 appropriate filters.

    1. Great feedback. Eventually, we’re shooting for the ability for you as a parent to set any filter by yourself without any help from us.

    1. As long as you would like. Sell back reduces every day so it costs $1 per day for SD and $2 per day for HD.

  36. Just a couple questions. When we buy it can we download it to a external hard drive if we do the plan on selling it back or does it just stay on your website? Also when you do sell it back does it go back to the credit card or a credit with VidAngel? Thanks

  37. How are the CC coming along? I’m a new member but stopped watching after 1 movie because my hearing impairment make it impossible to understand without CC. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  38. Is there any timeline for an Xbox One or Windows 10 app? Browsers (Chrome included) struggle to bring the quality native apps can.

  39. The service is great! I enjoy having the filters that remove the excessive junk in the movies. It makes sense that you require PG-13 or R rated movies have to use filters, but have y’all considered allowing G/PG movies to be run without filters? It’d be nice to have all safe content in one spot, since there really isn’t anything I’ll filter from “Frozen” or “101 Dalmatians”, but a lot from “Law Abiding Citizen”

  40. First of all, I want to say I love your service and I believe you will be the Redbox killer, just like they killed Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. I’ve had issues with content disappearing from my watchlist, which in turn decreases the amount of my money that you get because I can’t find the films that I saved and was hoping to watch later. When I add new films, it seems only some are saved or some others get kicked out. Is there a definitive number of movies that can be placed in the watchlist? If so, that seems silly. In a perfect world my watchlist would be infinitely large and I could create and name my own categories under which I could store movies to watch for later. I’m using the android app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Also the app crashes almost every time I cast to Chromecast and it restarts. Just mildly annoying, nothing major.

    1. We will dig into the watchlist issue. About how many movies do you have on your list? Thanks

  41. We are thrilled to be able to watch Homeland and other popular tv shows. Will more be added and do you consider requests? Thanks so much for what you’re doing!

  42. This site is amazing! You have the best selection of content for less by far. I’m so glad I was on Facebook at the right time to see your ad. I truly love the work you did to bring great movies that we really enjoy rather than having to search forever for the right one. Thank you for creating this service! I’m recommending it to all my family and friends.

  43. Found out i cant watch without filters amd you wont refund my money minus the 2 movies ive watched…..i thiught christians werent supposed to be greedy

  44. What an incredible service! I am watching movies and shows that I never would have watched otherwise. There have been some great movies produced, but because the producers felt it necessary to include filthy communications, vulgar presentations, sexual exploits, etc, that are offensive to me personally, I have effectively been barred from seeing these films. I now with confidence can watch in the way that meets my personal standards and yet still see some powerful and well made movies.
    Before, It is like going an excellent restaurant, but being told that if I want the cordon bleu, I must consume a side order of anchovies, fermented cabbage, a 5th of whiskey, and 2 rotted fish heads if I want to eat the meal or I might offend the chef. Well, I don’t want to offend the chef, but I really just want his famous cordon bleu. ( My kids don’t need the 5th of whiskey either)
    Being able to make personal choices (ie hold the pickles and the lettuce at fast food or hold the flatulence and the racist scenes at moves) is what makes personal freedom a realty.

  45. Vidangel has a great thing going, but honestly, they really cannot continue to not pay Hollywood Studios. iTunes Amazon and Netflix all have to pay some what of a portion to these companies. VidAngel is taking huge risks by streaming recent dvd releases that havent even come to RedBox yet. Some of these movies are big blockbusters like Batman VS Superman and The Force Awakens! This is what is making the movie studios upset. It has nothing to do with filters. They are just upset they are loosing money. Not happy that auto sell back is gone. Lets hope i forget to sell it back so vidangel can charge me more

    1. Some of the studios complained about auto-sellback. We believe it’s legal, but want to create goodwill. Sorry for any inconvenience. If your movie should have been sold back but was not, please let us know at and we will gladly credit your account for the extra day(s).
      Thanks for using VidAngel!

  46. Vidangel has a great thing going, but honestly, they really cannot continue to not pay Hollywood Studios. iTunes Amazon and Netflix all have to pay some what of a portion to these companies. VidAngel is taking huge risks by streaming recent dvd releases that havent even come to RedBox yet. Some of these movies are big blockbusters like Batman VS Superman and The Force Awakens! This is what is making the movie studios upset. It has nothing to do with filters. They are just upset they are loosing money. Not happy that auto sell back is gone. Lets hope i forget to sell it back so vidangel can charge me more

  47. But I thought I could watch my movie however the BLEEP I want, and I want to watch the movie without filters!! Why do you insist that we use filters???

    1. Hi Ben! We’re a filtering service, so you can watch movies filtered however you want on our site. You can watch unfiltered movies on essentially any other site, like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, etc.

  48. If I have a filter pre-set as a default filter, for example no nudity, but the movie I want to watch doesn’t need that filter, there is no nudity. Will I need to add more filters to be able to watch it? I know filters need to be used I just wasn’t sure how it worked if things I want to filter are not in the movie I want to watch. Thanks!

    1. We do require filters, so if a movie is at 0 filters when your default filters don’t apply, then you will need to select filters.

  49. I love the filtering service!! I wish it was available when I watched all the seasons of breaking bad! But now that I’m on to Dexter, if and when will the seasons after 4 be filtered?

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