Judge Says He Doesn’t Have Enough Information to Clarify the Injunction, Yet

VidAngel Customers,

We just received news from Judge Birotte that “without further factual development on this issue, the Court is not in the position to declare the rights of the parties with regard to this new service.” This is nothing to worry about, it just means the can was kicked down the road.

Judge Birotte’s denial of VidAngel’s motion today was based purely on procedural grounds and not on the merits of our case. Our attorneys are evaluating the decision and will decide next steps in the near future. It is important for everyone to note that this does not affect VidAngel’s new system, which is fully up and running, it simply delays our ability to provide customers with content created by the plaintiffs.

In the meanwhile, we’ll be posting the following notice on the plaintiffs works to let customer know why they are unable to filter those movies and TV shows.

Keep enjoying all the other great content while we sort this out.


Neal Harmon


17 thoughts on “Judge Says He Doesn’t Have Enough Information to Clarify the Injunction, Yet

  1. Sorry to hear this, however not surprised. The Legal representation for Disney and the other studios are so full of it. I do believe they are not representing their plaintiffs in their best interest. They tell VidAngel if they come up with new system to talk with Judge to have clarification of the injunction. Then as soon as you do this they try and block that and come up with so much more legal jargon. Delay, Delay, Delay is their game plan. They are trying to drain all your resources and energy. Run another round of investments I’m sure people would jump in like the 1st time.

  2. Disney “Let it go!”

    Disney and other studios, apparently VidAngel and it’s customers did not attend Jedi school to become master Jedi in legal jargon. At least not the real one because we did visit Jedi school at Disneyland. I wish I could have filtered the lines.

    In plain English “nonJedi” please provide what would VidAngel needs to do to filter your works?

    Also don’t base it on technology used in Star Wars.

    Keep it plan and simple so I can explain to a 3 year old child, a fan of Frozen.

    Remember keep it English and keep it real because again we didn’t have the opportunity to go to the real Jedi school.

  3. I have enjoyed VidAngel even more with the new format.
    Hopefully Hulu Plus will be added some day as there are many shows we watch there.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I’d love to see Acorn channel, PBS, and other British TV run through vid-Angel. Their content is always so full of bad language that I can’t watch it!

  5. Come on. Those judges just don’t want filtering of any movies let alone movies of the 4 studios, and they’ll keep it that way forever. They’re logic vacuums.

  6. This just proves how corrupt the system is. Disney and the other studios should be leading the way for filtering. Instead they are opposing it because they know sex, language, violence and drug use is what sells. I focus on Disney more so than the other studios because Disney primarily markets to the youth so they should care about what families want.

    1. Also, since Disney is built off the fact that their ‘family friendly’, they don’t want people to see how much filtering their movies really need.

  7. God bless VidAngel!
    We love your product and the service is better than the old. Our only complaint is that somehow, we can not filter Disney/Lucas/Fox. movies that we OWN! How can the triad legally deny our family the option to use VidAngel filtering on movies we have purchased. Or how they can force us to use a different product? I OWN the movie.

    Next thing we know, Disney will sell movies that only work with a special “Disney TV remote control”.

    Disney — If I own it, I should be able to filter the movie with the product of my choice.

    1. Thank you for your support and kind words Doni. We sure appreciate passionate customers like you. We hope to be able to bring you all the filtering we can when we wrap up the ongoing legal battle. Keep on fighting the good fight! #savefiltering

  8. “Disney is pulling its movies from Netflix” They claimed in appeals court that they weren’t against filtering but now that VidAngel has a handle on filtering Netflix….. they have departed. Hmmm…

  9. What I think is ironic with Disney lawsuit against VidAngel from filtering movies is that Disney markets and promotes a device for filtering and controlling kids time on the internet. It’s presented as a family friendly device yet they have issue with other filtering.

  10. I’m excited about vid angel, but so far you don’t have it for PS4 as an app and I can’t get it on my Samsung smart tv that I know of… when do you think you’ll have it available for these products?

    1. Jaeson, we haven’t forgotten about the gaming world and adding apps for those devices. We are working hard to provide as many apps as we can while perfecting the new system. We hope to release those soon, but right now we don’t have a timeline for those devices. When we launch apps on those devices there will be a big announcement on social media and emailed to all users. Stay tuned!

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