New TV and Movies on VidAngel Added September 2017

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TV Shows added in September, 2017


The Walking Dead (S7)

The Defenders (S1)

Ripper Street (S1)

Dexter (S8)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S2)

Portlandia (S1)

The Fall (S2)

Dragons: Race To The Edge (S1)

Love (S1)

Travelers (S1)

Penny Dreadful (S1)

Lady Dynamite (S1)

The Office (S3)

The Wonder Years (S2)

Blacklist (S1)

That 70’s Show (S1)

White Gold (S1)

The Good Place (S1)

Halt and Catch Fire (S1)

Master of None (S2)

Narcos (S3)

Peaky Blinders (S1)

Parks and Recreation (S2)

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (S1)

Sense8 (S2)



Goliath (S1)

Deadwood (S1)

Movies added in September, 2017


She’s Gotta Have It

Little Evil

Doctor Strange


The Transfiguration

The Incredible Jessica James

What Happened to Monday?

To the Bone

Notes on Blindness

Age of Adaline


Iron Man

Pulp Fiction

Schindler’s List


Jaws 2

Jaws 3

Jaws: The Revenge


Mona Lisa Smile

The Place Beyond the Pines


An American Werewolf in London



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Monster’s Ball

The Prince & Me

Open Water

The Uninvited


Spider-Man 3

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3

Guardians of the Galaxy



Thor: The Dark World

Captain America

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: Civil War


Dying of the Light

True Believer



Blade II

Blade Trinity

Point Break

The 33

The Help


The Great Gatsby

Mr. Holmes

The Nice Guys

In the Heart of the Sea


The Blind Side


Dry Bar Comedy added in September, 2017

Brad Stine: Put A Helmet On… 2017

Zoltan Kaszas: Cat Jokes

Johnny Beehner: The Flamingo Special


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20 thoughts on “New TV and Movies on VidAngel Added September 2017

  1. Hi guys, I asked this question a while back, but I haven’t seen any progress on it yet, so I’m asking again. Can you please add the Netflix documentary entitled Team Foxcatcher. Also, can you please add a Coming Soon feature on your blog?

  2. I’m requesting The Sopranos season 2 again. One of the first things I check every morning is if it’s been added. I really don’t want to start another show so that’s frustrating.

    1. James! Thanks for the awesome recommendation. We will need to investigate to make sure it definitely isn’t a plaintiff title, but from what I can quickly see, it appears to be good for filtering. I’ve sent your request to our Movie Database Specialist for filtering. Stay tuned!

    1. Bates Motel season 2 is currently being worked on. We publish new seasons and new movies to our site on Fridays. Stay tuned, but that should be added shortly. Thank you for your recommendation.

    1. Not currently. We’re waiting on the Utah court to let us know if we can filter the movies of those who are suing us on our new system.

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