A VidAngel Review of Covenant Eyes

Message from the VidAngel CEO


I met Ron DeHass, CEO of Covenant Eyes,  a month or so back in New York and we realized we have shared missions and became quick friends. Over dinner, we talked our start-up stories. I learned volumes about the people behind his company by learning about Ron’s family story, which was an impetus for his company story.  


Ron lost his wife and children unexpectedly when they were hit by a truck after pulling off to the side of a highway. Of course losing his young family was devastating but rather than use insurance money to avoid work for the rest of his life, Ron invested the money into doing something to make the world a better place by building Covenant Eyes, which now employs around 150 people around the country.


I can vouch for Ron DeHass’ character and heart and for the good people he has surrounded himself with to build Covenant Eyes. I have included below an excerpt from their company history as well as one VidAngel Team member’s experience using the software.



Neal Harmon

VidAngel CEO


About Covenant Eyes

More than a decade ago, Covenant Eyes founder Ron DeHaas faced the same questions many people face today.

  • “How can I teach my children to use the Internet with integrity?”
  • “How do I guard my own heart and remain pure online?”
  • “How do I serve as an example to my family and church?”


Realizing the threat the Internet poses without proper monitoring, he invented Internet accountability to equip people to protect themselves and their families from online dangers.


Located in Owosso, Michigan, Covenant Eyes is the pioneer of Internet Accountability software, empowering members to maintain their online integrity. Aware of an ever-growing need to better equip parents, Covenant Eyes has developed a family Internet filter that blocks pornography.


Over 100,000,000 Covenant Eyes Accountability Reports have generated 16 years of conversation-based accountability. Covenant Eyes is the most significant corporate force in cultural recognition of the public health crisis of pornography and sex trafficking.


Review by VidAngel Team member Craig Campbell

Covenant Eyes was easy to love from the get-go. Upon entering their website, I was hit by their profound statement “Your online values should match your offline ones. Break secret habits with Internet Accountability Reports.” With accessibility to inappropriate content easier than ever, it is too common to get caught up in the pleasures of the world. With Covenant Eyes, parents are able to provide the entire family with a safe internet environment that directly reflects the values they keep in the home. No more wondering, no more hovering, no more worries. Covenant Eyes equips parents with their children’s online viewing which leads to regular conversations about Internet usage. This helps train children in how their online behavior impacts their lives offline.


How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Covenant Eyes is so simple to setup and installation was a breeze.

  1. Sign up for the plan that best suits you or your family.
  2. Download the browser and device extension.
  3. Select accountability and/or filtering.
  4. Get an Accountability Partner.
  5. Enjoy fulfilling internet time without the temptation.


You download their service and set your parameters and their service does the rest. Websites I knew that would be problems could be blocked and my internet usage was being reported to a trusted friend.


What I loved most was the way Covenant Eyes focused on building relationships in conjunction with their service. Covenant Eyes revolves around the principles of accountability. This is done by creating Accountability Partner(s) within their system. Choose a trusted friend in whom you can confide and partner up with on your personal journey towards a better life. The technology provides the structure for your internet accountability and filtering, but that accountability is tied to someone you love and admire. Covenant Eyes provides a path to open up space for difficult conversations and a way in order to combat internet addictions.

Each week your Accountability partner will receive an internet usage report based on all the devices you have connected to Covenant Eyes. The beauty being that every device from cell phones, tablets, and computers can be set up with Covenant Eyes. For a life on the go, Covenant Eyes goes with you. This personally helped me know my Accountability Partner was with me everywhere I went as well. Holding myself to my values became a team effort that left me feeling better and better when those reports came in each week. I could communicate that I had been better than I was last week.  For just $10.99/month anyone can start protecting themselves and their family online today. I felt it was a low price for what gave me a greater peace of mind, a better relationship with a loved one, and added value and sanctification to my day.


Is Covenant Eyes Right for Your Family?

If you or a loved one is struggling with inappropriate content online, the answer really is a no-brainer. Covenant Eyes is definitely right for your family. Similarly, if you don’t have or foresee a struggle with pornography in your future I still would recommend it. In a world where access to inappropriate material is literally at the touch of a button, there is no reason not to proactively protect you and your family from these life-altering habits. Covenant Eyes offers a 30-day money back guarantee which in turn helped relieve any pressure I had about trying things out. It allowed me to enjoy my personal time on internet devices knowing that my loved one was right there with me helping maintain our standards on and off the internet. VidAngel and Covenant Eyes allow families to live how they choose while maintaining the highest of values both in their entertainment and on the Internet.


I hope you find Covenant Eyes helpful to you or to a close family member.

Craig Campbell

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  1. Can you please filter “It (2017)” and “Blade Runner 2049”? It looks like neither of them are produced by suing production companies.

  2. Hello. I was coming here to say that the new Daddy’s Home 2 movie is on Amazon and my brothers want to watch it. Unfortunately, it is known to contain some language and suggestive material. I was hoping that if it wasn’t to much trouble, I would suggest setting tags for that film.

  3. People should know that these services all have gaping holes that they know about. You are basically wasting your time and money for a false sense of security. Secure websites open up the potential to bypass these types of services and most websites are secure nowadays. Even sites not dedicated to hiding browsing history like Google translate or the whole Google office suite like Google docs has a built in mini browser that works behind the shield of the encryption. Also they almost all bring up forced Google safe search as if that is “Safe” and it is not. Google’own vision API can be used to show that it allows “racey” pictures through. Even though they are pornographic in nature and include full nudity.

  4. i for one check for titles daily, granted they used to post the majority of their titles on the weekend. I find it odd that they have not come out with a list of monthly new releases since December. the last blog post was this one for Covenant eyes. And its funny they cant post a list of titles coming soon even though they clearly have a list that their working on. on several occasions i asked about a certain title and was told no eta on it and literally the next day it was posted, really.

  5. Hello. I was going to say that the funny crime TV show “PSYCH” is on Amazon Prime and I was wondering if it wouldn’t be a whole lot of trouble if you guys at VidAngel could probably set filters for it. I like “Psych” a lot, no doubt, but sometimes it’s language can go a little over the top, occasionally, violence can get graphic, and sexual references are made several times. I watched an episode the other night where Shawn and Gus create their own food truck to go undercover and find out who killed their favorite taco truck owner. It was hilarious, but it had close to around, well, let’s say 15-20 profanities, and a couple of brutal flashbacks. My younger brothers want to watch it too, but they are all under the age of 10, so the show wasn’t made for them. I was just hoping if you guys would consider making tags for the show. If you guys decide to do it, I would appreciate it greatly. If you guys don’t, I understand.

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