Disney v VidAngel Trial – Jury Question

2:18 PM MST UPDATE: About 2pm LA Time – Jury sent a request for an exhibit that contains the Family Movie Act. Both sides argued as to the better exhibit to give to the Jury. The Judge decided to send two exhibits back to the Jury room. Both sides got to review the document before it was sent back to the bailiff, who then gives it to the Jury.

There is a very meticulous process for receiving and sending information to the Jury room.

5 thoughts on “Disney v VidAngel Trial – Jury Question

  1. I will boycott all Disney products in my home. If our family wants to see a Disney or Warner Brothers film, and there is not a better choice, well then I might pay for a movie ticket when it comes to the cheaper movie theater(thus lessening the overall profit). However, I will not purchase anymore Disney videos, toys, go to another Disney them park, or go to the Disney store again. Let’s all let Disney know that we don’t like what they have done to Vid Angel!! Boycott Disney.

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