How you can help Senator Mike Lee update the Family Movie Act

Senator Mike Lee is preparing to introduce an update to the Family Movie Act in the Senate. This important message from the CEO of VidAngel, Neal Harmon, and a letter from the President of the Parents Television Council, Tim Winter, explains how you can help.

Video Message from VidAngel:
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Letter from Parents Television Council:

As a parent, nothing is more important than protecting a child’s innocence.

And, as a veteran of the entertainment industry, the truth is that there are many in Hollywood who are actively engaged in creating content that strips that innocence away from our kids, damaging lives forever.

You know this already, that’s why you use and support VidAngel, because its incredible content filtering technology protects your family. The Parents Television Council wants to protect your right to filter out the graphic sex, violence and profanity that is so pervasive in today’s media, but I need your help.

Hollywood is fighting to remove your parental right to use content filtering technology for modern streaming devices.  They’ve convinced judges that you shouldn’t be able to use modern technologies to protect your family from material that you find harmful or offensive.

If we don’t act now, and if we don’t act together, we may lose that right forever. Please contact your senator to support your right to filter explicit content.

Legislation is being considered in Washington DC that will block the negative forces in Hollywood from taking away your right to use filtering technologies like VidAngel.  If that legislative remedy is to succeed, we need bipartisan support from the most influential legislators. That’s why your senator needs to hear from you today.

HOW YOU CAN PROTECT KIDS RIGHT NOW.  Please click on the link and send your personal plea to your Senator so that your rights to filter content are protected. It will only take a minute or two, but it will help you and your family for decades to come.

With urgent thanks,

Tim Winter


Parents Television Council

6 thoughts on “How you can help Senator Mike Lee update the Family Movie Act

  1. I’m surprised more users haven’t voiced their involvement in jumping on board with this. In the interest and hope of getting a long list of users voicing what they are doing. I’ve contacted my Senators and Representative. Two have responded with generic email. The other hasn’t responded yet. I will be making calls soon too. I’ve told family and friends about the effort. Hoping and praying this will get passed!

  2. Talked to several admins for our WA state’s USRep & Senators to raise awareness of the Family Movie Act Clarification bill. They said its not introduced yet and will only have a few months left before it has to be re-introduced (in Dec. every bill is archived). Is Lee going to do this soon? I guess in 2018 it was introduced and not much steam followed so it went cold and was filed away. :o(
    I’m all about updating the FMA! Several countries have already updated their DMCA/Copyright laws to meet with the times!! America needs to as well!!!

    Using AnyDVD on my legally purchased DVDs to then use Adobe Premiere to cut out the Fbombs should be totally legal! I don’t want my kiddos hearing that junk! If we don’t win I’m going to have to go back to hardly watching anything again! I remember before Clearplay was out, I didn’t watch anything! Its even worse now! Disney is now starting to add LGBT stuff to Toy Story. :o(

  3. This is bigger than Vidangel. This precedent could apply to any filtering on any device, and any action on any piece of copyrighted material one has legally purchased, such as being unable to put parental controls on my 6-year old’s tablet or getting a $150,000 injunction for doodling on a page of my paperback.

  4. I don’t understand how Google can censor videos that they don’t like, but your platform can’t? Can you explain the difference, especially in the light of Prager U’s recent lawsuits?

  5. With all that’s occurring currently bring the importance of this company and supporting legitimate tv viewing for anyone who wants to see it is so important. How can I help in the state of Texas? I live and work in Austin.

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