6 thoughts on “New on VidAngel 10/17/19 – 10/23/19

  1. is there a this more accurate new listing page? i miss a lot, as i search under netflix and amazon. this blog and the “new releases tv and movies” are incomplete. is there a better link for new additions?

    1. i rarely view this page anymore. i just reload the main page were they actually post the movies more often than not they miss a couple titles when they post here. i have mentioned it before but its never fixed. i would rather have a coming soon list for titles that they might have a month out. they did it for a while then pulled the plug mainly cus there system still has bugs and they cant always post them and dont want to faceback lash for not delivering. from what i have noticed only happened 2x both in regards to TV shows 1 did finally get posted almost 1.5 years later. all you guys need to do is put up a disclaimer stating they may be released on time. you guys already have a list that your currently working on why not share it. all the other streaming services do, even ClearPlay and lets be honest your system is much more reliable than theirs.

  2. al lot of these films are 1/2 the price on VUDU not paying 2x the amount, you guys really need to up root Clearplay some more and get on VUDU

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