New from VidAngel Studios: The Shift

This week at VidAngel we’re introducing THE SHIFT, a captivating, must-see new short film from VidAngel Studios. A sci-fi story with a faith-based bent, THE SHIFT is about an ordinary, frustrated man who is offered sympathy—and a job offer—from the devil himself.

When we first saw THE SHIFT we fell for it immediately. It’s like a lost episode of The Twilight Zone, with a twist ending we should have seen coming and a surprising emotional punch. Early audiences agree, calling the movie “gripping” and saying they were “moved to tears.”
“From the beautiful production value to the importance of this story, I was blown away.” – Dallas Jenkins, Director THE CHOSEN
“…so eye-catching and had me immediately drawn in.” – Lydia Rodriguez
You can see THE SHIFT right now on the VidAngel app or site, and keep watching at the end of the movie for a special announcement!

3 thoughts on “New from VidAngel Studios: The Shift

    1. The Chosen is planned to be a 7 season series. Season 1 is available now. Season 2 will begin filming in October 2020. So, if your question is about the resurrection, the ending is over 6 years off.

  1. I am super stoked to see the movie. Excellent idea! Can’t wait to see it and hopefully many more movies written by him!

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