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FAQ: Am I still supporting objectionable content?

FAQ: Is watching a movie while skipping the bad stuff or supporting VidAngel encouraging Hollywood to make more objectionable content?

Great question. Objectionable content is subjective to the viewer. Yes, there are those shows and movies that 99.5/100 people would say were made in poor taste through and through. For those specific shows, hide them, remove them from your library, do what you must to protect your peace, and stay true to your convictions. We applaud you. Sadly, what we hear most often are people’s favorite TV series with great storylines, beloved characters, and solid content that introduce “objectionable” content midway through the TV series. They’ve already bought into the characters, never missed an episode, and feel like they are now left with two options: turn off the show or get through those parts with your eyes halfway shut or cringe during the vulgar language. 

We’re option number 3. We allow people to watch what they want without the parts they don’t align with morally. People are able to watch their favorite show without the concern of increased swearing or a random sex scene. We’re here for people who want to try out the new popular hit TV series but heard there are “just a couple scenes they have to fast-forward through.”

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