Does VidAngel ruin art?

FAQ: Does VidAngel Ruin Art?

Yes and no.

Directors have visions for how their movies should be viewed. Most likely in a theater where the butter to popcorn ratio is 1:1, cell phones are turned off, and kids are anywhere else. Uninterrupted entertainment. But when you turn that movie on at home, that vision is not your reality. Cell phones are on, kids are on the loose, and there’s food to be made that’s not purchased at $20 a kernel. Distractions are abundant. You can accidentally miss a whole scene while making popcorn. With a remote, you can fast-forward sex scenes. You can squeal and cover your child’s ears when you know a bad word is about to drop. This isn’t the experience the director probably had in mind. But the director doesn’t get to decide how your home operates; you do.

So… does VidAngel ruin art?

Some people think that using VidAngel is like walking into a museum and painting all over masterpieces. Instead, it’s like looking through a museum pamphlet and deciding to forego a certain room or piece of art for a variety of reasons. BUT still wanting to see everything else the museum has to offer. Does that mean they think any less of the artist or the exhibit? Absolutely not.

Instead, VidAngel opens the door for more people to appreciate the art. Without the ability to skip certain scenes or language, they would not even give the movie a chance. There are SO many movies that have offensive scenes or language that do not take away from the director’s intended message and storyline. It would be an absolute shame if a few minutes that someone wanted to skip kept them away from such a brilliant piece of art.

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  1. So glad for this app. It’s hard to find a decent movie with a message worth the time to watch. This makes it possible to see movies I would not otherwise see because of the R rating and the mature and obscene content. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. GO VIDANGEL!!!!! Thank you for your vision and tenacity in providing families with quality entertainment of their choosing. You have opened up a plethora of opportunities for our family to bond by being entertained by movies we can enjoy together. Now I can be excited for family movie night every week! We can actually watch a movie in the time it used to take me to read endless reviews and find one movie that has the rare quality of being good and cringeless!

  3. Well put! There are lots of movies we wounding touch without vidangel. The movie makers should be happy you’re bringing new business to their movies!

  4. Art is personal. One may be attracted to Picasso’s unrealistic forms, another to representations of nature as it actually is. Either one should impact the viewer with beauty. Coarseness of language or image may have impact, but where is the beauty?

  5. What if the answer was always YES, that filtering always ruins the art? So what? The intention of copyright laws was not implemented to limit individual consumers… from consuming. It was intended to limit whether and how others could alter and resale or take credit for an original creation. If I legally buy a physical piece of art, whether an original or a legal copy, that particular piece is mine to do what I please in large measure. I could burn it, stomp on it, hide it in a dark closet forever. I never have to situate the art in the ideal lighting conditions imagined by the artist. If the art is music or video, I can simultaneously sing the Star Spangled Banner at the top of my lungs ever time I play it.

    I don’t have to justify any of that by explaining how “it doesn’t ruin the ART for me”. If I please, I can declare that I like ruining art and others can frown and not like me, but the copyright holder has no say in that.

    So the larger point is that the question of whether or not filtering “ruins ART” is largely irrelevant. Yeah, it’s best to mutually agree to be nice to each other, but it is really only one side that’s judging and demeaning the other… and the meanness isn’t coming from those who want to filter. The meanness is coming from those who demand that “art” be consumed exactly how they dictate… but such are likely never going to see this add.

  6. Not every decision made by a director is an artistic choice. Many choices are made to push their beliefs. While some sexual content is used to tell a story, plenty more is there partly or entirely for the purpose of satiating the sexual appetite of our culture.

  7. During my eight years in the military I swam in profanity and obscenity every day. Not much I could do about it there other than to choose not to use that language myself. In my home I CAN choose what language is spoken. VidAngel allow me to see things I choose to see without suffering what is mostly superfluous foul language and nudity. I appreciate that. Thanks, VidAngel.

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