FAQ: What streaming services work with VidAngel?

Does VidAngel work with all streaming services?

We are compatible with a lot of streaming services, but not all. Our service is a subscription plan that allows you to watch some of your favorite titles with filters by connecting to your Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon Video, Amazon Prime, Amazon Channels Showtime, Amazon Channels STARZ, Amazon Channels Paramount+ premium (ad-free), Amazon Channels BritBox, Amazon Channels PBS  and Amazon Channels AMC+ (ad-free) subscriptions on VidAngel.

You’ll be happy to hear (or read, to be more accurate) that VidAngel plans to expand the ability to connect and filter to many different streaming services in the near future. Announcements will be made as soon as more information is available.

To check out the titles we have available, visit our home page and click on the VidAngel logo in the left-hand corner.


Why don’t you already have Hulu and Vudu?

For Hulu and Disney+, we know that a connection to them would be amazing and offer so many more options! Unfortunately, they are both owned by Disney and we are not able to filter for Disney. 

For Vudu, it was bought by Fandango Media in 2020, which is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. who is also a plaintiff studio.

For more information, check out the letter from our CEO, Bill Aho.

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