Is VidAngel a Christian Company?

FAQ: Is VidAngel a Christian company?

“For being a Christian streaming service, VidAngel is showing and advertising titles that are not Christian family entertainment. All those that have language are not suitable for Christians.”

So, is VidAngel a Christian company? 

The straightforward answer? No. 

While VidAngel itself doesn’t attend a church or religious institution, obviously, many of our employees and customers do. We welcome and love each of our customers, whether they’re people of faith or not. Our company serves a broad audience, including families with teens, veterans, abuse survivors, and those who are fed up with obscene amounts of profanity and are looking for a solution. People who are sick of sex scenes coming out of left field in the second season of one of their beloved shows, while others are tired of being blindsided by scenes that trigger past trauma. Our customers come from all walks of life and, for unique reasons, use VidAngel. 

“Praying that we all begin to think more deeply about what VidAngel is doing and why?”

First and foremost, thank you for the prayers. Secondly, the answer is simple. We’re here for you. We’re here for your neighbor down the street that watched a season of a series they really enjoyed, but in the second season, they increased the profanity count ten-fold, making the show unwatchable for them.

As for why, one of our customers took the time to explain why they chose VidAngel:

“As a survivor, I wish I could say I am completely healed and don’t need a silly service to make me feel a little more comfortable while watching shows. But I do. This doesn’t make me weak. This doesn’t make me a prude. This makes me human.”

Stories like theirs are exactly why we do what we do. 

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