If VidAngel were a country song...

If VidAngel were a country song…

Here’s the answer to the question no one has been asking: If VidAngel were a country song, what would the lyrics be?

I grew up down in Saratoga Springs, watching movies with my family

But all that foul language had us feeling so stressed

We resorted to turning off the screen, because those things can’t be unseen

To fight swearwords and crude jokes, so our grandmas wouldn’t be so pressed


So I heard of this service called VidAngel now they got somethin’ that makes sense

You can choose what you want to filter, ‘cause it lets you skip any offense

It’s a great way to watch TV and movies, without worryin’ over what comes next

VidAngel’s like a guardian angel, protecting families from what they’d rather forget!

Repeat chorus x2

A country song about VidAngel is probably as pointless as people getting mad that others prefer to enjoy movies without f-bombs and nudity. Good times. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Skip, the VidAngel Country Star
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