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So you want to make your loved one a sports fan…

What a time to be a sports fan. Sports documentaries are taking streaming services by storm. There’s so much to learn from and love about the game. You can’t fake it til you make it. Talent only takes you so far. Lack of consistency will result in injuries or, worse, failure. An athlete can only obtain success through unbelievable dedication, perseverance, and an insane amount of drive. Then, you get a team of dedicated athletes at the top of their craft, the cream of the crop, to come together and duke it out against the opposing team. There’s nothing like it. The people who get it get it. 

It’s rare when we are afforded the opportunity to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, how the bread gets made, if you will. Not anymore. Left, right, and center, there are sports documentaries coming out of the woodwork. We are here for it.

If you’ve been dying to have the people of your household GET WHAT YOU GET. Good news: there’s no better time to bring your loved ones into the athletic fold. We compiled the greatest of the great sports documentaries that will, at the bare minimum, get your family cheering for the offense. Who better to make that list than a former cheer-for-the-offense comrade. Get out your #1 foam finger and dust off that team jersey; your people are about to drink the Kool-Aid. This tried-and-true list is bound to impress even the most die-hard “here for the snacks” sports fan. Let’s do this. 

WARNING: This article may contain information that will inevitably turn your loved ones into sports fans. Your children and spouse might start using words like touchbacks, “act like you’ve been there before,” and Hail Mary. VidAngel is not responsible for your family rooting for the opposing team. 

PRO-TIP: Still bring snacks. It’s the right thing to do. 

VidAngel “Full Swing” available through Netflix
VidAngel “Break Point” available through Netflix
VidAngel “Cheer” available through Netflix

What are we missing? We’ll add it to the list.


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