The Viddy Awards

What is your favorite season?

It’s awards season. Are you watching? Neither are we. But hey, it beats cold/flu season. We decided to partake in this year’s awards season with a little VidAngel flare. Think of it like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? The awards where everything’s made up and none of it matters. We’re calling it The Viddy’s. Kind of like The Dundy’s, but not as classy, and there’s unfortunately not a Chili’s in sight.

Best Movie/Show CategoryCream of the crop

Across the Spider-Verse – Thomas

Suits – Chloe

Glass Onion – CalDon

Beef for show, Across the Spider-Verse for movie – Jarom 

Worst Movie/Show CategoryAlways the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Rebel Moon – CalDon

Rebel Moon, party of 2 – Chloe

Citadel – Jarom

Exceeded Expectations CategoryCame in with zero expectations. Exceeded expectations.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Chloe

Air – Thomas

LEO, surprisingly funny – CalDon

One Piece – Jarom

Someone Call Liam Neeson to Avenge These CategoryA show that was canceled and shouldn’t have been.


A League of Their Own – Jarom

Eager Beaver CategoryA show/movie you’re looking forward to in 2024

Dune 2 – Thomas

The Super Bowl and/also Gladiator 2. Same thing. Different century. – Chloe 

“All my franchises are going downhill.” – CalDon

Masters of the Air – Jarom

Bridgerton Season 3 – Kimberly

Homecoming King and Queen CategoryIf you could only watch one show (movie or TV series) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jane the Virgin – Lauren

Seinfeld – Thomas

Parks and Rec – Jarom

Parks and Rec – Natalie

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Kimberly

The Office… or anything Bravo – Chloe

A Scranton 2 CategoryIf there was only one movie/TV series that existed, what is a movie/TV series that you still wouldn’t watch again?

Dinosaurs – Shelby

A Series of Unfortunate Events (The NPH show) – Lauren

Criminal Minds – Jarom

Princess Bride – Chloe

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